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Nightmares are an enemy type introduced in Shadowkeep. They are manifestations of trauma that can take the form of various enemies and bosses. The presence of Nightmares in an area is often hinted at by ghostly humanoid shades floating around nearby. So far, all enemy races except Taken have appeared as Nightmares.

Nightmares are almost exclusively found on the Moon. With their first appearance in Shadowkeep, Nightmares were added to certain Lost Sectors in the EDZ and on Nessus. They later appeared on the Derelict Leviathan, introduced in the Season of the Haunted.


Nightmare enemies can be identified by a reddish aura, as well as the word "Nightmare" in their name. They are usually tankier than normal enemies. When a Nightmare is killed, it drops an orb that rolls on the ground. If the orb is collected, it provides the Unstable Essence buff for 15 seconds. This buff increases the player's damage dealt to Nightmares for the duration. Nightmares can also randomly drop Phantasmal Fragment icon.jpg Phantasmal Fragments when defeated.

A Nightmare boss will usually become invulnerable when enough damage is dealt to it, indicated by a dark red aura enveloping its model. Removing its immunity usually requires killing certain enemies, completing an objective, or destroying objects that appear.





Derelict Leviathan