The Witch Queen

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For the quests of the same name, see The Witch Queen (Quest 1) and The Witch Queen (Quest 2).
The Witch Queen
The Witch Queen Cover.png
Title The Witch Queen
Platforms Xbox One X, PlayStation 4, Steam, Google Stadia
Publisher Bungie
Developer Bungie
Released February 22, 2022

The Witch Queen is the sixth DLC expansion for Destiny 2.



Sister of Shapes, Sword-Breaker, Witch Queen – which of my many names lives on your lips as you weave your story around me? Even as you tread carefully through my courtyard, among those who worship the Light I have gifted, would you deny me the virtue of this power?

Your answers are telling, Guardian. Ponder them and question those who promise you clarity in the face of all you see here. Listen as their voice wavers. And as you lift your new steel from the heart of your forge, ask yourself, “What force wields you?”

I await you, Guardian. Step into my Throne World and behold the truth.[1]


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The launch of the Witch Queen coincided with the removal of the Year 4 seasonal content, as well as the Forsaken campaign and the Tangled Shore destination.

Void subclasses were given a "Void 3.0" rework, which changed the Sentinel, Voidwalker, and Nightstalker subclasses to work like the Stasis subclasses from Beyond Light. Each class now has 3 unique Void Aspects, while there are also Void Fragments that are class-agnostic. The rework elaborated on several Void-based status effects, including Suppression, Weaken, Devour, Invisibility, and Volatile.

Another significant addition was Weapon Shaping, a system that allows players to craft certain weapons and customize their perks. All players have access to the Weapon Shaping tutorial (accessible after completing The Arrival story mission), in which they will craft their first Glaive, a new weapon type. Weapon Shaping is accessed in the Enclave, a new instanced quest hub set on Mars.


The Witch Queen introduces a new story campaign and a patrol zone in Savathûn's Throne World. Fynch is the vendor for the Throne World. Completing the campaign gives access to a new 6-player activity, The Wellspring. The expansion adds a new raid, Vow of the Disciple, set inside a pyramid ship.

The Deluxe Edition of the Witch Queen includes the Brilliant Bloom Weapon Ornament for the Osteo Striga Exotic Submachine Gun, as well as the Criticality of Quickness Exotic Sparrow. It also includes the Season Passes for the Season of the Risen, the Season of the Haunted, Season 18, and Season 19; as well as The Witch Queen Dungeon Key, which provides access to two dungeons released in the Season of the Haunted and Season 19.[2] The current season's Season Pass, as well as the Dungeon Key, can be purchased separately. The Osteo Striga Exotic Submachine Gun was originally exclusive to the Deluxe Edition, but was made available to all owners of The Witch Queen after the launch of the Season of the Haunted.[3]


The Witch Queen's launch begins the fifth year of Destiny 2. It includes four seasons.

Season of the Risen Icon.png Season of the Risen
Season of the Haunted icon.png Season of the Haunted
Season of Plunder icon.png Season of Plunder
Season of the Seraph icon.png Season of the Seraph



Ghost Shells





Weapon Ornaments

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