In the Deep

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In the Deep
Type Story Mission
Number 00000
Location The Moon
Recommended Power 800
Description  ?????
Enemy Types  ?????
Bosses  ?????
Previous The Scarlet Keep
Next The Nightmare Cometh

In the Deep is a Story Mission introduced with the Shadowkeep expansion.

It is part of the Shadowkeep Story Missions.

Mission Walkthrough

This is the fourth mission of the Shadowkeep expansion and it takes place inside The Catacombs on the Moon.

The mission will start off with a short cinematic cutscene that explains the plot of the mission. After it's over, head forward and explore the catacombs until you reach the Hall of Wisdom which should have a few Acolytes and a few Knights. Focus on the Acolytes first and then deal with the Knights. Near the end of the hall, you will encounter a Revenant Knight which can be taken down easily with a weapon that uses heavy ammo.

After defeating all the enemies, follow the waypoints that will guide you at the Circle of Bones. Here, you will encounter a group of Acolytes and Knights waiting for you. Use your AOE abilities in order to disperse the enemies fast. Defeat them and follow the waypoints deeper into the catacombs. After the platforming section, a couple of Thralls will attack you. Kill them and hop onto the platform in front of you. Once activated, a door will open behind you.

Step inside the next room where you will find a lot of enemies, and an Unhallowed Shrieker. Focus on the Shrieker first and try to shoot him in the eye as it will deal bonus damage. After clearing the large enemy, you can focus on the smaller ones and advance further into the level. Once you are near a gate, be careful at the Revenant Knight that will charge towards you. Use your mobility skills in order to dodge his attacks.

After entering the next room, follow the path on your left and crawl your way out of there. Follow the waypoint until you are out of the Catacombs and be prepared to shoot down the [[Cursed Thrall] that is coming near you as he can explode and deal a lot of damage to you. Next, focus on the Knight on your left and defeat all the enemies near the ring. Step onto the platform and activate it. Be careful because many enemies will rush towards you once you step onto the ring.

Once you have activated the ring, step on the bridge in front of you and follow the waypoints until you reach The Cryptoglyph. Do not try to reach for it, as you cannot at this point in the mission. Instead, you will trigger enemies such as Apprentices of the Cryptoglyph and Thralls that you must defeat. Advance forward and kill all the enemies along the way. Head into the room on your left and be careful at the Revenant Knight that will charge at you upon entering the room.

In this room, you will meet the Scholar of the Cryptoglyph which should be easy to defeat. Step outside the room and more enemies will await you here, the most important one being another Scholar. Try to dodge his laser attacks using your mobility abilities. Head forward after defeating everything and you should see Besurith, Daughter of Crota and a lot of accomplices. First, defeat the smaller enemies and then jump down and use your heavy weapons to destroy her. Defeating her will allow you to take the Cryptoglyph.

After taking it, you must make a run for it to escape with the Cryptoglyph. Follow the path in front of you and defeat any enemy that crosses you. Make sure to follow the waypoints and defeat all the enemies that you can along the way. You do not have to defeat every one of them in order to complete the mission.

To complete the mission reach the Circle of Bones and wait until your dialogue is over.

Mission Reward

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