K1 Crew Quarters

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K1 Crew Quarters
K1 Crew Quarters.jpg
Location Moon
Sector Hellmouth
Enemy Type Fallen
Bosses Nightmare of Reyiks, Actuator (Heavy Shank)

K1 Crew Quarters is a Lost Sector in Hellmouth.


Note: Champions spawn only in Legend and Master Lost Sectors.

Descend into the cave and clear out Dregs, Vandals, and an Overload Captain. Head left and clear out Shanks to drop the barrier. Use the nearby rocks as protection, as Marauders will start swarming in. To proceed, you will have to defeat a Barrier Servitor while also keeping your distance from the Exploding Shanks. Another Captain will wait ahead. Go to the top and jump on the cliff to your right. You will be swarmed by adds and another Barrier Servitor.

Nightmare of Reyiks, Actuator spawns when the Champion is defeated. At some points during the fight, Reyiks will become immune. Defeat all Nightmare enemies to be able to damage the boss again.

The Journey icon.jpg The Journey — Pathfinder

There is a puzzle at the end of this Lost Sector, after the reward chest, it has to be solved for The Journey quest. The puzzle consists of 9 Hive runes in a 3x3 grid. Shooting a rune changes all runes in the same row and column to the next rune in sequence. There is one rune above the puzzle, it cannot be changed. The player has to change all runes in the grid to match the one above it. Solving the puzzle spawns a chest with a Path Fragment quest item.

The solution to Hellmouth Path Fragment puzzle is:

  1. Top left
  2. Top left
  3. Top right
  4. Middle left
  5. Middle left
  6. Middle left
  7. Middle (center)
  8. Bottom middle

The grid resets along with the Lost Sector, when all players in a fireteam leave it and then come back.


Clearing this Lost Sector solo on Legend or Master difficulty may reward the player with a piece of Exotic armor and Enhancement Cores.

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