Baryon Bough

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Baryon Bough
Baryon bough icon1.jpg
Type Redeemable
Rarity Uncommon
Description A species of diffusuceae prized by the Awoken for its many uses.
Take this to Petra Venj to discover its value.

Baryon Bough is a Redeemable Consumable.


Baryon Bough can be collected in the Dreaming City and obtained upon completion of bounties from Petra Venj.


Like other destination materials, Baryon Bough can be sometimes exchanged with Spider for other materials, Glimmer, or Legendary Shards.

It can also be turned in to Huginn or Muninn. Huginn gives 1 Tincture of Queensfoil in exchange for 50 Baryon Boughs, Muninn gives 1 Charge of Light-Tier II in exchange for 25 Baryon Boughs.