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Eater of Worlds is a Raid Lair in the Leviathan raid.


Eater of Worlds made its debut shortly after the release of Curse of Osiris. It is a brand new area in the Leviathan raid, which is accessed via the large doors at the front of the Leviathan ship.

The Eater of Worlds is, overall, less time-consuming than the regular Raid, but more challenging. It features an array of new loot (all with Season 2 markers for easy identification) like shaders and weapons.

It does not award the Emperor Seals required for the Legend of Acrius quest.


The Raid Lair begins with the fireteam arriving on the Leviathan's front platform, as usual. However, there will be no Loyalists present. Proceed up the ramps until your fireteam reaches the large grey metal door one or two levels up. This door is normally closed, but it will open as you approach. Proceed inside.

The next sequence involves a fairly long but straightforward path leading to the first set of challenges; the Leviathan Reactor.

Leviathan Reactor

Your goal is deceptively simple; Escape. This task is complicated by the fact you'll need to complete four seperate jumping puzzles in order to clear this phase, each more complex than the last. Hexagonal platforms will rise up from the reactor, and you'll have to make your way across them to various 'safe' zones.

There is one simple rule to this entire sequence; only one player should be standing on a given platform at any given time. If players bunch up, the platform will turn red, make an angry noise, and then sink back into the reactor resulting in everyone on it dying instantly.

With that in mind, let's begin. Assign an order to your fireteam, say A-B-C-D-E-F, and stick to the order as much as possible. If you see a message about the reactor core starting to overheat, you need to move faster. As long as at least one or two players make it to solid ground, everyone will respawn there and the platforms of completed sets will raise permanently in case anyone manages to respawn at the start somehow.

Keep an eye out for Psion snipers spawning on upper catwalks, as they'll start taking potshots at the fireteam and can be a nuisance. Scout rifles work great for dealing with them though.

Set 1

This is the easy set. Just follow the platforms one at a time as a chain of six. Time your jumps neatly and you should be fine.

Set 2

Alternating. Split into two teams of three (A-B-C and D-E-F works nicely) and work your way forwards. The two teams provide progress for each other, so they both need to be on the ball to clear this set.

Set 3

The ordering for this one is a little unusual, but nothing too weird.

Set 4

The final stretch. This is where things get funky, as the platforms will start to seem to spawn out of order about half way through. Don't be tempted to break your fireteam order or else everyone will probably get confused. You'll have to make longer jumps but just stick with it.

Once you make it to the far side, Respawn Restriction will kick in and you'll have to fend off several waves of Cabal. The end is a little rough, with four Major Colossi spawning in. Don't be afraid to use power ammo and supers.

After that's dealt with, Calus will start waffling at you about engine problems or something. Grab your loot from the chest and head down the giant hatch that just opened up, proceeding forward to the next challenge; the Engine Room.

Engine Room

Another simple one. Giant pistons will wind up, then slam into the far side of the chamber and release a massive Arc wave that fries anyone outside of the safe zones marked by yellow squares. Just run from safe zone to safe zone until you make it to the far side, which is off to your right as you enter the engine room.

Easy. Transition through to the interior of the Leviathan and on to the ruins. You'll get fired out of a giant cannon-y thing and find yourself falling through bits and pieces of Nessus. Calus will interject to explain how the Vex are effectively giving the Leviathan indigestion.


Don't hit the rocks too fast or you'll get killed by the fall damage. There'll be six Vex rings on the way down; if you can, try to hit all six. If your team manages to pass through them all, you'll get a bonus chest. If you don't hit all six you can intentionally die to fall damage, respawn at the top, and try again if you really want.

You'll ultimately find yourself in a fairly large open space made up of floating chunks of Nessus, with a large glowing structure in the center made up of masses of metal attached to some kind of shield. Say hello to Argos; the final boss of the Raid Lair. You can't kill him yet, though.

Argos' Barrier

In order to destroy Argos, a massive Vex Hydra, you'll need to breach the defenses around him. This challenge only begins when one player picks up a Vex Cranium from the surrounding area, so take some time to familiarize yourself with the terrain and note the three furnace locations; one for each of the classic elements. You can probably figure out where this is going already, so spread your team out so you can quickly identify where you need to bring the heads.

