The Scarlet Keep

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The Scarlet Keep
Type Story Mission
Number 00000
Location The Moon
Recommended Power 790
Description  ?????
Enemy Types  ?????
Bosses  ?????
Previous Ghosts of Our Past
Next In the Deep
The Scarlet Keep is a Story Mission introduced with the Shadowkeep expansion.

It is part of the Shadowkeep Story Missions.

Mission Walkthrough

The fourth mission of the Shadowkeep expansion takes place at the Sorrow's Harbor. Your first objective is to investigate the tower. As soon as you start the mission, a Knight and a few Acolytes will await you as soon as you jump on the platform in front of you. Focus on the Acolytes and then deal with the Knight, if that's possible. Next up, you should follow the waypoints that guide you through the rooms and deeper into the caves until you have reached the Scarlet Keep.

Follow the ledge on your right and defeat the small number of Acolytes that are there, with more awaiting you after heading right. After defeating the enemies, follow the waypoints that guide you to an entrance on your left and kill all remaining Acolytes.

Move a little further and you encounter Hashladûn, Daughter of Crota. You will not be able to battle her now, instead, what you have to do is to follow the path on the right using the waypoints and picking up a Void Charge that you are going to use in order to break the spells.

After depositing the first charge, follow the waypoint to the second charge and shoot your way through the enemies on your path. Be careful because when you arrive at the void charge, many enemies will await you. Defeat them and then pick up the charge to destroy the second spell and advance into the tower.

When you are heading to the tower, hordes of Thralls and Knights will teleport out of nowhere in front of you. Be cautious when going further as enemies will spawn all the way up to the entrance of the Tower.

More enemies should await you once you arrive at the tower, the most important one being the Shrieker which you will want to defeat first. In order to deal the maximum amount of damage, focus on the center of the eye and make sure that you are using your most powerful weapon.

After defeating all enemies and the Shrieker, go up the stairs on the left and follow the waypoints and jump your way to the main hall.

Here, you will once again encounter Hashladûn, Daughter of Crota, but once again you are unable to damage him as he wanders deeper into Scarlet Keep. What you should do is defeat the nearby enemies and focus on capturing the altars. Be careful when doing so, because this will trigger many Acolytes, Knights and even a Revenant Wizard to come and stop you. Stay above the altars in order to capture them and make sure to use a long-range weapon to defeat the incoming enemies.

After capturing all altars, follow the waypoints deeper into the tunnels and reach the Scarlet Keep's Tower. Along the way, you will encounter smaller enemies and a Knight. They should be pretty easy to defeat. By this point, you should have your supercharged ready. Be sure not to waste it though, as you will have to keep it for later.

Now enter the Keep hop onto the platform that will take you to the first floor through the tower. Once you have arrived, clear the path in front of you and destroy the crystal in order to activate the platform. Jump onto it and it will take you to the second level. Here, a few enemies should await you, but do not worry, the worst is yet to come. Repeat the last part and use the third platform to reach the highest level of the Tower.

Here, you will finally be able to fight Hashladûn and complete the mission. Keep in mind to focus the smaller enemies first and then the boss. Do not forget yo use your supercharged on the boss to deplete him of health faster. This battle should take a while, so be ready for an epic one.

In order to complete the mission, defeat Hashladûn and collect your rewards.

Mission Reward

  • ?????
  • ?????

Patch History

    • Fixed an issue where the crystal to continue the strike was permanently invincible if players got to the Wizard at the first stop of the elevator and killed it before the crystal could spawn.


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