Loot Caches

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Loot Caches
Location European Dead Zone, Io, Nessus, Titan, Mercury, The Tangled Shore, Moon, Dreaming City, Mars
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Loot Caches are Destiny's version of treasure chests that you can find out in the wild, and loot will vary from what the source is, as well as shape, coloring and design. They can be opened without restriction; once opened, anyone can come by and claim their own chest rewards until the chest disappears.


While out in any of the 4-5 explorable patrol zones (European Dead Zone, New Pacific Arcology, Arcadian Valley, Echo Mesa, or Fields of Glass [exclusive to Curse of Osiris owners]), you will come across these, and on each planet, they will look different from each other, and are relatively easy to spot. Each Loot Cache will differ from design, depending on which enemy factions are present in the vicinity.


The term Loot Caches refers specifically to faction-specific chests which are scattered about the public Sectors of patrol zones.

  • Though the models for Loot Caches are reused as end-of-Strike reward chests, these chests do not offer the same rewards.
  • Though the Cabal Loot Cache model is reused for Calus's Gift chests in the Leviathan Raid, these chests are locked and can only be opened using keys obtained from the first three challenges (Gauntlet, Royal Pools, Pleasure Gardens).
  • While Public Event chests are also found in public Sectors, they only have a single model, and only players that participated in the events that spawned the chest can claim their rewards.

Loot Rewards

If you are in a patrol zone and find a Loot Cache, you can receive


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