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The Leviathan is the first raid of Destiny 2. The Leviathan launched on September 13, 2017 (10AM PST / 1PM EST), 1 week after the release of Destiny 2. It is a Cabal Warship which destroys planets for fuel. Located atop the Leviathan is the royal palace where Calus, the former emperor of the Cabal, and his loyal subjects reside.


  • Recommended Power for the Raid is 300, but this is the bare minimum you will need to even stand a chance. Therefore, shoot for 305 (or above, if you own Curse of Osiris).
  • The Leviathan is not an easy raid. It will require a lot of communication and teamwork, so make sure to bring people you trust and communicate effectively with. Otherwise, prepare to wipe a lot.
  • When it comes to your equipment, you want to have the highest possible DPS for the entire duration of The Leviathan Raid. If your entire group has Coldheart or Sweet Business, make sure to bring one of the two along.
  • When it comes to energy weapons, your best bet is the Skyburner's Oath. It does extra damage against Cabal and can shoot through Phalanx shields, so it is really, really helpful during The Leviathan.
  • There are four symbols that Guardians need to be familiar with for the duration of the raid. They will be used a lot during the different encounters, so keep your eyes open.
    • Take the throne icon1.jpg Chalice: This symbol is a chalice with a drop of liquid dripping from its left side.
    • Splish splash icon1.jpg Sun: This symbol is a intricate sun.
    • Two enter, one leaves icon1.jpg Axes: This symbol is a couple of crossed war axes.
    • Good dog icon1.jpg Dog: This symbol is a simple silhouette of a Cabal War Beast.


Spawning into the Leviathan Raid, you will be presented with a lot of enemies. However, do not attack them. They are not going to be hostile if you just pass by them on your way towards the first encounter.

Make your way up to the top of the pyramid and enter the door just below the massive golden Cabal head. Then, follow the corridors until you reach a large open area. This is where the first encounter begins, but more importantly, this is the main chamber that you will spend a lot of time in before you reach the final boss.

The layout of this room features a total of four doors. In order to progress through the raid, Guardians need to open each door one by one, then complete an encounter behind each one. As for what the encounters are, we will cover this in their respective sections. For now, let us focus on the Main Hall, known as the Castellum.


For the first part of this raid, you will have to split up into two teams of three. The overall goal is to claim and defend several Standards, so one team will be claiming them, the other will be defending them. The defenders' role is crucial, so make sure to appoint your top damage-dealers to it.

Near each of the door, there will be a banner with one of the four symbols (Chalice, Sun, Axes, and Dog). The same symbol will be present on a circular pad just in front of the door. In order to advance, find the door with the Sun symbol and have your three defenders stay near the circular pad before it.

Once the defenders are set up and are holding their ground, the attackers need to locate three Standards and take them to the circular pad that the defenders are holding. The attackers need to stick together and work as a team.

In order to locate the Standard you need, look at the holograms around the circular pad. They will display the other three symbols, which means that you need to go to each of the three remaining doors and get the Standards from there. In order to do so, you will have to kill some enemies until a special Major Cabal spawns.

These are called Standard Bearers and killing them allows you to pick up their respective Standard. Have one teammate carry the Standard, while the other two cover the carrier until they all reach the defenders. Drop the Standard there, then head for the next one and repeat the same process.

In the meantime, defenders need to be on the lookout for Standard Liberators, another type of special Cabal enemies. As soon as one appears, they need to be killed before they reach the now-claimed Standards. Otherwise, the team will lose said Standard and the attackers will have to take it all over again.

Once all three Standards have been successfully gathered at the pad, the door will open. Do not waste any time and head in there as a group.

Royal Pools

Once inside the Royal Pools, familiarize yourself with the layout of this area. There will be a middle area with a circular platform in some water, as well as an outer area with four similar platforms near each corner of the large room. The water will damage you upon touch, so stay out of it for now.

To begin this encounter, split your team into two groups of three. Have one member of each group just hover around the middle, while the other two jump across some raised platforms to the circular pads in the outer area. Once everyone is ready, have the four people jump on one platform each at the same time and face the chains between them and the middle area.

The chains will begin to move and enemies will start spawning. The players that are on the platforms will also gain a buff, called Psionic Protection. This allows them to stay in the water, so they can hold the platforms.

The goal here is to hold the platforms until the chains have moved to a specific position. However, the buff that allows that will start counting down and when it reaches zero, players will take damage if they remain in the water. This is where the third player of each group comes into play.

