The Technocrat

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The Technocrat
Type Story Mission
Number 00000
Starting NPC Exo Stranger
Location Europa
Recommended Power 1120
Description Finish the Technocrat Empire Hunt
Enemy Types Fallen
Previous Praksis
Next The Divide
See also: The Dark Priestess and The Warrior

The Technocrat is the tenth Story Mission from the Beyond Light expansion. Your goal is to defeat another of Eramis powerful servants - Praksis, the Technocrat.


Enemy Information

Enemy Information
Story - - -
Adept text-center - -
Hero text-center - -
Legend text-center - -
Master - - -
Enemies Champions
Fallen text-center text-center
text-center Arc
text-center Solar
text-center Void
text-center Barrier
text-center Overload
text-center Unstoppable


  • Praksis, the Technocrat

Mission Walkthrough

From Cadmus Ridge follow the waypoint to the Bray Exoscience. You will be attacked by Fallen, and you should focus on eliminating Zedraks-6 first. Drop deeper into the building and head on to the room where you've commuted with the Crux of Darkness. Instead, you will find Brig and few Shanks, so just spray them with bullets. Go to the end of the room and head to the left. Move quickly so that you don't take much damage from the lasers. Head to the room where you found the locked chest, defeating the Vandals you encounter on the way. Take the opened doors on the right from the chest and drop the Servitor. You will find yourself in a cave, jump to the other side and you will reach Eternity.

Shoot off the lasers and enter into another complex. Eliminate Shanks and jump to the lower level where some Vandals will try to intercept you. Follow the waypoint, and you will soon find Praksis, guarded by an energy field.

Praksis, the Technocrat

Praksis will be immune until you destroy the red shield generator floating above him. He will flee, so just follow him, killing Marauders, Captains, and Heavy Shanks on the way. Jump on the other side of a huge chasm and follow platforms up while avoiding nasty sniper shots. Drop through the vent and enter the empowering pool which will quickly recharge your Stasis. Jump to the arena and prepare for the battle.

The trick here is to constantly move from platform to platform. Praksis has nasty Stasis abilities that will deal big damage if you are underleveled and lock you in place. It's best to focus on smaller enemies first, as you can get swarmed pretty quickly. He will shield himself from time to time, so keep the lookout for the red shield generators. Once the shield is done, jump in the empowering pool and blast him with Stasis. Don't get too greedy, as Praksis is very powerful. Rinse and repeat until he is eliminated.


Return to the camp in Beyond to get Coriolis Force, a legendary fusion rifle with a very fast shooting rate.


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