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Type Story Mission
Number 00000
Starting NPC Variks
Location Europa
Recommended Power 1100
Description Collect tracking devices from Vex to locate Praksis, the Technocrat. Shut down the Vex conflux in Cadmus Ridge.
Enemy Types Vex
Previous Bray Exoscience
Next The Technocrat
Praksis is the ninth Story Mission from the Beyond Light expansion.

Mission Walkthrough

Head on to the Asterion Abyss and engage the nearby Vex troops till you get 10 tracking devices. It's best to focus solely on Minotaurs, as they will always drop one. Head on to the Cadmus Ridge and follow the waypoints to the conflux. Scan it and destroy the Goblins and Finalizers that will spawn under the Oracle diamond. This will lower the diamond's shield, so just destroy it. Repeat this step with the other 2, Oracles, clearing out the Harpies and Wyverns. Lastly, you will have to defeat a small boss named Conflux Prime. This will disable the conflux and end the mission. Follow the waypoint to the nearby flag from which you can start The Technocrat Empire Hunt.