In order to recharge the Psionic Protection, players will have to make their way to the middle platform, where a similar glowing orb spawns. But if they move away from the outer platforms, their respective chain starts going back. The role of the third player is to begin a rotation. They will pick up the buff from the middle platform and take over for one of the people holding the outer platforms. Then, that respective player will run to the middle, recharge and take over for the third player in their group, who then runs to the middle and becomes the support.

The two groups must keep rotating this way and make sure that no platform is left unattended at any point in time.

Once the chains reach the required position, an audio cue will sound, similar to a bell. When this happens, all six of you must gather in the middle area and stand on the platform there. This will give you the buff Force of Will, which in turn allows you to damage the purple glass containers in the four corners for the room. Blast those with everything you have and try to smash them all. If you don't succeed from the first try, move towards holding the platforms once more until the middle area is unlocked again.

The special enemies that you need to worry about are the Ceremonial Bathers. These special Cabal can take a lot of punishment and deal massive amounts of damage, so make sure to drop them quickly with whatever means necessary.

Another special enemy that will be appearing is the Sol Councilor. If you do not smash the purple containers in time, it will spawn and push you off the middle platform. Just run up to it and melee it for a one-hit kill. This enemy will be making an appearance several times during this raid and not only in the Royal Pools, so make sure to remember that it drops after just one melee hit.

Once all purple containers have been destroyed, loot the reward chest and head back towards the Castellum. Note the Drain Key you will receive from this reward chest, though, as it is a pretty item.

Castellum, Part 2

Once you are back in the Castellum, simply repeat the process of opening the next door.

Your next target is the door marked with the Dog symbol, so leave three defenders there and have the remainder of your group gather up the three Standards, then head inside and towards the Pleasure Gardens.

Pleasure Gardens

Once inside the Pleasure gardens, kill every enemy you can find. This will be relatively easy, so it is only natural that it isn't the main encounter here.

Once all enemies are dead, six special War Beasts will spawn. The main objective of this area is to kill all six of them, but do not charge head first. In fact, make sure the War Beasts do not spot you for the time being.

When the War Beasts spawn, you want to be at the far end of this chamber, on top of the structure you will find there. That location is where two glowing rocks will spawn. These are prism weapons and should be picked up by a couple of teammates, while the other four head into the structure through the hatch on its roof.

Once inside, the four players want to grab a Royal Pollen each and head out through one of the doors. However, the Pollen carriers need to make sure that they are sneaking, so they do not alert the hounds.

In the meantime, the two players with the prism weapons need to look for glowing purple flowers. Once they find one, they need to stay up top and guide the four carriers to said flower. The visibility for the carriers is significantly reduced, so it's up to the players up top to keep them on a safe path.

Once all four players are right next to the flower, one of the people with the prism weapons must stand in a pillar of light (those appear on top of the high rocks) and shoot at the flower. This will grant the buff Empowering Spores, which will greatly increase your damage. Repeat this process until players down below get at least 36 stacks of Empowering Spores, then head down and attack the War Beasts. You want to kill as many as you can before a notification pops up that they are getting restless.

Once this happens, they trigger a mechanic which can potentially wipe your entire team. The Psionic Howl, as it's called, will kill you unless you retreat back to the safe room at the far end of the chamber. Also, the more Royal Beasts you kill, the less time you will have to retreat once they trigger the Psionic Howl.

That being said, you do not want to prolong this encounter. The safe room can only be used three times, so you want to end things on the third damage phase.

There are two ways to do that. The first is to just kill as many Royal Beasts as you can in the first phase. Ideally, that would be four, but three is also a good number. If you only manage to kill two of them, this will make the other two damage phases quite nerve-racking due to the time constraint.

The other option is to use the first damage phase to severely wound the Royal Beasts. Dropping them all to about 20% health, then retreating to the safe room is the ideal option here. This will allow you to kill them more easily during the next two damage phases and it will not make their Psionic Howl any deadlier than it was in the beginning.

What you should remember here is that the Royal Beasts do not respawn. So, if you opt for the strategy of killing as many as possible in the first phase, choose to do it on one side of the chamber. Once the three on that side are down, you will no longer have to sneak around it and you can accumulate the buffs much quicker in the next phases.

Also, the players up top must remember to look out for additional Cabal foes. Whenever a flower is shot, two yellow-health Cabal will enter the arena. The prism weapon makes quick work of them, so apply it generously.

Once all six of the Royal Beasts are killed, collect the Engine Key and the rewards from your hard-earned chest, then head back towards the Castellum.

Castellum, Part 3

Repeat the door-opening procedure once more. This time, you want to open the door with the Axes symbol.


