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Type Story Mission
Number 12
Location Io
Level 11
Recommended Power 120
Description Help Ikora use the Warmind on Io to learn more about the Almighty---and turn the tide of the war.
Enemy Types Taken, Vex
Bosses Modular Upsilon, Modular Sigma
Prerequisite Completion of Story Mission Sacrilege.
Previous Sacrilege
Next Payback
Fury is a Story Mission of The Red War campaign. Upon completion of the previous mission Sacrilege, this mission's flag appears once the player has talked to Asher Mir and claimed an Exotic Weapon (or an Armillary PSu if all offered Exotic Weapons are already in the account collection). The flag is located at the northeast corner of The Rupture.


You begin the mission at the location of the mission flag - follow the objective marker and travel through Lost Oasis to Giant's Scar. Once there, you will encounter a group of Taken fighting some Vex. You can either wait for them to finish the fight and take out the winning side or speed things up significantly by eliminating all of them. Either way, make the Taken Centurion a priority target. Beware of its slow-moving Void orb and shoot it before it reaches you. (Alternately, you can skirt around the left side of the battle and only take out the Vex units by the entrance you need to pass through.)

Regardless of how you decided to address the battle, head up the ramp and into the base. Take a right, up another ramp, and look out the window to see a massive drill.

Immediately after beholding the Red Legion drill, some Minotaurs and Goblins will spawn in your room, and some more of these units as well as a Hobgoblin will appear in the next room over once you have dealt with the Vex in your room. Try to claim some high ground and focus on the Minotaurs first unless you get flanked by some of the Goblins.

With them gone, proceed through the next doorway. Mind the Hobgoblin up and to the left of you. Take him out first, then focus on the rest of the Vex that will spawn in. Feel free to back up and use the doorway as cover while dealing with the enemies in this area. The Vex will be tightly packed together, so a well-placed grenade can be extremely helpful in this situation.

With those Vex dealt with, look around the upper ledges of the area for a scannable object. Then, interact with the marked console to power it up. This doesn't accomplish your objective, though, so you will have to head deeper into the base. Right and down from the terminal, there will be a way to the exterior. Exit through there and proceed up to an arched entrance leading to Excavation Site II, passing by some nearby controls on the way so you can hear Ghost's remark that the drill's lift controls are locked at the moment.

Proceed down the rocky tunnel and into the bunker. Eventually, you will reach a storage room with one Taken Centurion and your first group of Taken Goblins. Keep in mind that unlike their Vex brethren, the Taken Goblins must be shot in the head for precision kills, instead of aiming for the torso. Try not to use any special abilities or Power Ammo, as you will soon need them.

Once you have dealt with this threat, proceed forward and deal with the Taken Phalanx that will spawn in on the way. The next chamber has a few more Taken for you to drop. There will be a couple of Taken Goblins there. Make sure you deal with them first or else, they might link with the other Taken and make them invulnerable to your attacks. Also, while taking on the duo of Taken Phalanxes, make sure to put some cover between you and them in order to stay safe from their shield blast.

In the next chamber, you will come across your first Taken Minotaur. As soon as it's down, your position will be assaulted by several waves of enemies. Expect Taken Goblins, Phalanxes, and Minotaurs. Try not to panic - just deal with these threats as they appear. Stick to cover and, if you have to, employ a Super, as well as other offensive abilities.

With the last of the Taken horde down, jump up to the override terminal and interact with it. Then, turn right and follow the corridor before making a controlled drop down.

You will arrive in some caverns that seem to serve as storage areas. First, you will have a Taken Wizard to deal with, then a Taken Phalanx. Both of them will ignore you until you attack them and as you step into the next chamber, you will see why. Some Vex Harpies are battling the Taken here, but the biggest problem is the Vex Hydra accompanying them. There will be one more Wizard to take out, so start with that. Then, find some high ground before engaging the rest of the forces. Deal with the Vex first, but do not attack the Hydra. Move on to the Taken, but leave one or two Taken Psions alive, so the Hydra can focus on them when you need to flee, then engage it.

