The Rupture

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The Rupture
Location Io
Zone Echo Mesa
Landing Zone Yes
Adventures Stravinsky
Lost Sectors Sanctum of Bones, Aphix Conduit
Vex Enemy Groups 4
Taken Enemy Groups 6
Chests Yes
Material Nodes Yes
Patrol Beacons 8
Public Events Cabal Excavation
Secret Public Events High-Value Target, High-Value Target: Tactician, Vex Prisoner: Jailbreak
Region Chests 3
Scannable Objects 5
Connections Lost Oasis
Vendors Asher Mir
Lost Oasis is a Sector in Echo Mesa, Io.

Points of Interest


  • Exit to Lost Oasis (West): The northwestern side of the Sector holds a road that leads to the Lost Oasis Sector.
  • Exit to Lost Oasis (East): This is an alternate exit towards Lost Oasis. It provides a faster way of reaching Giant's Scar through Lost Oasis.
  • Exit to The Endless Gate: The southwest edge of the sector holds a circular hole that leads towards The Endless Gate. However, it can only be accessed with a specific Adventure active. Also, the area is guarded by some Vex, including a Hydra.
  • Central Crossroads: This is a focal point of all roads in The Rupture. It can be found in the center of the Sector.
  • South Junction: This is another central junction in the area, this time connecting all roads in the southern portion of the Sector. It can be found just south of the Central Crossroads.
  • Vex Pyramid: This is a large Vex structure that takes the majority of the western part of the Sector. Inside, players can find the way towards The Pyramidion. The exterior of the structure holds a number of collectibles.
  • North Road and Pyramid Trail: The North Road runs from the Sector's Landing Zone to the southeast. Halfway down it, there is a trail that leads towards the nearby Pyramid. The trail is one of the possible ways to get to the Pyramid and climb its exterior.
  • Vex Alcove: Directly east of the exit to The Endless Gate, across the road, there is a Vex structure where a Storm Hydra will spawn during Public Events.
  • East Outcrop Tunnel: Underneath the eastern mesa in the area, players will find a short tunnel with some enemies to fight off and collectibles to find.
  • Ribcage Trail: The eastern edge of the Sector is occupied by a small road that goes under the ribcage of an unknown large animal. Using this road, players can avoid most of the enemy encounters in the eastern area.

Lost Sectors

  • Sanctum of Bones: This rather large Lost Sector features four caverns. Three of them are occupied by Taken, and the fourth - by Vex. Taking the Sub-Boss Taken Knight down will award players with a Boss Chest.
  • Aphix Conduit: This Lost Sector is occupied by three clusters of Vex. The Sub-Boss is a Hydra and players will get a Boss Chest for killing it.


  • Stravinsky: Just to the northwest of the Central Crossroads, players can find the only Adventure beacon in this Sector.

Public Events



Region Chests

  • Go halfway down the North Road and begin climbing the Vex Pyramid. When you get to a Vex teleporter, look across from it for an orange-hued platform. Just behind it and slightly to the left, there is a small ledge with a region chest.
  • Follow the same instructions as with the first region chest until you reach the teleporter. Then, look for a purple-hued room. On its other side, there is a region chest on the exterior of the structure.
  • A region chest can be found inside the tunnel under the eastern mesa.

Scannable Objects

  • On the Pyramid Trail, there is a half-buried Vex arch. It is a scannable object.
  • Climbing the Pyramid exterior all the way up will award players with a scannable object.
  • In the center of the Sector, just northeast of the South Junction, there is a scannable object. It is hidden inside a Vex structure.
  • Taking the road south from the South Junction and following it all the way to the edge of the Sector, players can find a satelite dish. It is near a Hydra that spawns in the area and it is a scannable object.
  • There is an outcrop on the eastern side of the Ribcage Trail. There is a scannable object inside.


  • Taken and Vex enemies are scattered around the entire sector, including higher-tier foes such as Hydras.