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Season 15 Ships

See also: Season 15 Ships
Andromeda CourserAndromeda courser icon1.jpgExotic"Humanity tried to settle beyond this solar system in the days before the Collapse. The optimist in me believes we may yet achieve that dream." —Ikora Rey
Archangel's MightArchangel's might icon1.jpgExotic"Seen lots of things calling themselves gods in this universe. They all fall, one way or another." —The Drifter
CenterfireCenterfire icon1.jpgExotic"I still prefer the Eliksni method of scrapworking. But I admit that the Guardians' ships are very… handsome." —Eido, Eliksni Scribe
Junkyard NavigatorJunkyard navigator icon1.jpgExotic"Waste is a Human word, my friend—one that has no Eliksni translation." —The Spider
Nemean GalleyNemean galley icon1.jpgExotic"You should try entering the Trials unarmed some time. A true challenge, the kind that will harden both spirit and bone." —Saint-14
Pragmat HarrierPragmat harrier icon1.jpgExotic"In the Dark Ages, we didn't care if our gear looked crude. Death is crude, and its tools should look the part." —The Drifter
Reefborn WarbirdReefborn warbird icon1.jpgExotic"Fly to the end of existence… and then come back to me." —Queen Mara Sov
Wanderer's WingsWanderer's wings icon1.jpgExoticThere are 31,618 tally marks scratched into the inner plating of this vessel.

Season 14 Ships

See also: Season 14 Ships
Aoki/Faas SL-65Aokifaas sl-65 icon1.jpgExoticDuring the Golden Age, Aoki/Faas astromechanics held the record for the most Formula Sol manufacturer's trophies.
Argentate DuskArgentate dusk icon1.jpgExoticFrom orbit, dusk is just a flight path.
Aureate DawnAureate dawn icon1.jpgExoticFrom orbit, the dawn arrives on command.
Firebreak WardenFirebreak warden icon1.jpgExoticThe Last City still bears scars from the Red War—crumbled buildings, collapsed sewers, and caved-in basement complexes where spelunkers search for disabled Ghost shells.
Forbidden MemoryForbidden memory icon1.jpgExoticLight a candle for those we've lost.
Kosmos LightbeamKosmos lightbeam icon1.jpgExotic"I took a spin in one of those old automobiles once. Fixed it up with Amanda, hauled it to some unbroken road. Wound up stuck in a ditch in 10 seconds. Can't believe they used to race those." —Marcus Ren
Long Haul CruiserLong haul cruiser icon1.jpgExoticThe earliest jump drives of the Golden Age paled in comparison to their modern versions—freight charters to Europa took several days.
M3-D1 ValkyrieM3-d1 valkyrie icon1.jpgExoticMost of the Last City's emergency response vehicles were destroyed during the Red War. The Foundries were contracted to manufacture new fleets in that wake.
Redline TorpedoRedline torpedo icon1.jpgExoticWARNING: Disabling proximity-based automatic dampening (PBAD) can significantly increase the risk of operating the vehicle. Are you sure you wish to proceed?
VaultstriderVaultstrider icon1.jpgExoticAbove Venus, goodness strides…

Season 13 Ships

See also: Season 13 Ships
Celestial KestrelCelestial kestrel icon1.jpgExoticThe brightest constellation is that of Guardians standing together in the dark.
Gigantes CarrierGigantes carrier icon1.jpgExotic"I want this whale stuffed to the gills. Cargo bays, electrical panels, latrines; load it up!" —The Spider
High GravitasHigh gravitas icon1.jpgExotic"That's a clean-looking ride, Guardian. How about we get her scuffed up a little?" —Amanda Holliday
Metropolitan FrigateMetropolitan frigate icon1.jpgExotic"The City is more than safe harbor. It is a home. To understand the difference is to know why we must protect it at all costs." —Commander Zavala
Synchrotron AdvancerSynchrotron advancer icon1.jpgExoticBarriers are meant to be broken.
Taurus RocketeerTaurus rocketeer icon1.jpgExoticMake haste—your greatest work lies ahead.
The FrontrunnerThe frontrunner icon1.jpgExoticNothing but clear skies ahead.
Victory's HeraldVictory's herald icon1.jpgExotic"By the time their scanner pings me, it's already over. No contest." —Marcus Ren
Winds of ChangeWinds of change icon1.jpgExotic"You can't tell the breeze where to blow. All you can do is sit back and see where it takes you." —Amanda Holliday

