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The Destiny Content Vault is a new content model introduced in Beyond Light. Each year some destination and activity content is cycled out of the game and into the Content Vault to make space for new or returning destinations and activities. Destiny content counts as Vaulted and is being reintroduced into Destiny 2.

By the rule of thumb, "When a destination goes into the DCV, so too do its PvE activities and associated rewards." There are some exceptions to this rule, mainly Crucible and Gambit maps. All quests that are still in progress are removed from player inventories once they are moved into the Vault. Exotic Weapons tied to Vaulted quests and activities can be bought from the Monument to Lost Lights kiosk situated in the Tower.

The first deposit into the Destiny Content Vault is larger that those to come in the future to create room for Beyond Light and the future roadmap.

Beyond Light

Restored Content



Vaulted Content




Exotic Quests

Exotic Activity Rewards

Exotic Catalysts

Crucible and Gambit Maps


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