Override Frequency (Season 3)

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Override Frequency (Season 3)
Override Frequency Icon.png
Type Consumable
Rarity Rare
Description CB.NAV/RUN.() ...

Override Frequency is a Consumable.

How to Obtain

Used For

  • Unlocks a Sleeper Node somewhere on Mars. The description text following 'CB.NAV/RUN.()' describes the location of this Sleeper Node.
    • For example, the node related to 'CB.NAV/RUN.()Drift.Checkpoint.Elevator' is located in the Glacial Drift, inside the 'checkpoint' building along the railway, near an 'elevator'.
    • Approaching the Sleeper Node, a red glow will appear on-screen and music will become audible to help locate the node.


  • Unlike every other item in the game, Override Frequencies as well as Rasputin Armory Codes lack a category specified underneath the item name.