The Hollowed Lair

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The Hollowed Lair
The Hollowed Lair Strike banner.png
Location Tangled Shore
Players 1-3
Power 1050
Expansion Season of the Outlaw icon.pngForsaken
Enemies Scorn
Boss The Fanatic (Chieftain)
Description The Fanatic has returned. Take him down and finish the job you started.

The Hollowed Lair is a strike located on the Tangled Shore.


Enemies Encountered

Enemy Information
Normal - - -
Adept Arc.png Solar.png Void.png
Hero Arc.png Solar.png Void.png
Legend Arc.png Solar.png Void.png
Master Arc.png Solar.png Void.png
Grandmaster Arc.png Solar.png Void.png
Enemies Champions
Scorn Overload icon.png Unstoppable icon.png
Arc.png Arc
Solar.png Solar
Void.png Void
Barrier icon.png Barrier
Overload icon.png Overload
Unstoppable icon.png Unstoppable



Thieves' Landing

Summon your vehicle and follow the waypoint into the Quitter's Well. You will encounter some Fallen and Scorn enemies along the way, either speed through them or fight them off.

Quitter's Well

Clear the incoming waves of basically every type of Scorn save for the Abominations and follow the waypoint into a restricted zone. Stand on the circular plate in the middle of the room to push it down and summon the Scorn Walker. The Walker is surrounded by a barrier each time it exposes its weakspot, so you would have to get close to it to deal damage. Be careful, as enemies keep spawning around it until the miniboss is defeated. Follow the waypoints into the Hollowed Lair after you are done with it.

The Hollowed Lair

You will encounter several Wraiths and Stalkers, defeat them all, then proceed forward into a large room with a locked gate at the far side.

There are two sync plates counterweights on your left and right. You have to push both all the way down by standing on them to open the gate. As you push each plate, Scorn enemies will spawn in large amounts, so it might be better to activate each counterweight separately. Once all plates are activated, The Vengeful Hand will spawn in front of the gate, defeat it to be able to proceed.

You will enter an open area with narrow pathways and some obstacles to jump over. Be careful while jumping over the rotating parts, they can launch you into the abyss, and the place is a restricted zone. This is also the place where a Wanted enemy, a Raider, can be encountered. Either defeat it or wait until it escapes. Follow the waypoints up the stairs and across the platforms until you reach a large room with an Arc staff floating in the middle. Approach it to start the boss fight.

The Fanatic

The Fanatic attacks you with the staff that unleashes powerful Arc projectiles and uses Wrath of the Scorned AoE ability, which deals Arc damage to the players who stand in it.

When he loses 1/3 of his health, The Fanatic teleports behind the barrier. A large amount of enemies will spawn, defeat them all to make the boss return. At this point he uses a new ability. Every once in a while, The Fanatic becomes immune to damage, and teleports the fireteam into the air at a certain distance from him, quickly dragging the players towards him to use a Quake attack that knocks them back. The team has to deal enough damage to the boss to free themselves.

After The Fanatic loses another 1/3 health, he will teleport away again, summoning even more enemies and an Abomination. The boss returns after the room is cleared and can be finally be defeated.


  • The Fanatic spawns quite a lot of enemies during his boss fight, but defeating them does not progress any quest or bounty.


The Nightfall version of this strike has a chance to drop the Mindbender's Ambition.

Mindbenders ambition icon1.jpg Solar Mindbender's Ambition
Special ammo Shotgun

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