Once the challenge starts, you'll see the message 'Argos arms quantum mines'. Each time this message appears, three large crystalline objects will spawn on one face of the metal structures in the center; they're also coded to Solar (orange), Arc (blue), and Void (purple). At this point you are on a hard time limit before the mines explode and wipe the entire fireteam.

Call out the quantities that have spawned, and have runners take uncharged heads to the furnaces to charge them up. The heads will take about 20 seconds to charge once inserted into the furnaces.

Once the heads are charged, pull them out of the furnace, run over to the appropriate face, and use the heads to break the corresponding quantum mines. Each head has 40 'ammo' and it takes around 30 to break a mine; do not waste the energy on Vex trash. Once you've broken a mine, you can use the remaining charge on mobs or use it to weaken other mines of the same energy type.

You need to clear six sets of mines (six per face, in two sets of three) to progress to the final engagement with Argos. For each set of mines you clear, the corresponding metal structure will be destroyed and another message will appear about the mines being defused/disarmed. Breaking the barrier is pretty chaotic due to the terrain (don't fall to your death, etc.) and need to coordinate heads. Surplus heads will be available and they stay charged in the furnaces for a while, so don't be afraid to 'bank' one or two of random elements as insurance.

Once all six sets have been dealt with, a cutscene will play as Argos deploys into combat mode. Get ready for the real fight.


Argos is a multi-phase fight with DPS check mechanics, ultimately lasting around 15 minutes. The first thing you'll likely notice once the fight begins is three giant energy orbs, along with a message about Argos collecting energy. This is where the Vex heads come in handy again. Note the orb types and charge the corresponding number of 'primary' heads. Also start charging three more heads - we'll call these the 'secondary' heads - of any element, preferably at whichever platform Argos is facing.

When the three primary heads are charged, bring them around to the platform Argos is facing and use them to shoot the orbs until they pop into the ring. Once all three are in, the shield will drop. This is a Damage Phase.

Damage Phase

Do as much damage to Argos as you can. Use the remaining charge in the primary heads, the three secondary heads, Novabombs, Sunbreaker Super, Cluster rockets, DoT grenades - throw everything you have at Argos. You want to be doing a good quarter of his health or thereabouts, per phase.

Watch out for the nets and Harpies that Argos throws out during this phase; getting hit by a net will trap the victim (rendering them helpless and potentially launching them to their doom), and the Harpies will fly towards a target and explode in their face for considerable damage. Both can be shot down, though the nets are quite fast before they hit..

It's possible to fit two damage phases in before a void energy spike aka DPS check, but this requires using the secondary heads to breach the shields. This is possible as the pattern is predictable as Argos always rotates clockwise and always uses the same 2-1 set of orbs, but the timing is tight.

Either way, you'll eventually see a message about void energy spiking in the area.

DPS Check

Once void energy starts spiking, all Craniums that aren't in a furnace will despawn (even if you're holding them) and your fireteam will need to break two of six glowing white weak points on Argos' body. They are split into three pairs; his forearms, the back of his neck, and the sides of his head. If you're hitting a weak point, it'll register as precision (yellow) damage and turn pink, then red.

The trick here is that the weak points regenerate very quickly if they're not taking any damage from anyone. High-capacity and/or fast-reloading weapons work best here. Break a pair of weak points to end the DPS check.

Once you break two, the DPS check is over and another Energy Collection phase will start.


If you finish a fourth Damage Phase and Argos is somehow still alive with no weak points remaining, then you'll have a seperate DPS check with a short window to finish Argos off with regular damage before he wipes the fireteam with one final attack, somewhat similar to the final shield charge mechanic of Calus. Given the lack of a damage buff this will be pretty tough, hence the need to knock down around a quarter of Argos' health in each damage phase.

Once you've killed Argos, you're basically done with the Raid Lair! Enjoy more loot. Unlike the regular Leviathan, there's no special keys or Underbelly to wander around (read: get lost) in here, so you can head off home as soon as you're done.


Armor Sets


WeaponImageSlotTypeImpactRangeStabilityHandlingReload SpeedRounds Per MinuteMagazine
I Am AliveI am alive icon1.jpgPowerGrenade Launchers5351461206
Zenith of Your KindZenith of your kind icon1.jpgPowerShotguns65394546711007

Tips & Tricks

Argos Barrier/'Unpacking': (Mine Chimes) Low pitch< Arc<Solar<Void <High pitch


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