The Machinist

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The Machinist
Type Story Mission
Number 00000
Location Tangled Shore
Recommended Power 460
Description  ?????
Enemy Types  ?????
Bosses  ?????
Previous The Rifleman
Next Nothing Left to Say
The Machinist is a Story Mission introduced with the Forsaken expansion.

It is part of the Forsaken - Tangled Shore Missions.

Mission Walkthrough

The tenth mission of the Forsaken Expansion tasks you with killing the last baron, The Machinist. The mission starts off at Soriks's Cut and from here you will want to follow the waypoints through the cave in front of you until you have reached the tank. Once here, you will encounter the enemies guarding the tank. They should be pretty easy to kill. After that, use Ghost to scan the Tank and to secure the first objective of the mission.

After investigating the tank, your next objective is to investigate the junkyard and find parts. You will encounter some enemies along the way so be prepared to fight at any time. After you have assembled the tank, hop into it and demolish the nearby enemies. Now advance forward and shoot the first door in your way in order to open it. Sit on the platform nearby in order to heal your tank. After healing, shoot the second door and shoot down the enemies standing in your way.

The objective now is to make your way up to the main console and open the path to the next part of the mission. Along the way to the top of the console, you will encounter lots of enemies such as Stalkers and Raiders which should not be hard to take down. After hacking the console and opening the door, get inside your Tank and follow the waypoints to the next sector. Here, there will be another set of doors that you can shoot open in order to advance.

Be careful once you reach the next area, as there would be a Stolen Walker waiting for you right to the exit. Use your tank in order to deal the maximum amount of damage possible to him. After that, follow the path on your left and defeat the second Stolen Walker. After defeating both of the walkers, go through the tunnels and make your way to the Machinist. Again, you will have to shoot down the doors standing in your way and all the enemies along your path.

After reaching outside, there would be numerous enemies waiting for you. Just like with the other area, you will have to open up your path once again by hacking a console. Remember to prioritize the smaller enemies first and then the larger ones. After opening the door, get inside your tank and make your way to the next waypoint.

Here, you will finally encounter The Machinist and your battle with him will begin. He will be accompanied by many foes, so have all your weapons ready. Be careful to dodge his rocket attacks, as they can deal plenty of damage if you are not paying attention.

In order to complete the mission, defeat The Machinist.

Mission Reward

  • ?????
  • ?????

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