Season 12 Ships

See also: Season 12 Ships
Atlas HaulerAtlas hauler icon1.jpgExoticWe all carry heavy burdens. Don't carry yours alone.
Halcyon CorvetteHalcyon corvette icon1.jpgExotic"Mars, Venus… this is all just the beginning. The stars are out there, kiddo, waiting for us."

—Unknown speaker, Golden Age audio recording
Heavenly LanceHeavenly lance icon1.jpgExotic"That anger, the need for vengeance… it'll consume you if you let it." —Shaw Han
Last Flight HomeLast flight home icon1.jpgExoticFrom out here, home seems very far away.
Radiant AccipiterRadiant Accipiter icon.jpgExoticA paracausal ship. That's a new one. No navigation system, no controls, no computer on account of it responding directly to your thoughts. Not much to tinker with under the hood. Mostly because… there ain't no hood, neither.—Amanda Holliday
Silverwing KestrelSilverwing kestrel icon1.jpgExoticLook to the sky with hope in your heart.
Stardevil PredatorStardevil predator icon1.jpgExotic"Don't fear the boogeyman. Be the boogeyman." —The Drifter
Starfarer 7MStarfarer 7m icon1.jpgExoticLet no distance come between you.
The Fourth MarkThe fourth mark icon1.jpgExotic"Vengeance isn't a destination, friend. It's a commodity. Make sure you're willing to pay the price before you enter the deal." —The Spider

Season 11 Ships

See also: Season 11 Ships
Callisto LancerCallisto lancer icon1.jpgExoticPierce the sky.
Canopus WingCanopus wing icon1.jpgExoticPeople used to look up and see the shimmer of the stars. Now they see only the darkness between them. The light still shines, though.
CuttleboneCuttlebone icon1.jpgExotic"And of course, the siphuncle is essential. Heh. Siphuncle. What a great word." —Pahanin Errata
EnneagonEnneagon icon1.jpgLegendaryReach beyond your primitive understanding.
Rimskipper SlingRimskipper sling icon1.jpgExotic"They say you can't catch the horizon. Maybe we haven't gone far enough yet." —Tenet-2
SolpiercerSolpiercer icon1.jpgExoticDrowned in shadow from on high, crowned with light to rend the sky.
The PallbearerThe pallbearer icon1.jpgExoticGrave tidings, I'm afraid.
VG-17 Flying FortressVg-17 flying fortress icon1.jpgExoticIgnore their slings and arrows.
VelocimancerVelocimancer icon1.jpgExotic"I see glimpses out there, in the streaking blue stars. Secrets. Truths. If I could just get a little more speed…" —Final log, unknown Golden Age pilot
Wrap SpeedWrap speed icon1.jpgExoticYour sarcophagus among the stars.

Season 10 Ships

See also: Season 10 Ships
Absalom KnifeAbsalom knife icon1.jpgLegendaryThis is the abhorrent truth: to protect some, we must destroy others.
Arrow of TimeArrow of time icon1.jpgExoticWe must continue to move forward, even if it means aiming backward.
KnucklebugKnucklebug icon1.jpgExoticBetter get cracking.
NS81 Reprisal SprintNs81 reprisal sprint icon1.jpgExotic"Hey, hey, don't give up! Everything you ever wanted's on the other side of tomorrow." —Cayde-6
Obsidian WingsObsidian wings icon1.jpgExotic"For the day we're free." —Lord Felwinter
Saint's VocationSaint's vocation icon1.jpgExoticA new chance. A new calling.
Solar SailsSolar sails icon1.jpgExoticIt's going to be a long, cold ride.
TatarstanTatarstan icon1.jpgExotic
Everything is gone.::
Team SpiritTeam spirit icon1.jpgExotic"No Guardian works alone." —Commander Zavala
The UnderdogThe underdog icon1.jpgExoticKicked, starved, or scorned, I always get up. I always go on.
Waking NightmareWaking nightmare icon1.jpgExotic"As Darkness approaches, my vision grows clearer." —Eris Morn

