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Spider npc.png
Name Spider
Title The Shore's Only Law
Race Fallen
Gender Male
Location Tangled Shore
Description Unlike his Fallen brethren, the clever Spider prefers to negotiate instead of fight.

The Spider is the vendor of the Tangled Shore.


Spider can always be found in his Spider Hideout on the Tangled Shore. It is located in the building in front of the Thieves' Landing landing zone, to the left of The Empty Tank Lost Sector.

Material Exchange

His most used service allows players to exchange certain currencies and materials. Spider always offers Enhancement Prisms, Enhancement Cores and Glimmer, and four random destination materials, they change daily.

  • 1 Enhancement Prism costs Legendary shards icon1.png400, only three can be bought each week;
  • 1 Enhancement Core costs Legendary shards icon1.png30, only five can be bought each day;
  • 10,000 Glimmer cost 20 of a random destination resource, or Legendary shards icon1.png10, the cost changes daily;
  • A stack of 5 destination resources costs Glimmer1.png5,000, or Legendary shards icon1.png1, the cost and availability change daily.


Spider sells two types of bounties: WANTED and Tangled Shore. The first ones can be bought with Ghost Fragments, they send the player to various destinations to kill a "WANTED" enemy. The second ones are ordinary daily destination bounties which can be completed on the Tangled Shore.



Black Market Goods

Sold only while the player is on the Shady Deal step of the Honor Among Thieves quest, which is moved to the Destiny Content Vault in Beyond Light. Only the quest item, The Jerky, can be purchased, all other items have impossible prices.

  • Lambda shell icon1.jpg The Bits — A live Ghost, held in an anti-transmat cage. He pleads for release. (Price: Glimmer1.png999,999)
  • The Midnight Special.jpg The Midnight Special — A convincing (though non-functional) replica of a fabled weapon. (Price: Exotic engram icon1.png20)
  • The Ruckus icon.jpg The Ruckus — An intact seedmind recovered from a Warmind complex on Jupiter. (Price: Seed of light icon1.jpg 5)
  • The Jerky icon.jpg The Jerky — Coordinates to Golden Age salvage collected by the Fallen on Titan. Essential to the Drifter's new Gambit. (Price: Glimmer1.png50,000)
  • The Bad News icon.jpg The Bad News — An encrypted list of nine different coordinates beyond the heliopause. (Price: Fossilized hermaion blossom icon1.png 5)
  • The Good News icon.jpg The Good News — Keys to the personal quarters of a certain Executor in the Last City. (Price: Dark Fragment icon.jpg 500)
  • A Lion icon.jpg A Lion — It's not what it sounds like. (Price: Override Frequency Icon.png 5)


  • A Lion can be bought only with a stack of 5 identical Override Frequencies, but the player can hold only one of them at a time. If the player's inventory is full, the items they are supposed to get are being sent to the Postmaster, which can hold several Frequencies, and the CB.NAV/RUN.()Descent.Cavern.Warsat is the only one that can stack, allowing to buy A Lion. The item does nothing and does not actually go into the player's inventory.

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