The Carrion Pit

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The Carrion Pit
Location Nessus
Sector Glade of Echoes
Enemy Type Fallen
Bosses Nariks Reborn (Servitor)
The Carrion Pit is a Lost Sector in Glade of Echoes.


From Exodus Black, summon the sparrow, drop down, and take a left turn. Head through the broken tunnel, and you will come to the Glade of Echoes. From there, take your right and move down, till you notice the lost sign sector engraved on the stone on your left. Go in, and then right, descending deeper into the underground bunker until you reach The Carrion Pit.

Clear out the Shanks and nearby Vandals, before focusing on the Heavy Shank. Move up eliminating ads and taking cover as needed. On the upper level, you will find Dreg and a Nariks Reborn Servitor. Use your Super to quickly decimate them and clear out the nearby Fallen before clearing out the chest on the top of the platform.

Additional Information


The entrance to The Carrion Pit Lost Sector in Glade of Echoes.
An alternative entrance to The Carrion Pit.
The final room in The Carrion Pit.
Nariks Reborn. The boss of The Carrion Pit.