The Rift

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The Rift
Location Nessus
Sector Exodus Black
Enemy Type Fallen
Bosses Tattered Dusk Captain
The Rift is a Lost Sector in Exodus Black.


Jump straight down and go across the small pond. On one container on your left, you will notice the sign for the lost sector. Jump across it and go through the small crack in the wall. Go left and keep following the path till you reach The Rift.

You will be swarmed by Dregs, Vandals, and Servitors, so clear them out quickly. Keep following the path and jump to the other side of the chasm. Here, you will be attacked by a bunch of Shanks, guided by a Tattered Dusk Captain. Hit him with a few rockets and he should fall down quickly. Continue moving up, eliminating Nightmare Shank and Fallen adds. The chest will be located on the platform on the furthest part of the map.

Additional Information

This lost sector used to be named The Void. It is unknown when it was changed to The Rift. Talas' name was changed to 'Tattered Dusk Captain' along with the Forsaken Wanted Enemy update.


The entrance to The Rift Lost Sector in The Exodus Black.
The final room in The Rift.
Talas, Dusk Captain. The boss of The Rift.