Rising Resistance

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Rising Resistance
Type Story Mission
Number 00000
Location Europa
Recommended Power 1070
Description Activate the communication network
Enemy Types Fallen
Previous The New Kell
Next A Link to the Future
Rising Resistance is the third Story Mission from the Beyond Light expansion.

Mission Walkthrough

Go left and follow the waypoint to the first comm relay. Jump to the roof and you will quickly find another one. For the last one, jump down and go to the boxes on your left. This will summon the Crux of Darkness which will tell you to join Fallen. Follow the waypoint and jump from the cliff to the other side of the canyon. Follow the path to Beyond, where a cutscene will be triggered.


Activate 3 comm relays

Help Variks the Loyal by activating the Comms Network in Charon's Crossing

Investigate the Crux of Darkness

Go through the icy canyon to the Beyond.


Exo Stranger will give you an Enhanced Splinter of Darkness.