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Earth is a Location in Destiny 2. Earth this time around is a great, green and luscious planet that resembles an area of the world that has been taken over by nature itself, due to the absence of civilization. In the original Destiny you were set to explore the Cosmodrome, an old spaceport that was housed in Russia and was nothing more than a rusted shell of its original self.

European Dead Zone

Instead of the Cosmodrome this time around, we have got:

European Dead Zone is the area of focus this time around and is a location that has a variety of scattered ruins that pre-date the Golden Age. With a massive shard of the Traveller embedded in the expansive landscape, this is the area of Destiny 2 that players will first come across, as it’s the one location where the Guardians can retrieve their powers from.

Along with the majority of the European Dead Zone, there are also a vast selection of Adventures and Lost Sectors that aren’t set to be fully revealed until closer to the release of the full game.

The Farm

The Farm is the new location for the game’s social hub after the Tower had fallen from the original game. This location is an overgrown expanse that resembles that of a farm (as it should), except it’s filled with all of the necessary equipment for the Guardians to administer a counterattack when necessary. The Farm is the area of the game that you’ll be seeing the most for opening engrams, acquiring quests, talking to NPC’s, and even a small soccer field for Fireteams to play a quick bit of soccer when they get bored.