Charge of Light

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Charge of Light
Charge of light icon1.jpg
Season 18
Type Sparrow
Rarity Exotic
Description Boldly into the jaws of death.
Cryptic Quatrains icon.jpg Cryptic Quatrains III
Quest reward.

Charge of Light is a Exotic Sparrow.



Boldly into the jaws of death.

"Attempting to make rational the Great Machine's choices is futile," Mithrax explained gently.

He and Eido were seated on a ledge overlooking the Eliksni Quarter. They watched elaborate Sparrows, some detailed in Eliksni stylings, cruise through the sparse crowds.

"I have asked many times, in many ways, why the Great Machine abandoned us," he continued. "Why it defended Earth, and not Riis. Why it gave the Light to the Hive, and not the Eliksni."

He grumbled thoughtfully. "But the Great Machine does not answer, for that is not its way."

"I understand that the Great Machine is… unknowable," replied Eido. "That it acts beyond reason or causality."

"But what I do not understand," she continued tersely, "is why the Humans take it for granted."

Mithrax regarded her keenly. "Do you think it so, daughter?"

"I do," Eido replied firmly. "I recently found an ancient Human ode in the Cryptarchy's records. It tells of a brigade of Guardians who charged into enemy positions, recklessly wasting their lives, knowing they would be resurrected in the Light."

"The Guardians treat life as cheaply as the raiders we fight," she continued despondently.

"You speak truth. But it was so on Riis too," Mithrax acknowledged, suddenly recalling the sorrowful tale of Namrask. "The Eliksni did not realize their love for the Great Machine until it left."

"It is the way of all people, not just Humans," he mused. "But it will not be the way of House Light."

"No," Eido affirmed. "That will not be our way."


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