Flooded Chasm

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Flooded Chasm
Location EDZ
Sector The Gulch
Enemy Type Cabal, Fallen
Bosses Phyzann, Drowned Captain (Captain)
Notes has an entrance/exit into Cove
Flooded Chasm is a Lost Sector in The Gulch.


The entrance is located on the far north side of the Gulch. Head on behind the mark for the lost sector and into the cave complex till you reach the Flooded Chasm. Clear out nearby Phalanxs, Centurions, Psions, Shanks, and Legionaries by using nearby rocks as a cover. Soon Phyzann, Drowned will emerge, along with more ads. It's best to first focus on thinning them down before activating your Super and going for the boss, as he will teleport constantly. The chest will be located at the end of the cave.

Additional Information

This lost sector provides a shortcut to The Winding Cove.


The entrance to the Flooded Chasm lost sector in The Gultch.
The entrance to the Flooded Chasm lost sector in Winding Cove.
The main chamber in Flooded Chasm.
Phyzann, Drowned Captain. The boss of Flooded Chasm.