In this area, you will find four raised platforms with three arrows, arranged vertically opposite to each of the platforms.

Designate two players as runners (their role will be explained in a moment), then have the remaining four Guardians stand on the four platforms. The two runners should split up and one should be positioned near the platform with the Dog symbol, while the other lurks around the platform with the Chalice symbol. These two platforms have special devices near their respective arrows and this is what the runners are looking for.

When everyone is positioned, the platforms will start going down and enemies will start spawning. Kill the hostiles as they present themselves and look for the Imperial Centurion enemies. These are toughened versions of the regular Centurion with yellow health bars.

Kill the Imperial Centurions and the devices near the Dog and Chalice platforms will spawn some psionic orbs. The two runners want to pick those up at approximately the same time. Once they do, they will be transported to the outer ring of the area and they will have to run the actual Gauntlet.

Inside the Gauntlet, the runners will see four walls, evenly spaced out around the ring. Each of them has nine holes (three rows of three) and a symbol above them. The symbols correspond to the platforms outside, where the other four players must remain.

The holes are blocked by energy barricades. In order for the barricades to drop, the players outside must shoot the correct arrows on the walls in front of them. In order for them to know which arrows to shoot, the runner must feed them information.

If one of the four players not running the Gauntlet proper is standing on the platform associated with the appropriate barricade, one of the nine holes will glow red. The row on which the red ring is located must not be shot on the outside. For example, if the red ring is on the bottom row, the players outside must shoot the middle and the top arrows at the same time. This will lower the barricades of the entire wall and the runner will be able to pass through.

However, the runner's goal is to pass through the red ring. Inside it, a new psionic orb will spawn that needs to be picked up. Runners have a limited time before the orb they carry explodes and kills them, but by picking up the orbs in the red rings, they extend the timer. This means that in order to complete the gauntlet, runners must feed information to the players outside and make sure they pass through the right hole in the wall.

However, there are only four players on the outside and each wall must be shot by two players at the same time. This means that each player must hold their platform and try to help the player that is holding the platform on their left. Then, turn to their respective arrows and rely on the player on their right for help to drop the barriers.

This encounter is all about communication, so make sure you are doing it effectively. Also, to avoid confusion and having two players shoot the same arrow, make sure to designate two players to the upper arrows and two to the lower ones.

For example, if Player 1 shoots the upper arrows and Player 2 shoots the lower ones, when the runner calls for the middle and bottom arrows to be shot, Player 1 will shoot the middle (because it is higher). You want to avoid any and all confusion here, so the players shooting lower arrows must not be on adjacent platforms.

Once a lap is completed, the runner will be released and they will have to deposit the psionic orb into the fixture in the middle of the arena. Then, the whole process must be repeated two more times. Each time, the Gauntlet will become a little bit harder with additional environmental hazards appearing.

The players on the outside must also be mindful about spawning Councilors. They must be dropped as soon as they spawn or they can cause a lot of problems for everyone by blocking clear shots to arrows or triggering special mechanics that will wipe out the whole team.

Once the Gauntlet has been completed three times (the raised platforms will start jiggling up and down during the third Gauntlet run), an additional six psionic orbs will spawn around the central fixture - everyone in the raid team needs to grab an orb and be transported into the Gauntlet proper for one more run. This time, there are no barriers blocking the holes, and four of the holes in each set will contain new psionic orbs. Since there are not enough orbs in each wall to reset everyone's orbs at once, the raid team should have a plan set in place which dictates who picks up orbs at each wall.

If enough psionic orbs are deposited into the central fixture by the end of the final Gauntlet run, Calus will award you a Ventilator Key and a reward chest before you head out to the final boss (or to the next encounter if the Gauntlet is not your third encounter).

Castellum, Part 4

Repeat the door-opening process and open the final door to proceed to the Throne Room.

Throne Room

Inside the Throne Room, you will immediately be presented with the final boss - Emperor Calus himself. He will be sitting in the middle of the room with a chalice in his hand. To begin the encounter, shoot the cup out of his hand.

This will spawn in a bunch of enemies, some of which will have yellow health bars. To advance the encounter, eliminate all such hostiles. This will spawn four Councilors, with each standing on a pedestal around Calus. Each of these pedestals carries one of the already familiar symbols - Chalice, Sun, Dog, and Axes.

Once they spawn in, all six Guardians will be teleported to what looks to be an alternate dimension with a huge purple Cabal head on the far end of the area. Notice the small ridge directly ahead and the three psionic orbs just behind it. Three players must quickly get to the ridge and duck right next to it, while the other three beeline it straight for the orbs and pick them up.