Season 9 Ships

See also: Season 9 Ships
Amnestia-S2Amnestia-s2 icon1.jpgExotic"The Dawning welcomes everyone." —Eva Levante
Bright SpiritsBright spirits icon1.jpgLegendaryAlways looking forward.
Chrysopelea-SChrysopelea-s icon1.jpgExoticOut of the grass. Into the sky.
Saint's InvocationSaint's invocation icon1.jpgExotic"Find tranquility in the reprieve" —Saint-14
Sleepless FlightSleepless flight icon1.jpgExotic"We want people to be able to sleep easy, and that means we can't sleep at all. It's a responsibility I accepted a long time ago." —Abdi
Tachyon-4Tachyon-4 icon1.jpgExoticFaster than the fastest.
The ProdThe prod icon1.jpgExotic"It'll get you moving." —Tex 99-40

Season 8 Ships

See also: Season 8 Ships
Arbitrage LXIArbitrage lxi icon1.jpgExoticRace low. Feint high.
Arcadia-Class JumpshipArcadia-class jumpship icon1.jpgUncommonArcadians were the most common jumpships during the Golden Age, used for both terrestrial and planetary excursions. Their remains have been reported around most Earth-based space ports.
Bane of TyrantsBane of Tyrants icon1.jpgLegendaryShake the yoke and ready the pillory.
Flying FoundryFlying foundry icon1.jpgLegendaryBroken bones mend strong.
Nephilim ToasterNephilim toaster icon1.jpgExoticOne rung closer to heaven.
Never Live It DownNever live it down icon1.jpgExotic"You think I can't fly a ship into the Black Garden?" —Yardarm-4, the Kentarch 3
Quality CutQuality cut icon1.jpgExotic"Fate is a scythe." —Idil Abdi
Refashioned ShapesRefashioned shapes icon1.jpgExotic"Recovery is a spiral, not a circle. You may return to the same patterns, but you will break free." —Eris Morn
Spear of the ForeSpear of the fore icon1.jpgLegendaryHolding the line at the bleeding edge.
The DesmodusThe desmodus icon1.jpgExoticI fly on silent wings, blood-bound.
The MachinoformThe machinoform icon1.jpgExoticOnly one model of reality will endure.
The Third TideThe third tide icon1.jpgLegendaryConflict ebbs. Conflict flows.
Unwilling Revolt 00-ZUnwilling revolt 00-z icon1.jpgExoticConsent divides migration from exile.

Season 7 Ships

See also: Season 7 Ships
Aeshnidae Fixed-WingAeshnidae fixed-wing icon1.jpgExoticNow high. Now low.
Bayle's AerodyneBayle's aerodyne icon1.jpgExotic"I believe the Cabal are a more credible threat to humanity's continued existence than any other currently facing our solar system." —Bayle, Holborn's Host
Chela-NChela-n icon1.jpgExoticIn time, small wedges cleave the hardest oak.
ProteusProteus icon1.jpgExoticAn experimental submersible designed for ad-hoc miniaturization. No successful trials to date, owing to the continued realities of quantum mechanics.
Solstice HymnalSolstice hymnal icon1.jpgLegendaryWarriors of peace who yet bear swords.
Summertide KiteSummertide kite icon1.jpgExoticDespite everything, the sun shines on.
The Emperor's ChosenThe emperor's chosen icon1.jpgLegendaryAll will be eclipsed by your glory.
The OviraptorThe oviraptor icon1.jpgExoticKeep your precious cargo close to your heart.
Transpose JT-24-XTranspose jt-24-x icon1.jpgExoticLook at your problems from another perspective.
Woomera B-5Woomera b-5 icon1.jpgExoticA flying wing favored by the Fighting Dharug, a group of Warlocks who hold the Hawkesbury Sea.

