Road Rage

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Road Rage
Type Adventures
Number 05
Location Giant's Scar, Io
Recommended Power 130
Description Use leftover hardware from the Cabal occupation to assault the Vex head-on.
Prerequisite Speak to Asher Mir after completing the Story Mission Fury.
Previous Cliffhanger
Next None
Equipment Sonata-48, Rare Gear
Road Rage is an Adventure in Io.


Recommended Power: 120

Equipment Recommendations:

  • During the Adventure, you will have access to Cabal Interceptors. Use them as your main (and if can, only) source of damage.


When this Adventure begins, follow your objective marker to a locked garage. Use the designated switch to open it and hop onto a Cabal Interceptor. Then, keep following the objective marker to a nearby drilling site. Once there, you will have to clear the area of all present Vex. These will include several enemy waves, so keep an eye on your motion tracker.

Moving on, keep your eyes open for Interceptor pads. During the entire Adventure, these will be active and you will be able to get a fresh vehicle from them.

Next up, you will have to make your way to Terrabase Charon. Once there, repeat the process of purging the area of Vex. Then, head for the waypoint at Lost Oasis.

When you reach Lost Oasis, you will have three Hydras to deal with. They can easily be found by following your objective marker to them. Once all of them are down, head for The Rupture for the final confrontation of this Adventure.

At The Rupture, you will be met by Viadon, Inquisitor Mind. He can take a beating and packs quite the punch, so do your best to avoid his attacks while hitting him hard yourself. If you find yourself in need of a fresh Interceptor, don't hesitate to fall back to the nearest Interceptor pad.

Destroying Viadon will complete the Adventure and you will receive your reward.