Last Call

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Last Call
Type Story Mission
Number 00000
Location Tangled Shore
Recommended Power 400
Description Fight alongside Cayde-6 to help Petra Venj regain control of the dangerous Prison of Elders
Enemy Types Scorn
Bosses  ?????
Previous Will of the Thousands
Next High Plains Blues
Last Call is a Story Mission introduced with the Forsaken expansion.

It is part of the Forsaken - Tangled Shore Missions.

Mission Walkthrough

The first mission of the Forsaken expansion starts off with a short cinematic cutscene and drops you off at The Cellblocks located in the Prison of Elders. Here, your first objective is to start a riot. In order to do so, move forward until you have reached the open battlefield. Here, many enemies will be fighting. The most important one, being Baurg, Blood Infernal which will be harder to take down then the rest of the enemies. Make sure to focus on the smaller ones first and then deal with Baurg.

After defeating him, you will notice that an created a new route for you. Follow the waypoints through the facility and meet up with Petra. You are here tasked to reach the security hub. To do so, advance further into the next room and be prepared to fight many C-Block Blood Gladiators and Phalanx with shields. After you defeat them, follow the waypoints again and make sure to dodge the incoming C-Block Blood Incendiors attacks as they can be devastating. On your way to the security hub you will encounter lots of enemies, make sure to focus on the least powerful ones first, such as Acolytes or B-Block Rat Wretches. On your path, you encounter a mini-boss called Ir Yun, Cult of Megor accompanied by hordes of ranged enemies. Make sure to defeat those and then focus on the boss. If you have your supercharged ready, this is a good time to use it.

Defeat him and go through the platforming section of the mission. Try to calculate your jumps in order not to die. After reaching the security hub, help the guards take down Megor, Spawn of Xivu and the rest of the enemies located there. After doing so, head over to the console and scan it to progress further. This will open the door in front of you and you will meet up with Cayde-6. Your next objective is to clear the debris and eliminate the incoming enemies. To to do, shoot the glowing rocks near the base of the moving platforms. After a short interaction with Cayde, you will once again have to do the same objective all over again.

Clean the debris and head follow the trail ahead to find the security room and activate the system. On your way there, you will have another mini-boss fight with Kaaron, Blood Infernal. Defeat him and go into the next room to activate the system. After doing so, you will have to go through a lengthy cinematic.

After the cinematic, follow the path in front of you and defeat the incoming Ravagers. Now jump inside the tunnel and follow the waypoints through the corridors. You will once again be ambushed by Ravagers so make sure to be prepared. Follow the path on the right of you and jump down to the platform. More Ravagers will rush at you while you are moving towards the goal. Let the waypoints guide you until you have reached outside and defeat the enemies nearby until you reach an impossible to open door. In order to go past it, you will have to shoot the vent on your right that is marked. Next, crawl your way to the next room where you will encounter Screebs. Be careful because once they die, they will explode. Now jump down onto the platform until you have reached the The Hole, which is a restricted area.

Here you will have a major boss battle with a Demented Abomination and his accomplices. Be careful not to get hit by his powerful attacks as they can be quite dangerous. Shooting him in the head will deal the most amount of damage. Also, if you have your supercharged ready this is a great moment to use it. In order to finish the mission, head over to the door marked on your radar and open it.

After this, a short cinematic will appear and you will have completed the mission.

Mission Reward

  • ?????
  • ?????

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