Unsafe at Any Speed

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Unsafe at Any Speed
Type Adventures
Number 08
Location Firebase Hades, European Dead Zone
Recommended Power 160
Description A nasty Fallen Pike Gang is wreaking havoc in the area. Capture enemy vehicles and use them to even the odds.
Enemy Types Fallen
Bosses Salvaged Walker
Prerequisite Talk to Hawthorne after completing Story Mission Fury.
Previous Getting Your Hands Dirty
Next Red Legion, Black Oil
Equipment Gearhead Gauntlets/Grips/Gloves, Rare Armor
Unsafe at Any Speed is an Adventure in EDZ.


Recommended Power: 160

Equipment Recommendations:

  • During this Adventure, you will have access to Cabal Interceptors. Try to use their firepower as much as possible.
  • One source of Arc damage can prove to be a useful option to have.
  • Focus on bringing mid- to long-range weapons for the final encounter of this Adventure.


The moment you begin the Adventure, go to your objective marker and hop on a Cabal Interceptor. Remember where it spawns, as it will be highly useful for the remainder of the Adventure.

Once you have an Interceptor, use it to eliminate five foes in your immediate surroundings. This will complete the first objective.

Your next objective is to ram four enemies. Utilize the vehicle's speed boost and charge straight into your targets for maximum damage.

Before you head over to the next objective, consider getting a new Interceptor from their spawn point. Then, head towards The Gulch, following your objective marker. Once there, you will have to eliminate two Fallen salvage crews. Keep in mind that there might be regular random enemies around too, so make sure to completely clear the area before moving on.

Next up, you have to deal with the salvage crew leader. He will be on a nearby ridge and his position will be marked by your objective marker. Expect to encounter a Servitor among his peers and prepare accordingly. Try to keep the Interceptor working for the next encounter.

Once the crew leader is down, your next objective will be to defeat a Fallen Walker. If you have managed to preserve the Interceptor, dealing with the Walker should not be an issue. Engage from a safe distance with it and dodge any incoming attacks.

First, aim for the Walker's legs. Keep shooting at them until it collapses, then focus on the exposed core. Rinse and repeat until the Walker drops, then collect your reward.