The ones that picked up the orbs will be teleported back to the Throne Room, while the rest will remain in this alternate dimension (for now).

If you are back in the Throne Room, you will have two tasks:

  • Kill as many enemies as you can (do not touch the Councilors, though).
  • Wait for specific instructions from the other three players, which Councilor to kill and do not harm the rest.

In the meantime, in the alternate dimension, the three remaining players will be crouched right next to the tiny psionic ridge. The giant Cabal head will begin sucking up everything in its vicinity and that tiny psionic wall is everything that is keeping these three Guardians alive. If they jump, hit a ramp as they are sucked in, or fall through a hole in the floor, they will be instantly killed.

Psions will also spawn between the three Guardians and the giant head, so if you are one of the lucky three, kill those Psions immediately. Otherwise, they will attack you, throw you up in the air, and get you sucked into the head.

The important thing to remember is that the three players in the alternate dimension will see one symbol each, printed on the giant Cabal's forehead. Shout these symbols out to your teammates, as they will guide them which Councilor they need to kill. When all three symbols have been communicated, the one that wasn't is the correct one to choose. This means that if the players in the alternate dimension see a Dog, Chalice, and Axes, the players inside the Throne Room must kill the Councilor on the Sun pedestal.

If they kill the wrong Councilor, the tiny ridge protecting their teammates will instantly vanish and they will be sucked into the giant Cabal head. Killing the correct Councilor will make a new ridge appear a bit further forward, so when the current tiny wall evaporates, the other three will have something to stop them from becoming Cabal breakfast.

After four rounds of killing Councilors by the method listed above, the giant head will begin barfing skulls at the players in the alternate dimension. Their job is to destroy as many skulls as possible before they are returned to the Throne Room.

In the meantime, the Calus in the Throne Room will begin summoning some kind of a ball of light. As soon as this begins, the players in the Throne Room must hit Calus with everything they have and destroy his shield. If they fail to do so on time, the entire team will be killed.

Once the skulls stop coming out of Calus's mouth, players in the alternate dimension will be presented with three psionic orbs. Going through them will send them back to the Throne Room and it is finally time to actually chip away at the boss's health.

All six of you should gather on one of the pedestals where the Councilors were. Make sure that you are all standing on the same platform, then open fire on Calus and take away as much of his health as possible. At some point, he will create an explosion on your pedestal, so you need to move out of the way and onto the next pedestal as soon as you see this coming.

In order to know when it's time to relocate, look for the visual cues.

  • While he still has more than two-thirds of his health, he will raise his hand and it will glow.
  • While he has between 33% and 66% of his health, he will point a giant gun at the pedestal.
  • During the last third of the battle, he will once more raise his glowing hand.

Keep in mind that once a third of his health is gone, he will be revealed to be a robotic enemy. This means that his precision kill spot will switch from the head to a glowing red spot on his chest, so aim for that.

Do whatever damage you can to him during this damage phase, because soon all six of you will be teleported to the alternate dimension again. However, there will be no change to the core mechanics of this encounter, so just proceed like the first time.

When Calus's health drops under one-third, players in the Throne Room should look out for Colossus Cabal enemies and kill them as soon as they show up. Otherwise, they may land a slowing attack on you and this can really cause you problems inside the Throne Room.

When Calus's health reaches zero, the battle is not yet over. As soon as he begins to charge up a ball of light, you need to blast him with everything you have left at your disposal - Supers, Power Ammo, and all other abilities are fair game because this is the last stage of the entire raid. Fail to do enough damage before the Emperor charges up his attack, and your entire team will be wiped out. Do enough damage, and you will complete the raid.

When you successfully defeat Calus, the middle of the Throne Room will open and following the way down, you will reach your reward chest. Do not mind the tens of robot Calus copies you will find there - they are simple scenery and are completely inactive.

Prestige Variations

The differences between the regular and the Prestige Leviathan raid are not great in size, however some of them make for key differences in strategy.


Overall, enemies through the entire Raid will be tougher. They will be able to deal and receive far more damage. Therefore, it is recommended that Guardians always equip the gear with highest Power available. Ideally, this will make for a Power Level of 305.

The Gauntlet

During The Gauntlet, when players pick up an orb inside the course, two Psions will spawn instead of one. The first one is killed the same way - with a melee attack. However, the second one must be shot down instead. Failing to kill either one on time will make the entire team wipe.

Also, each player can only run The Gauntlet once during the first three runs. This means that every teammate must know how to deal with being inside the course. Additionally, during the final run, only three orbs (instead of four) will spawn in each set of holes.

