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Sever is an activity introduced in the Season of the Haunted. It is a series of missions that follow the seasonal story. They take place on the Derelict Leviathan, and have players working to deal with the Nightmares haunting Crow, Commander Zavala, and Empress Caiatl. Players will need to progress through the Bound in Sorrow quest to unlock new missions. Missions are initially time-gated, unlocking weekly as the season and quest progresses.

Calus Bobbleheads and Calus Automatons can be found in these missions.


Players will move through the underbelly of the Derelict Leviathan, placing Ritual Amplifiers. They will mainly encounter Scorn and Cabal enemies, including Nightmares. This culminates in the severance ritual, where the player will fight a Nightmare boss. An Avaricious Treasurer enemy will also appear during every boss fight, granting additional minor rewards when killed.

Puzzle mechanics that appear in these missions were previously seen in the Presage mission in the Season of the Chosen. This includes shooting electric fuses, pulling levers, and shooting Egregore spores to pass through forcefields. The Wrench relic also makes several appearances.



Opening the chest at the end of a Sever mission rewards text-centerGlimmer, Crown Influence reputation, and Haunted armor. If the player has a Bound Presence icon.jpg Bound Presence, it will be consumed when the chest is opened. This will reward a Haunted weapon and Opulent Umbral Energy icon.jpg Opulent Umbral Energy, in addition to the regular rewards.


The following Haunted armor items can be rewarded when opening a Sever chest.


The following Haunted weapons can be rewarded when consuming a Bound Presence icon.jpg Bound Presence at a Sever chest. They can drop with Deepsight Resonance, and can be Shaped.

Firefright icon1.jpg Kinetic Firefright
Primary ammo Auto Rifle
Tears of contrition icon1.jpg Kinetic Tears of Contrition
Primary ammo Scout Rifle
Hollow denial icon1.jpg Void Hollow Denial
Special ammo Trace Rifle

Nezarec's whisper icon1.jpg Arc Nezarec's Whisper
Special ammo Glaive
Without remorse icon1.jpg Solar Without Remorse
Special ammo Shotgun
Bump in the night icon1.jpg Stasis Bump in the Night
Heavy ammo Rocket Launcher


The following Crown of Sorrow upgrades can affect the rewards obtained from Sever:

  • text-center Sever Boss High Stat: The first time you complete Sever each week, you are guaranteed a high-stat piece of armor.
  • text-center Treasurer Bonus Rewards: The first time you defeat an Avaricious Treasurer each week, it drops additional rewards.
  • text-center Sever Deepsight: The first time you redeem a Bound Presence icon.jpg Bound Presence each week, you are guaranteed a Deepsight modded Haunted weapon.
  • text-center Umbral Rift: The first time you redeem a Bound Presence each week, you are rewarded additional Opulent Umbral Energy icon.jpg Opulent Umbral Energy.