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Broodhold Strike banner.png
Location Tangled Shore
Players 1-3
Power 1050
Expansion Season of the Outlaw icon.pngForsaken
Enemies Hive, Fallen
Boss In Anânh, Brood Queen (Wizard)
Description Eradicate a Hive infestation seething in the depths of the Tangled Shore.

Broodhold is a strike located on the Tangled Shore.


Enemies Encountered


  • In Anânh, Brood Queen (Wizard)


Jetsam Of Saturn

Summon a Sparrow and follow the waypoints into the cave. You can either clear out the Hive in your way or just speed through them.

Hellrise Canyon

You will arrive to the battle between the Fallen and the Hive. Clear out the Acolytes, Dregs, Vandals, Captains and Wizards, using nearby rocks for protection and shooting explosive cylinders if needed. Continue on, battling the Acolytes and Thralls in your way. You will go through narrow passages and meet some Cursed Thralls, listen to that distinctive noise they make and dispose of them before they explode on you. You will come to the blockade guarded by a Brood Host Knight. It will drop a worm when killed, pick it up and put it onto the blockade to destroy it.

The fireteam will exit into another open area where Fallen and Hive are fighting each other. You can proceed without defeating them, or clear the area. Rocks and the destroyed ship can serve as cover, and explosive cylinders can be found all around the area. As you go deeper into another cave, you will be swarmed with Thralls and see the first Brood Spike Void trap on the floor, which slows down and deals damage to players who walk over it, and launches characters who linger in it into the air. The restricted area lies past it.

There will be a brightly lit circular patch on the floor in the center of the cave, and four pillars around it. You have to destroy the growths on three pillars while fighting waves of Hive and avoiding Brood Spikes. There are three Brood Hosts in this area, each drops a worm when killed. You have to pick up the worms and put them onto growths to destroy them. Do not linger, as worms explode if you hold them for too long, killing your character and respawning the Knight that dropped it. Destroying all three growths summons In Anânh. Damage her until she loses 1/3 of her health and she will retreat. Follow her through the hole she made in the floor.

You will enter another restricted area eventually, where you will have to fight through Ogres, Acolytes, Knights and Shriekers, while being swarmed with Thralls and Cursed Thralls. A Wanted enemy, a Knight as well, will also spawn in this area. As you reach a bridge filled with Brood Spikes, In Anânh will show up again, damage her for a bit until she leaves. With her departure, the traps on the bridge also disappear, but as you cross to the other side you will be attacked by a horde of Thralls. Jump down the hole when you are done with them.

In Anânh, Brood Queen

Defeat all of the enemies in this room, including a Brood Host, and destroy the growth in the center of the area with its worm. In Anânh, Brood Queen will spawn several seconds later.

In Anânh's primary attack deals Solar damage, but she also summons Brood Spikes and uses Ground Slam as a melee attack. Occasionally, she uses a Fire Nova Gaze ability which, after a short countdown, deals large Solar damage to the characters who are not hiding behind an obstacle.

When she reaches 2/3 of her health, she turns into a Shade that deals Void damage. When she drops to 1/3 of her health, In Anânh and her Shade separate, and the fireteam has to fight both simultaneously. When one of them dies, the other becomes stronger.


  • This strike was available exclusively on PS4 prior to the release of Shadowkeep.

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