A Garden World (Strike)

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Glass and Time icon.png This page describes content which is not available in the game.
"A Garden World (Strike)" was moved into the Destiny Content Vault in Beyond Light season icon.pngBeyond Light.
A Garden World
A garden world banner labeled.png
Location Mercury
Players 1-3
Power 750
Expansion Curse of Osiris season icon.pngCurse of Osiris
Enemies Vex
Boss Dendron, Root Mind (Cyclops)
Description Help Osiris cut back an out-of-control Vex Mind.

A Garden World is a strike located on Mercury.


Enemies Encountered



The Lighthouse

Follow your waypoint towards the Infinite Forest where you will encounter Vex and Cabal forces fighting each other. You can ignore the incoming Goblins and just take the portal behind their back.

Infinite Forest

Follow the path and eliminate incoming Goblins and a Quantum Cyclops. The path forward will generate, so fight through an incoming wave of Legionaries and activate the doors straight ahead. At some point, you will be attacked by War Beasts. You can clear them up or jump on the ledge on your right to take the shortcut to the next doors. Go ahead, jump on the elevator and unlock the last part of the passage. You will be attacked by a wave of Quantum Cyclops and Goblins, so use nearby pillars as protection or move swiftly. Once you are done, take the next gate to enter into Mercury's past.

Simulant Past

Although enemies here look a bit different, their attacks are virtually identical. Engage nearby Legionaries and Goblins, then proceed forward. Follow the waypoint and use Vex cannons to go from one platform to the next. Clear out Honored Legionaries and go to your right. You will find a hemispherical barrier and a Hydra. Take care of it and enter the barrier to destroy the black module inside. This will reveal the next part of the path. Go right and catapult yourself with the Vex cannon. Push through the wave of Goblins and you will get to a Shielded Minotaur. Destroy the conflux to drop its shield and hit it with full force. Deactivate the next module on the left and drop down to the cave.

Clean out the wave of Legionaries, Hobgoblins, and Harpies. Push up the stairs and disable another 2 modules. You will be greeted by an Incendior and a Shielded Minotaur. Defeat them, then take the path behind you to the Vex cannon and catapult yourself towards the floating spire.

Gardener's Spire

Proceed carefully, as the Spire is crawling with Vex and Cabal. Take the Harpies out first and use the nearby protection in combat. Alternatively, you can just speedrun this part and focus on getting to cannons and destroying modules. Eventually, you will get to the top of the Spire where you will encounter several inactive Minotaurs and Dendron, Root Mind. Destroy the last module and get ready for the fight.

Dendron, Root Mind

Dendron will keep circling the arena and firing at you with its Chronology Rifle and Time Distortion projectiles. It also has a wave attack that will one-shot you, so keep moving at all times while shooting it in the eye. You can also use walls for cover, just remember that they will keep shifting their positions throughout the fight.

After some time, it will summon an impenetrable shield. When that happens, locate and destroy the module. This will activate a nearby Minotaur, so deal with it while also being aware of Dendron's position at all times. Once the Minotaur is down, Dendron will become vulnerable once again, so just keep on blasting it with everything you've got. Rinse and repeat this process until it is done.


The Nightfall version of this strike has a chance to drop Universal Wavefunction.

Universal wavefunction icon1.jpg Universal Wavefunction

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