Season 6 Ships

See also: Season 6 Ships
Black PeregrineBlack peregrine icon1.jpgExoticI am the needle that threads the fabric of time.
Bombos-CERBombos-cer icon1.jpgLegendaryBring life and new ideas with you wherever you go.
Broadcast-ISBroadcast-is icon1.jpgLegendaryA Häkke Vimana class refit, preferred by satcomm technicians.
Carouse-CERCarouse-cer icon1.jpgLegendaryA Häkke Vimana class refit, painted for Revelry festivities in the Last City.
Congregate-ISCongregate-is icon1.jpgLegendaryA Häkke Vimana class refit, repurposed for civilian transport to and from the Last City during the Revelry.
DSV-Huygens IXDsv-huygens ix icon1.jpgLegendaryNautilus-class aerosub, designed for seamless transition between methane submersion and low-atmosphere flight on Titan.
Egbe-01XEgbe-01x icon1.jpgLegendary"Strike the flock from the sky." —Nkechi-32
Equatorial EquilibriumEquatorial equilibrium icon1.jpgLegendaryThe period of time during which day and night are the same around a planetary body.
HolacanthusHolacanthus icon1.jpgLegendaryWarn away predators of the Reef.
Ignition-CERIgnition-cer icon1.jpgLegendaryA Häkke Vimana class refit, with custom paint for Dawning lantern lighting celebrations.
Monument-CERMonument-cer icon1.jpgLegendaryA Häkke Vimana class refit, with custom paint for Solstice parades.
Reclaimer-ISReclaimer-is icon1.jpgLegendaryA Häkke Vimana class refit, favored by inner-system scrappers.
SCRAP CF-717-91Scrap cf-717-91 icon1.jpgExoticRefurbished salvage recovered from the ruins of the original Tower.
SCRAP MS-123-88Scrap ms-123-88 icon1.jpgLegendarySalvage recovered from the Valley of the Kings, Mars.
Safe PassageSafe passage icon1.jpgLegendaryEcho-class refit. Experimental tech for AI-manned civilian transport.
Skulking FoxSkulking fox icon1.jpgExoticI am the scavenger who will outrun you all.
The MayflyThe mayfly icon1.jpgExoticHere and then gone.
Threat DisplayThreat display icon1.jpgExoticI do not need to hide.
Vimana-SVimana-s icon1.jpgLegendaryAgain descend they from the seat of Orders.
Volk-CERVolk-cer icon1.jpgLegendaryA Häkke Vimana class refit, painted in honor of the Iron Banner.
Wander-CERWander-cer icon1.jpgLegendaryA gift from the Guardians of the Tower to Suraya Hawthorne during the inaugural Revelry.
Wassail-CERWassail-cer icon1.jpgLegendaryA Häkke Vimana class refit, painted for Revelry festivities in the Last City.

