The Empty Tank

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The Empty Tank
Location Tangled Shore
Sector Thieves' Landing
Enemy Type Fallen
Bosses Azilis, Dusk Marauder (Marauder)

The Empty Tank is a Lost Sector in Thieves' Landing. It is a Fallen nightclub owned by Azilis, Dusk Marauder and features dance floor and fighting pit.


In Thieves' Landing go right and towards the first building complex. Go up the stairs and you will notice the doors with a lost sector sign. Go inside, and you will come to the Empty Tank, a Fallen bar. Inside, you are going to be attacked by Resilient Wretch, Dregs, Vandals and alike, but all you have to do is kill Servitor to open the next door. Clear out the room and go interact with the nearby console. More ads will keep spawning, with a couple Resilient Captains among them. After they are taken care of, go through the doors and into the dark complex filled with Thralls and War Beasts. Defend yourself and proceed forward till you reach the arena. You will have to clear out few waves of ads before the shields drop and Wretch come swarming in, along with Aziis, Dusk Marauder. Use Super to clear them out and blast Aziis with your heavy weapons. After the fight is done, go up the stairs and right to find the chest of this lost sector.

Additional Information


The entrance to The Empty Tank Lost Sector in Thieves' Landing.
The Empty Tank's dance floor, featuring a DJ Fallen, and a few Fallen brawling.
The DJ booth in The Empty Tank. When activated it opens a door to proceed through the sector.
The final room in The Empty Tank.
Azilia, Dusk Marauder. The boss of The Empty Tank.