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Echo Mesa is a patrol zone on Io. It is the last place the Traveler sought to terraform, and holds an abundance of the Traveler's energy. It is considered a sacred site for Guardians.


The Traveler, after having visited many planets to make them suitable for human life, it came to Jupiter and settled on the moon of Io, where it began the process of infusing the moon with its energy to do the same there, while also constructing the Cradle. However, with the arrival of the Darkness, it left the moon mostly inhospitable, and fled to Earth.

The Guardians used to make pilgrimages to Io as a sacred site, until the Red War brought the Red Legion to the moon. This led to several other species coming, such as the Taken and the Cabal, both trying to steal the Traveler's energies.


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Sectors in Echo Mesa

SectorPatrol BeaconsChestsRegion ChestsScannable ObjectsMaterial NodesLanding ZoneConnectionsAdventuresLost SectorsPublic EventsSecret Public EventsStory MissionsStrikesWorld Quests
Excavation Site IIfalse3truefalseGiant's ScarFury
Giant's Scar9true35truetrueTerrabase Charon
Warmind Vault JYS-2
Excavation Site II
Lost Oasis
Road RageFury
Lost Oasis6true34truetrueTerrabase Charon
The Rupture
Giant's Scar
Spine Burrows
Unexpected Guests
Postmodern Prometheus
Grove of Ulan-TanCabal Excavation
Taken Blight
High-Value Target
Vex Cannon: Launchers
PyramidionfalsefalsefalseThe RuptureThe Pyramidion
Spine Burrowsfalse2falsefalseLost Oasis
Terrabase Charontrue5truefalseLost Oasis
The Wraith Mines
Giant's Scar
Warmind Vault JYS-2
The Endless Gatefalse1truefalseThe Rupture
The Rupture8true35truetrueLost OasisAreciboSanctum of Bones
Aphix Conduit
Cabal ExcavationHigh-Value Target
High-Value Target: Tactician
Vex Prisoner: Jailbreak
The Wraith MinestruefalseTerrabase Charon
Warmind Vault JYS-2truefalsefalseTerrabase Charon
Giant's Scar