Season 5 Ships

See also: Season 5 Ships
Ada-1's Lone WolfAda-1s lone wolf icon1.jpgExotic"It's an old-fashioned oxymoron. There is no such thing. But, you must admit, there is something charming about old fashions-¦" -Ada-1
Aerial ShroudAerial shroud icon1.jpgExoticA reminder of our mortality, streaking through the cosmos.
Affinity's GiftAffinitys gift icon1.jpgLegendaryAs you give so shall you receive.
Azul BladeAzul blade icon1.jpgLegendaryThe deepest blues and blacks you ever saw.
Bird of PeaceBird of peace icon1.jpgLegendaryThere is joy in flight.
Buckthorn ApproachBuckthorn approach icon1.jpgLegendary"It may look like a big creepy face soarin' through the stars, but don't you worry. It'll fly true." -Amanda Holliday
Cautious OptimismCautious optimism icon1.jpgLegendaryEverything is always getting better.
Celestial TourCelestial tour icon1.jpgLegendaryWhen you reach the farthest star, keep going.
Classical NovaClassical nova icon1.jpgLegendaryNew stars burn brightest.
Cold SnapCold snap icon1.jpgLegendaryThe air's a little colder, a little cleaner up here.
Cosmo JumperCosmo jumper icon1.jpgLegendarySkipping through galaxies like a stone.
Crux UnraveledCrux unraveled icon1.jpgLegendaryLet old wounds heal.
Dream StreakDream streak icon1.jpgLegendaryNothing's going to stop us now.
Flight of FancyFlight of fancy icon1.jpgLegendaryLose yourself among the stars.
Forgotten VortexForgotten vortex icon1.jpgLegendaryWhat's lost is not always forgotten.
Galaxy KayakGalaxy kayak icon1.jpgLegendaryFor when you're paddling upriver in a stream of stars.
Glad TidingsGlad tidings icon1.jpgExotic"This may be the 'Last Safe City,' but we've still gotta look out for each other." -Suraya Hawthorne
Granite BurrowGranite burrow icon1.jpgLegendaryA force that could move the earth.
Grim FoxxGrim foxx icon1.jpgLegendaryThey'll never see me coming.
Home AwayHome away icon1.jpgExoticWe celebrate the Dawning no matter what's under our feet.
In With the NewIn with the new icon1.jpgLegendaryThis year, go somewhere you've never been.
Infected SeekerInfected seeker icon1.jpgExoticBy the time you've seen it, it's already too late.
Inky DaydreamInky daydream icon1.jpgLegendaryWhat could have been?
Momentum OccasionMomentum occasion icon1.jpgLegendaryYou'll be talking about it for years to come.
MurmurationMurmuration icon1.jpgLegendaryNone of us fly alone.
Ruby SliceRuby slice icon1.jpgLegendarySharp like your mind.
Stained ShrapnelStained shrapnel icon1.jpgLegendaryNone of it found purchase anywhere, save the ground and sky.
Stronger Than NowStronger than now icon1.jpgLegendaryAnd again, and again, and again.
Technical MeltdownTechnical meltdown icon1.jpgLegendaryA quick escape when it all falls apart.
The First DominoThe first domino icon1.jpgLegendaryIt was over before anyone even noticed.
The People's PrideThe peoples pride icon1.jpgLegendaryOur hearts swell with every victory.
The Platinum StarlingThe platinum starling icon1.jpgExoticPower, grace, tradition.
Three to EightThree to eight icon1.jpgLegendaryWhen it happens to you, it will change everything.
Turbo HammerTurbo hammer icon1.jpgLegendaryCan't slow down.
Uncrowned ProgenitorUncrowned progenitor icon1.jpgLegendaryThere was no relation to the three other models. It was best for all four.
Unsecured/OUTCRYUnsecuredoutcry icon1.jpgExoticCOMPILING latest [θ] intelligence... Insufficient justification to pursue present action...
Whetted ResolutionWhetted resolution icon1.jpgLegendaryLet renewed purpose guide your trajectory.
Xenon DirectXenon direct icon1.jpgLegendaryHe squinted and it was gone-¦ but she swore it never moved.
Ódrerirӓdrerir icon1.jpgExotic"Kinsmen to kinsmen should be true." -”The Saga of Olaf Haraldson

