Shaping: Extraction

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Shaping: Extraction
Relic investigation icon1.png
Season 16
Type Quest
Rarity Legendary
Steps 4
Previous The Relic
Next Shaping: Resonant Alloys
Vendors Relic Conduit
Rewards Weapon Pattern (Syncopation-53), Resonant Alloys, Resonant Elements

Shaping: Extraction is a Legendary Quest.

This quest serves as a tutorial for Deepsight Resonance weapons.

1. Shaping: Extraction


Obtain a Resonant weapon from the Throne World, rituals, or other activities, and equip the weapon to complete the objective for Resonant Materials.

"My Hidden have observed this relic thoroughly. As with most pyramid technology, its nature is inscrutable." —Ikora Rey


Equip Deepsight Weapon: 1

2. Shaping: Extraction


Complete the weapon objective to unlock its Pattern and Resonant Elements.

Check the objective in the weapon tooltip or details screen.

"We must tune our instruments before we can expect them to play in the correct key." —Ikora Rey


Unspecified Goal: 1

3. Shaping: Extraction


The Deepsight Resonance objective is now complete. Extract a Resonant Element by accessing the weapon details screen.

"Memories do not echo endlessly." —Eris Morn


Resonant Element extracted: 1

4. The Relic Conduit


Return to the Relic Conduit in the Enclave on Mars.

"The extraction is complete, but what will you do with it?" —Ghost


Relic Conduit accessed: 1


Weapon Pattern Legendary icon.jpg Weapon Pattern
Acquiring this Pattern will unlock the ability to craft a new weapon at the Relic in the Enclave on Mars.
Syncopation-53 icon1.jpg Stasis Syncopation-53 (Weapon Pattern)
Primary ammo Pulse Rifle


  • The weapon pattern that is given as a reward is not revealed until the end of the quest.