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See Sever (Activity).
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Sever is a text-center Strand debuff.


The target's connections to the world around them are cut, and their outgoing damage is significantly reduced.

Severed targets unwind into a Tangle when defeated.



These effects cause enemies to become severed.

Berserker (Titan)

Super Abilities

  • text-center Bladefury — [Light Attack]: Perform a leaping slash towards nearby targets, severing them on hit and dealing bonus damage to suspended targets. Each successful hit briefly increases your attack speed and grants energy for your heavy attack.


  • text-center Frenzied Blade — Activate your charged melee ability to dash forward, slashing at targets in front of you and severing them.

Threadrunner (Hunter)


  • text-center Threaded Spike — Throw a rope dart that bounces between targets, damaging and severing them. The dart will return to you once it's done, returning melee energy to you for each target hit. Press [Melee] just as the dart gets back to you to catch it and increase the amount of energy returned.

Strand Fragments


These items synergize with severing effects.

Strand Fragments