Season 4 Ships

Ship Rarity Image Description
Jadewyrm XLIV Legendary Jadewyrm XLIV1.jpg Justice turns when we least expect it.
Currus Gloriae XLII Legendary Currus Gloriae XLII1.jpg Crossing skies and chasing suns.
Rotaro 33 Legendary Rotaro 331.jpg The future spins toward you.
Trirang Tox Legendary Trirang Tox1.jpg Rising again and again across the field.
Shade at the Gates Legendary Shade at the Gates1.jpg I swear it spoke to me and shone to guide the way.
Stark Baffler Exotic Stark Baffler1.jpg Sleek and confounding.
Zavala's Authority Exotic Zavala's Authority1.jpg When it moves, it's a ribbon of violet moonlight.
The Ruinous Flame Legendary The Ruinous Flame1.jpg Fly fast and burn brightly.
Lost Legend Exotic Lost Legend1.jpg A BrayTech Model X-JY5438 (refurbished).
Shadow Trespass Exotic Shadow Trespass1.jpg Dampened hulls help avoid detection.
Ampulance LXXX Legendary Ampulance LXXX1.jpg Sealing and delivering salvation and death in equal measure.
Vor Pyl VIII Legendary Vor Pyl VIII1.jpg The interstellar blade that goes snicker-snack.
Dusk Harrier Legendary Dusk Harrier1.jpg It doesn't need talons to be the most dangerous thing in the sky.
Kolla Mauler IX Legendary Kolla Mauler IX1.jpg Bringing inexorable justice from across the system.
Pitfall Souter E5D Legendary Pitfall Souter E5D1.jpg Ready for anything but quicksand.
Burningbrite Tyger Legendary Burningbrite Tyger1.jpg The immortal hand and eye.
Hook Snarler Legendary Hook Snarler1.jpg The curved fang can be the worst.
Lang Syne Revenant Legendary Lang Syne Revenant1.jpg The old ways can return.
A Thousand Wings Exotic A Thousand Wings1.jpg Extinguish the stars. Devour the planets. Soar through a universe of utter dark.
Thunderwing Legendary Thunderwing1.jpg Now we're getting somewhere. Welcome to the next step.
Estival Excursion Exotic Estival Excursion1.jpg Returning home is never as fast as you want it to be.
Ermine TAC-717 Legendary Ermine TAC-7171.jpg Rebuilt from blueprints carried into this system from a lost singularity.
Pallas Galliot Legendary Pallas Galliot1.jpg Nimble Reefcraft built for navigating asteroid fields.
Stellar Pavements Legendary Stellar Pavements1.jpg Go where the roads won't take you.
Impolite Company Legendary Impolite Company1.jpg "I've been called a lot of things, but so help me, 'polite' will never be one of them." —Cayde-6
Temperance Moon Legendary Temperance Moon1.jpg "Flying is like releasing a breath I didn't know I was holding." —Amanda Holliday
Upward Spiral Legendary Upward Spiral1.jpg "Nowhere but up!" —Marcus Ren
Beautiful Gravities Legendary Beautiful Gravities1.jpg "The weight of the worlds. That's what they used to say." —Quantis Rhee
Where Stars Collide Legendary Where Stars Collide1.jpg "Have you ever watched a star breathe its last breath?"
Bicameral Promise Legendary Bicameral Promise1.jpg My dreams are carved into stone.
Last Sunset Legendary Last Sunset1.jpg See that it never comes.
Quantum Cartographer Legendary Quantum Cartographer1.jpg "It is our task to chart the secret places of the universe."
In Medias Res Legendary In Medias Res1.jpg "That's where I like to be."
Drift Apart Legendary Drift Apart1.jpg "Smoke. Leaves. Friends. Thoughts. Lives. Dust. Don't even try to hold on." —The Drifter
The Tall Tale Exotic The Tall Tale1.jpg "Every story is true if you tell it right." —Andal Brask
Unfinal Shapes Exotic Unfinal Shapes1.jpg "Mine is not a final shape. She showed me that." –Eris Morn
Death to Kells Exotic Death to Kells1.jpg What is a Kell to a Spider?
Aeviternal XXII Exotic Aeviternal XXII1.jpg A remarkably preserved Golden Age pattern recovered from the excavation in Hellas Basin.
Astera Blade Legendary Astera Blade1.jpg A ship built for legends.
Tickled Catastrophe Legendary Tickled Catastrophe1.jpg Better watch out.
Jewel of Saturn Legendary Jewel of Saturn1.jpg An advanced retrofit custom-made by Amanda Holliday.
The Great Beyond Legendary The Great Beyond1.jpg "The undiscovered country from whose bourn no traveller returns… until now."
Queen of Hearts Exotic Queen of Hearts1.jpg "She wore hers on her sleeve. Had mine in the palm of her hand." —Cayde-6

