The Divide

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The Divide
Type Story Mission
Number 00000
Location Earth
Recommended Power 1120
Description Locate Bakris and defeat the Fallen in the Divide.
Enemy Types Fallen
Previous The Technocrat
Next Riis-Reborn Approach
The Divide is the eleventh Story Mission from the Beyond Light expansion.

Mission Walkthrough

Go to the Earth and visit the Steppes in Cosmodrome. Talk to the Shaw Han and he will task you with fighting Fallen in the Divide. Follow the waypoint to the nearby hole in the wall and jump down and follow the path to the Exodus Garden 2A. You will be attacked by Shanks, Dregs, Wretchs, and Servitors, so clear them out. Follow the small icon and you will reach a shielded door. Eliminate all enemies to proceed. Here, you will find Bakris, the Adamantine and a couple of Servitors. Simply activate Stasis, and the battle will be done in no time.


Defeat the Fallen in Divide

They will drop the intel which will reveal the location of Bakris. You need to collect 5 intel.

Defeat Bakris, the Adamantine

He is hiding in the Exodus Garden 2A.


Open the chest to get Bond of Forgotten Wars.