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Glass and Time icon.png This page describes content which is not available in the game.
"Adventures" was moved into the Destiny Content Vault in Beyond Light season icon.pngBeyond Light.

Adventures, a feature of Destiny 2 which was not present in Destiny, are a PvE Game Mode that are found in patrol zones. All of them are side-missions that can be dispatched to Guardians by free-roaming NPCs that you’ll manage to find wandering about on their own respective planets. Throughout the expansion of Destiny 2, these adventures are going to be used to fill the players on some lore or story that they wouldn’t receive in any other way.

Adventures are tracked on the player's map and take about 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Once all Adventures in a patrol zone have been completed for the first time on a character, the zone's Vendor will allow you to replay them for additional rewards once a day.

Adventures were removed from the game and added to the Destiny Content Vault with the release of the Beyond Light expansion. However, Legend and Master Lost Sectors are sometimes referred to as Adventures, with the game displaying a "New Adventures Available" notification when the player gains access to the daily Lost Sector.

European Dead Zone

Name Recommended Power Description
A Frame Job 20 Travel deep into enemy territory, ambush the Red Legion, and trick them into retaliating against the Fallen.
A New Frontier 30 It’s not just the Red Legion in the European Dead Zone. Explore the area and see what the Fallen are up to.
Anti-Anti-Air 160 Infiltrate the Red Legion base and disable their network of flak turrets.
Calling Them Home 20 Hawthorne is broadcasting a message from the Farm to guide refugees there. Help her amplify it to reach the entire region.
Dark Alliance 160 Red Legion Psions are meddling with forces best left alone. Investigate their connection to dark forces in the region.
Getting Your Hands Dirty 160 Seize upon the Taken invasion of the EDZ, direct their assault against the Red Legion, and end it before it gets out of control.
No Safe Distance 170 The Red Legion base is full of explosives even more dangerous than usual. Find them and neutralize them before they can enter the field.
Poor Reception 20 The Fallen are trying to block all communications in the EDZ. Find the source of the interference, and shut it down.
Red Legion, Black Oil 170 Destroy the dark liquid that the Cabal use to power their technology, or contaminate it for a subtler approach.
Reverse the Polarity 160 The Cabal often struggle to use a single technology to power everything in their arsenal. Take advantage of that design flaw to send them a message.
Stop and Go 160 Power generators in the Red Legion base are open to attack, but only for a short time. Speed into the subterranean complex, and shut them down.
Supply and Demand 170 An old friend is looking for Red Legion supplies to... reappropriate. Scour Fallen territory for anything to scavenge.
Unsafe at Any Speed 160 A nasty Fallen Pike Gang is wreaking havoc in the area. Capture enemy vehicles and use them to even the odds.


Name Recommended Power Description
Bad Neighbors 60 Resolve a dangerous conflict between the Fallen and the Hive.
Deathless 70 Clear out the Knight that’s keeping Sloane’s crews from their work.
Siren Song 70 Disrupt a Hive ritual to keep The Rig from sinking.
Thief of Thieves 750 Recover the supplies that the Fallen have taken.


Name Recommended Power Description
Deep Conversation 90 Failsafe has a plan to retrieve Vex data. But she'll need Ghost's help.
Exodus Siege 90 Fallen activity near the Exodus Black has risen.
Hack the Planet 90 Find a way into the local Vex network so we can learn more about the planet.
Invitation from the Emperor 90 Intercept data the Cabal are gathering from the Vex confluxes.
Lost Crew 90 Help Failsafe find two long-lost members of her crew.
Release 90 The Vex are trapping the Fallen in a cave nearby.
Unbreakable 90 The Vex have set up a disrupting device. Find and destroy it.


Name Recommended Power Description
Arecibo 220 Follow a trail of mysterious Golden Age beacons across the moon.
Cliffhanger 130 Stop the Vex from advancing their designs on the moon.
Postmodern Prometheus 130 Assist Asher in his ambitious plan to tap directly into the moon’s power.
Road Rage 130 Use leftover hardware from the Cabal occupation to assault the Vex head-on.
Unexpected Guests 120 End a Taken plot to throw wide the doors of reality.


Mercury Adventures are only available to owners of Curse of Osiris on characters which have completed the Curse of Osiris campaign. Characters with a sufficiently high Power Level can also play these adventures as Heroic Adventures (unlike the normal Adventures, Heroic versions can only be completed twice a week rather than once a day).

Name Recommended Power Description
Bug in the System 250 Corrupt a Vex data-harvesting operation by withstanding an onslaught of Hive.
The Runner 250 Stop a Cabal simulation carrying heavily encrypted data.
The Up and Up 250 Prevent the Vex from completing a simulation of Fallen combat tactics.