Warmind Ships

Ship Rarity Image Description

Curse of Osiris Ships

See also: Curse of Osiris Ships
Ship Rarity Image Description
Distant Pulsar Legendary Distant Pulsar1.jpg "This place is just the beginning. More dazzling sights await us." —Dead Orbit slogan
Iron Pendragon Legendary Iron Pendragon1.jpg "We didn't choose to become Light bearers. But we do choose to be Guardians." —Lady Perun
Leonine Carrack Legendary Leonine Carrack1.jpg "The roaring engines tell of the coming monarch. Let everyone hear!" —New Monarchy declaration
Bonegrip Legendary Bonegrip1.jpg "Let the enemy come, or let us go to them; it makes no difference." —Future War Cult rallying cry
Sails of Osiris Exotic Sails of Osiris1.jpg "When eyes are clear, justice need not be blind." —Fractal Scrolls
Saint-14's Gray Pigeon Exotic Saint-14's Gray Pigeon1.jpg "The name? Pigeons are the only birds left in the City sky. One of the many 'last things' we fight for. If you have a problem with that, we could step into the Crucible." —Saint-14
Kabr's Glass Aegis Exotic Kabr's Glass Aegis1.jpg Kabr stopped them in the Vault of Glass, but what did he start?
Asher Mir's One-Way Ticket Exotic Asher Mir's One-Way Ticket1.jpg "It is possible to mathematically predict the cadence of death and resurrection in every firefight, regardless of combatant composition." —Asher Mir
Ikora's Resolve Exotic Ikora's Resolve1.jpg "I'd tell my younger self, 'There will be plenty of time to settle down. For now, enjoy the ride.'" —Ikora Rey
The Sundaresh Experiment 13-R Exotic The Sundaresh Experiment 13-R1.jpg Ishtar Collective research led to places unexpected, unexplored, and in some cases unsanctioned.
Armcoat Legendary Armcoat1.jpg We bear a story that will be told a thousand times.
Sailing Shield Legendary Sailing Shield1.jpg Hear the thunder far off? It's us. It's always us.
Rubente Dextra Legendary Rubente Dextra1.jpg "Enough of snow and hail at last

The sire has sent in vengeance down…" —Horace

Nebula Bloom Legendary Nebula Bloom1.jpg Out of disaster we see spirits rise, again and again.
Edge of the Worlds Legendary Edge of the Worlds1.jpg Go beyond.
Andromeda Gleaming Legendary Andromeda Gleaming1.jpg Race the stars and see them shrink away.
Galactic Hum Legendary Galactic Hum1.jpg Can you hear it?
Star Scion Legendary Star Scion1.jpg "No, we don't explore. We win back, and find more." —Callisto Yin
Dragonquin Legendary Dragonquin1.jpg Joy is up to you—take it and fly.
Arrowhawk Legendary Arrowhawk1.jpg Let the darkness hear a fierce, screaming cry.
Antonio Legendary Antonio1.jpg "Well, tell me now what lady is the same to whom you swore a secret pilgrimage?" —Shakespeare
Runereed Legendary Runereed1.jpg Like the man said: straighten up and fly right.
Wanderlonging Legendary Wanderlonging1.jpg A homesickness for the places you've never been.
Infinite Visage Legendary Infinite Visage1.jpg Out on the far edges, where edges never end.
Mainsail Royal Legendary Mainsail Royal1.jpg Justice flies before us.
Bassanio Legendary Bassanio1.jpg "In my school days, when I had lost one shaft, I shot his fellow of the selfsame flight." —Shakespeare
Spun Sidhe Legendary Spun Sidhe1.jpg They look for this ship. They know it.
Neverfall Legendary Neverfall1.jpg As long as blood flows in these veins, she will fly.
Hardtop Regent Legendary Hardtop Regent1.jpg When they say run, we say bring it on.
Amethystine Legendary Amethystine1.jpg "Finest in the solar system, sir. A shining bloom."
Fantail Regent Legendary Fantail Regent1.jpg What bears us aloft? Is it power? No. Spirit alone.

