Darkness's Doorstep

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Darkness's Doorstep
Type Story Mission
Number 00000
Location Europa
Recommended Power 1060
Description Find Variks
Enemy Types Fallen
Previous Beyond
Next The New Kell
Darkness's Doorstep is the first Story Mission from the Beyond Light expansion.

Mission Walkthrough

After the cutscene, you will spawn in the frozen canyons of Europa. Your goal is to find Variks, so summon the sparrow and follow the road ahead. Fallen ships will soon appear and drop Resilient Vandal, Captain, and a couple of Shanks at a Varik's campsite. Clear it out and head inside, where you will get info about Varik's distress signal. Follow the marker, and you will soon be attacked by another wave of Fallen, including Dreg, Resilient Marauder, and Defiled Servitor. Kill them all to unlock the path to a nearby cave. Follow the signal to Charon's Crossing, where you will be greeted by a cutscene. Continue fighting your way to the signal location where trapped Varik awaits your help. He's frozen, so shoot the ice off and prepare for another wave of enemies lead by nasty Brig. Defeat them, and the mission is over.


Go to Variks campsite


Traverse the icy outskirts of Europa towards Variks last location.

Clear the nearby enemies

Defend the location until all Fallen are eliminated.

Follow the distress signal

Go through the ice cave until you reach Charon's Crossing.

Save Varik

Shoot off Stasis crystals and fight off last enemies.