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Type Story Mission
Number 00000
Location Tangled Shore
Recommended Power 420
Description  ?????
Enemy Types  ?????
Bosses  ?????
Previous High Plains Blues
Next The Rider
Scorned is a Story Mission introduced with the Forsaken expansion.

It is part of the Forsaken - Tangled Shore Missions

Mission Walkthrough

The third mission of the Forsaken Expansion takes place in the Tangled Shore, more exactly Thieves' Landing where the Guardian has to assault the Barons' hideout.

The mission begins inside a tunnel where you will have to move straight forward and get out of there. Once you arrived at the surface, you will encounter a bunch of Stalkers and some Chieftains that should be pretty easy to defeat, once you have taken down their shield. This is a great time to use your area of effect abilities such as grenades or even to use your special weapon. After defeating them, your temporary objective is to find and recover the caches. One of them should be on the platform located to your right. After you have gathered the cache, jump down on the other platform and obliterate the enemies guarding the path to the next cache you should recover.

After completing the objective, many enemies will spawn, most notably The Machinist, a mini-boss. Defeat his accomplices and then deal with him as they can inflict a lot of damage. Do not use your supercharged on him as he will teleport once you chunk his health down. Defeat the remaining enemies and follow the waypoints that will take you through a platforming section.

Once you arrive at Quitter's Well, you will meet with a few Lurkers which can easily be taken down. After defeating them, many more enemies will spawn. Defeat them all and head into the next room where you will have another encounter with a mini-boss, this time The Rifleman, which again will teleport once you chunk one-third of his health. Next, you should recover Spider's cache and wait for the door in front of you to open.

Your objective now is to defeat the Scorn Walker and his many accomplices. To do so easily, pick up the launcher on the right and shoot it at the boss. In order to deal maximum amounts of damage, shoot the glowing engine once he is down. This fight should last a while so be prepared to give everything you got.

After dealing with him, head into the Hollowed Lair and defeat the Wraiths and Lurkers that will be charging at you. Pick up the spider cache from the next room and be careful, because instead of being a cache, it will be an ambush. This is a restricted area, meaning that you should be extra careful when fighting the hordes of enemies as you cannot respawn.

Defeat them and follow the waypoints until you reach the Hollowed Lair and completed the platforming part of the mission. Here, you will briefly encounter The Hangman. But do not get your hopes up as he will vanish again, just like the other bosses.

Follow the waypoints again and make your way into the room where you will meet with Scorn, the Fanatic, the last boss of this mission, and one that you can actually defeat. In order to do so, prioritize the smaller enemies and then use your supercharged on him as it will deal devastating damage.

In order to complete the mission, defeat Scorn and listen to his dialogue.

Mission Reward

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