Vanilla Ships

Ship Rarity Image Description
Nothing Gold Legendary Nothing Gold1.jpg Glamour and style for a Guardian on the move.
BreakPoint Legendary BreakPoint1.jpg An Echo-class refit designed by SRL legend Marcus Ren.
City Apex Legendary City Apex1.jpg “When the people see your ship in the sky, they will know that they are safe.” —The Speaker
Echo Zero Common Echo Zero1.jpg A standard issue, Echo-class jumpship. Perfect for racers and daredevils.
Vector Zero Common Vector Zero1.jpg A standard issue, Vector-class jumpship. Perfect for racers and daredevils.
Shadowed Dawn Legendary Shadowed Dawn1.jpg An Echo-class refit designed by SRL legend Cron-8.
Eriana's Vengeance Exotic Eriana's Vengeance1.jpg "Wei… I will see you again. But first… I have work to do." —Eriana-3, before entering the Hellmouth
Cardinal One Legendary Cardinal One1.jpg An Echo-class refit designed for one thing: speed.
Talon Blue Legendary Talon Blue1.jpg Echo-class refit. Somewhere between blue sky and black space.
Helios Strain Legendary Helios Strain1.jpg A Vector-class refit designed for near-solar exploration.
Starling Bolt Legendary Starling Bolt1.jpg A Vector-class refit designed by SRL legend Tyla Sola.
Leopard Zero Common Leopard Zero1.jpg A standard issue, Leopard-class jumpship. Perfect for warriors and commanders.
Minerva Zero Common Minerva Zero1.jpg A standard issue, Minerva-class jumpship. Perfect for warriors and commanders.
Zenith SV Legendary Zenith SV1.jpg The thin line between us and them.
Leonid MV Legendary Leonid MV1.jpg Minerva-class refit. Break any storm that finds you.
Space-Age Lancelot Legendary Space-Age Lancelot1.jpg Tonight, we ride.
Eos Rapture Legendary Eos Rapture1.jpg A Minerva-class refit commemorating the legendary Warlock Tinasha-3, known to her peers in the Iron Banner as Ashraven.
Spectral Gain Legendary Spectral Gain1.jpg Leopard-class refit. Follow the rainbow.
The Bandwagon Exotic The Bandwagon1.jpg "Because a group of coyotes is a band!" —Therin Vai

"I refuse to call it that."—Nadiya

High Line Legendary High Line1.jpg The right vantage means everything.
Verona Mesh Legendary Verona Mesh1.jpg Make a pastime of each wary step.
Amplitude/PT Legendary AmplitudePT1.jpg Nothing exists which can't be broken down into constituent parts.
Cartesian/KO Legendary CartesianKO1.jpg Odyssey-class refit. Someday it'll all make sense.
Takanome Wings Exotic Takanome Wings1.jpg "Follow the blue flowers to the City. And know that even if the planter is dead, they still watch over you." —Ayane Takanome
Absolute/MN Legendary AbsoluteMN1.jpg Odyssey-class refit. Better than the sum of its parts.
Captain Nemo Legendary Captain Nemo1.jpg Nobody ventured farther.
Alexandria Legendary Alexandria1.jpg Light a torch for the wanderers, that they may find their way back.
Dead Fall Legendary Dead Fall1.jpg The engines on this Nautilus-class retrofit were pulled from a much larger craft.  Maximum thrust is not recommended.
Sojourner Legendary Sojourner1.jpg Retrofitted Nautilus-class for long jaunts from Earth… or farther, if you decide to never come home again.
Nautilus Zero Common Nautilus Zero1.jpg A standard issue, Nautilus-class jumpship. Perfect for explorers and wanderers.
Odyssey Zero Common Odyssey Zero1.jpg A standard issue, Odyssey-class jumpship. Perfect for explorers and wanderers.
Ego and Squid Exotic Ego and Squid1.jpg Pahanin was a Hunter, satirist, travel-writer, and renowned cephalopod enthusiast.
Ordinate/VD Legendary OrdinateVD1.jpg Odyssey-class refit. All points could converge to one.
Alessa Legendary Alessa1.jpg Defend every corner.
Imprint Legendary Imprint1.jpg A Vector-class refit with experimental subspace engines.
Symmetry Flight Exotic Symmetry Flight1.jpg "To have Light, we must have Dark. This is the symmetry of the Universe." —Controversial Warlock Ulan-Tan
Tidal Dawn Legendary Tidal Dawn1.jpg Leopard-class refit. Consider this a wake-up call.
Rose and Bone Exotic Rose and Bone1.jpg In his strong hand the man held a Rose. And his aura burned bright.
Wanderwing Common Wanderwing1.jpg Hawthorne gave you this old, heavily refurbished jumpship. Not moddable.

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