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Nightfall Strikes are more difficult versions of regular Strikes. In these Strikes, players face more powerful enemies but are rewarded with better loot. One of the strikes will become the Nightfall Strike every week. It will also have 2 Modifiers that changes every week.

There are two difficulties of Nightfall Strikes:

  • Normal difficulty, with a Recommended Power of 270, merely presents a tougher version of the normal Strike.
  • Prestige difficulty, with a Recommended Power of 330, not only presents a tougher version of the normal Strike, but allows players to increase difficulty (and score gain) further using a Nightfall Challenge card.

Nightfall Strike Scoring

During any Nightfall Strike, the fireteam can accumulate score primarily by killing enemies and generating Orbs of Light. Score is earned at normal rates only for the first 15 minutes - between 15 and 18 minutes, score is earned at half the usual rate, and after 18 minutes, no more score can be earned. Score continually bleeds over time until the activity's end (or until it is reduced to 0).

Once the Nightfall Strike has been completed, the fireteam will find their final score on the results screen. If this score is higher than a fireteam member's previous high score for a particular Nightfall Strike, it will become that person's new high score. If a fireteam member has not yet recorded a score for a particular Nightfall Strike, they will also be awarded with that strike's Nightfall Emblem, allowing them to check their current high score by inspecting the emblem.

Nightfall Strike Weekly Milestone

Nightfall is a PvE Weekly Milestone. Players can complete it to acquire Luminous Engram rewards.


Given by Commander Zavala after completing 2 Strikes and reaching 260 Power

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