The Disgraced

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The Disgraced
The Disgraced Strike banner.png
Location Cosmodrome
Players 1-3
Power 1060
Expansion New Light icon.pngBeyond Light
Enemies Fallen, Hive
Boss Navôta, Eir Spawn (Wizard)
Description Defeat the shamed Hive Wizard Navôta in the Cosmodrome.

The Disgraced is a rehashed version of Destiny's Will of Crota strike.


Enemies Encountered

Enemy Information
Normal - - -
Adept Arc.png Solar.png Solar.png -
Hero Arc.png Arc.png Arc.png Solar.png Solar.png Void.png
Legend Arc.png Arc.png Arc.png Solar.png Solar.png Void.png
Master Arc.png Arc.png Arc.png Solar.png Solar.png -
Grandmaster Arc.png Arc.png Arc.png Solar.png Solar.png -
Enemies Champions
Fallen, Hive Barrier icon.png Unstoppable icon.png
Arc.png Arc
Solar.png Solar
Void.png Void
Barrier icon.png Barrier
Overload icon.png Overload
Unstoppable icon.png Unstoppable




Forgotten Shore

Summon sparrow and follow the path alongside the coast until you reach the building.

Terrestrial Complex

Go to the back of the place and follow the few sets of stairs that lead up to the next levels. Soon, you will be attacked by Vandals, Captains, Shanks and Marauders. Since the area is pretty big, this is a fairly easy fight.

Proceed to the next level and you will come to a loading bay where Hive enemies await, such as Acolytes, Knights, Wizards, and Shriekers. Focus to eliminate Wizards first, as they will deal the most damage. After that, each member of your fireteam should focus on a different type of enemies, as you can get easily overwhelmed. For an easy win, lure enemies to the back of the loading bay. After a few waves, Hive ships that spawn enemies will stop coming.

Once all Hive is defeated, go to the end of the loading area and into the facility on your left. Fight your way through the rooms full of Servitors and Vandals until you reach the Skywatch. Go out in the open, clear out the Hive and follow the waypoint through a broken building to the Jovian Complex, where you will meet the boss of this strike.

Navôta, Eir Spawn

Since the area where you fight is narrow you will want to constantly move and use nearby scaffolding as cover. Small enemies will swarm on you, so one teammate should focus on them.

Once Navôta drops to half health, she will flee and you will have to clear out the room. Be wary of Ogres and Cursed Thralls, use cover and distance to wipe the area clear. Proceed to the next waypoint and wait for the doors to open.

Inside you will find Navôta at full health, next to an open Hive portal. Boss will move between two levels, and enemies will be spawning from all sides, so it is advised to keep moving. When Navôta is on the top platform, look for cover on the left side of the lower platform. This is a pretty straightforward fight that shouldn't be much of a problem.


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