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Type Story Mission
Number 00000
Location The Moon
Recommended Power 850
Description  ?????
Enemy Types  ?????
Bosses Nightmare of Dominus Ghaul, Nightmare of Fikrul, the Fanatic, Nightmare of Crota, Son of Oryx
Previous The Nightmare Cometh
Next Darkness's Doorstep
Beyond is a Story Mission introduced with the Shadowkeep expansion.

It is part of the Shadowkeep Story Missions.

Mission Walkthrough

Beyond is the seventh and final mission of the Shadowkeep Expansion which takes place on the Moon.

The mission starts you off near the Pyramids, more exactly in a cave. First, follow the waypoints and explore the cave which contains various enemies at the beginning such as Acolytes and Knights. After you defeat the enemies, follow the waypoints and make it through the platforming section of the mission and go through the caves until you are pulled up by inside by the orb.

Once you reach the Admittance, wander inside the Pyramid and follow the waypoint until you reach the battle with the Nightmare of Dominus Ghaul and many enemies accompanying him. Be aware of the Nightmare Legionary that will spawn along side him. Use your heavy weapon to defeat the smaller enemies and then focus on the boss and bigger ones. Remember to shoot him in the head, as it will help you shred him quicker. Do not use your supercharged on him if you have it available since when he reaches half of his health, he will leave the area and you will no longer be able to fight him yet.

Run through the corridors in front of you, until you reach the Nightmare of Fikrul, the Fanatic, which again is a boss battle that you cannot finish yet due to the story. Be aware that you cannot skip this section, as you have to leave the boss damaged enough in order to proceed with the mission story. Again, focus on the smaller enemies and then shred down the boss in order to advance to the next section.

The next part of the mission takes you to another place where you will have to finish off what you have started in the last battles. First, you have to fight the Nightmare Swordbearers near the entrance. Make sure that you keep distance from them as they can inflict some serious damage if near you. After defeating them, you can move on to fight with the Nightmare of Crota, Son of Oryx. The Swordbearers will drop relics that you can pick and use to fight against the boss. These relics are swords and will deal more damage than your guns, so be aware of that.

After defeating Crota, you are once again teleported to another place where you must go forward and inspect an unknown artifact.

To finish up the story, inspect the artifact and watch the cinematic cutscene at the end.

Mission Reward

  • ?????
  • ?????

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