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Glimmer icon
The currency of the City. A form of programmable matter, used both for craft and as a fuel.

Glimmer is the primary currency in Destiny 2.

Glimmer can be seen in the game in form of blue cubical objects found in chests or dropped by defeated enemies, these can be collected by walking over them. Protecting a pile of Glimmer is an objective of the Glimmer Extraction Heroic Public Event.

The current maximum amount of Glimmer a player can carry at any time is Glimmer1.png250,000.


Glimmer is obtained through the following methods:


Glimmer is used to:

  • purchase bounties and various items from vendors;
  • insert mods into weapons and armor;
  • upgrade weapons and armor;
  • reclaim items from the player's collection.

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