Whenever you need to take cover and get some health back, do not hesitate to do so. The Hydra will probably refocus on the remaining Taken once it loses sight of you. Other than that, employ the regular Hydra-fighting strategy - shoot between the shields, stay mobile, and stick to cover.

Just after the Hydra dies, or just a bit before that, a new group of Taken Psions will arrive. Prioritize the Hydra if they are not too close. If they come up to you, deal with them, then turn your attention to the bigger threat.

(Alternately, just run through the area without taking out either side, only killing the enemies that start attacking you.)

Once you have made it through this area, head towards the surface, back to Giant's Scar.

When you emerge from underground, you will see that the drill is active again. Also, the drill site will be swarming with Vex. Try to avoid them to the best of your ability while you make a beeline for the control booth on the far end of the drill site. Deal with the Minotaur and the Hobgoblins that will await you there, then interact with the console as fast as you can. This will raise the drill and uncover the way down.

At this point, a lot of enemies would have gotten close and you will still have some Hobgoblins across the drill site, looking to snipe you. However, ignore the hostiles and head for the large hole in the middle instead. Expect some Taken to also appear right around that point. You don't need to battle any of them. Instead, drop into the drill site, to the tunnel. Jumping straight down without making it into the tunnel will instantly kill you, so keep that in mind.

Proceed through the tunnel and head into the first chamber of Warmind Vault JYS-2. Inside, you will be met by your first trio of Taken Hobgoblins as well as a Taken Goblin. Deal with the Goblin first, since it can make the others invulnerable. But make sure to watch out for the Hobgoblins' sniper fire and the retaliatory bolts they send your way when damaged.

Move up the stairs, eliminate the Minotaur and Goblin you will find along the way, and keep going. In the mainframe core chamber, you will come across a couple of Taken Hobgoblins, already linked with a single Taken Goblin. Take out the latter, then deal with the two snipers.

Now, before you proceed and interact with the console, stop and look around. Study the room carefully, as you will need every bit of strategic advantage you can get. This is one of the hardest battles in the entire Red War campaign and it will test your limits several times before it is over. What's more, once you interact with the console, the chamber will be locked up and it will become a Restricted Zone, so you will have nowhere to run.

When you interact with the console, two formidable foes will warp in. One is Modular Sigma, a respawning Major Taken Goblin. The other is an Ultra Taken Minotaur, Modular Upsilon. His ranged attacks deal insane amounts of damage and three hits are more than enough to kill you. However, beating it at melee range is almost impossible due to its stomping attack, which not only takes a huge chunk of your health but also launches you across the room, potentially killing you if you crash into terrain while at high speed.

What's annoying in this battle is that Modular Sigma links up with Upsilon, making the latter invincible. Killing Sigma will temporarily rid you of his presence, but as long as Upsilon lives, Sigma will shortly return.

Of course, they don't come alone and you will have an entire horde of Taken Phalanxes, Hobgoblins, and Centurions to worry about. They will spawn in continuously during the encounter, so do not ignore them or you may get overwhelmed. What's more, all enemies will be focusing on you, so if you ignore the regular foes for too long, you might struggle to hit Sigma at all due to his relatively small size.

When you manage to kill Sigma, make the most of the short time you have and aim for Upsilon's eye. Blast it with everything you have, but also make sure to stay alive. This boss battle is more about survival than inflicting damage, so make your own health bar a priority.

Be patient, as this battle can take quite some time and it will not be easy. Venture outside of cover only if your position has been compromised or if you're desperate for some ammo. And at times, you will be desperate for extra bullets. No weapon holds enough of them to last this entire fight, so you will definitely need to restock at some point.

Once Modular Upsilon dies, the battle and the mission will end, and you will be returned to Asher Mir's location in The Rupture on Io.



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