The New Kell

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The New Kell
Type Story Mission
Number 00000
Location Europa
Recommended Power 1070
Description Locate and stop Eramis, Kell of Darkness
Enemy Types Fallen
Previous Darkness's Doorstep
Next Rising Resistance
The New Kell is the second Story Mission from the Beyond Light expansion.

Mission Walkthrough

To start the mission, go outside from the Variks place and interact with a nearby flag.

From Charon's Crossing summon a sparrow and head on towards the Eventide Ruins. The waypoint will take you to the elevator, so clear out nearby enemies and go up. Kill all Shanks and Resilient Vandals to lower the barrier so you can proceed. You will soon enter Riis-Reborn where you'll have to fight your way to the other side of the bridge. Focus on Defiled Servitor, then kill off Dregs and smaller Fallen enemies. There are quite a few of them, so it's best to use the nearby covers and proceed cautiously. Head inside, kill Wretch and Resilient Marauder, and head up the stairs. Resilient Captain and Exploding Shanks will pop-up, so be on your guard.

You will soon go back in the open, where few Vandals will try to intercept you. After dealing with them, head on to another bridge, where you will have to defeat a Heavy Shank. It's best to attack him from the distance, so fire a few rockets to take him and other Fallen down. Cross the bridge and disable the shield to infiltrate deeper into the base. You will soon come to a locked door, so you'll have to find another way in. Immediately, you will be swarmed by Dregs and Wretch. Clear them out and go through now opened doors on top of the stairs. Follow the path until a cutscene starts.

Now, it's time to escape from Riis-Reborn. You will be attacked by Phylaks, the Warrior, an enemy that's completely immune to your damage. Ignore him, and focus on destroying Marauders. Killing all of them will drop the barrier, and you will be able to escape. Back on the bridge, another Heavy Shank will await, so give him a warm welcome with few rockets to the face. Just jump to your ship and the mission will be over.



Find and Stop Eramis

Locate Eramis before she gets more powerful.

Escape from Riis-Reborn

Evade Phylaks and get back to your ship.


Report back to Variks to get Hailing Confusion pulse rifle.