Pleasure Gardens

Inside the Pleasure Gardens, two additional War Beasts will spawn - one on the left by the second flower and one on the right in the cave area. This is the only difference with the regular raid, but it will make for a grand total of eight War Beasts to slay.

Royal Baths

Regular enemies will be much harder to kill, but this is not the only problem in the Prestige Royal Baths. There will be new enemies as well - Oiled Ceremonial Bathers. These can take far more damage than their regular counterparts and their death triggers an area-of-effect attack which will drop your Psionic Projection by five each second.

In the central area, while Guardians are shooting the purple lanterns, far more enemies will spawn. It's a good idea to save your Supers for them and have at least one of them constantly active and dealing with incoming hostiles.

If you don't destroy the lanterns in one try, several members of your team will get a Burden of Worthiness debuff. They will see a symbol above the center platform when this happens. The goal here is to move to the platform that corresponds to that symbol and pick up an orb. Failing to do so will result in death.

Throne Room

There is only one difference here, other than the tougher hostiles. When a Guardian melees a Psion inside the Throne Room, they will switch places with a random player from the alternate dimension. This means that all of your teammates must know how to play both positions (inside the Throne Room and in the dimension with the giant head). This means that players must be proficient in both positions.

Chest Locations

During the raid, you will be getting a number of keys that are used to unlock the exotic chests in the bowels of the Emperor's ship.

In order to get to that area, you don't need to actually complete the raid. You need to complete the different encounters to get the keys, though.

If you already have the required keys, you can head to the Leviathan and open your chests on your own, with no combat involved. Just drop down from the ledge of the bridge you are being spawned on and land on the walkway directly below it. You will find that there is a room at the far end, with three pillars inside. Each pillar comes with two levers. The goal in this room is to pull all six levers in the correct order.

If we assume that the left-most lever is number one and the right-most is number 6, you need to pull the levers in the following order:

  • 1, 5, 3, 2, 4, 6

Do this correctly (and quickly enough) and you will receive a notification on the bottom left of your screen, saying "The way is open..."

Now that you have unlocked the bowels, you need to actually find the door. Go back and head up to where you are supposed to go for the actual raid. Then, while still outside, look for an area with two L-shaped pipes in a small pit. Jump onto the pipes, then jump straight forward to land onto a third pipe. Then, just head forward, jumping from one platform to the next, until you reach a large fan on the ground.

To the left of the large fan, there will be a door with a switch. Interact with it to activate the fan, then ride the wind it makes all the way up to the upper levels.

Once you land on the upper levels, you have two ways you can go - through a corridor on your left, or straight ahead.


If you go immediately to the left and follow the corridor, you will eventually arrive at a locked door. There will be a lever beside it that you can pull to open the door and enter the room.

Inside, there will be four Cabal Watchers. These are special turrets that rotate around and try to spot any rogue players. If anyone is spotted, the Watcher will summon reinforcements that you will have to deal with. Then, you will have to go back out and reset the lever to begin this challenge all over again.

The goal of the Watcher challenge is to destroy all four Watchers without them calling in reinforcements. This will unlock a special golden door in the immediate vicinity, behind which you will find the Engine chest. Any player with an Engine key can loot said chest.


If you opt to go straight ahead from the fan, instead of taking left towards Engine, you will eventually arrive at the Transfer area which holds the Transfer chest.

It also holds another Watcher encounter. It has the exact same goal (and result) as the Watcher encounter in the Engine area.


From Transfer, you can easily get to the Armory chest. Stand in front of the Transfer chest, then turn your back towards it. Straight ahead, you will see some turbine-looking things on the ceiling. Go straight towards them and pass under them, then take a left. Follow the corridor to an immediate right, then another left towards the conveyor belt.

Duck and make your way through the conveyor belt and keep following the corridor that you will see on your left. This will lead you to the Armory and another Watcher challenge with the same rules as the previous two.


To reach the Aqueduct chest, stand with your back towards the Transfer chest. Then, turn right and jump up the orange-lit catwalk across the room. Then, turn left. You will see a wide corridor that appears to be leading outside, but you want to make a right turn before that, through a dimly lit corridor. It will turn right twice until you reach an area with a red-lit door on your left. Go through said door and towards the massive spinning structure on the far end.

Just before said structure, look left and up to a small protruding platform. Jump up to it and you will find the Aqueduct chest.


To reach the Ventilator chest, head back from the Aqueduct chest to the red-lit door. Then, take a left and across some rocky floor with several pipes running across it.

You will reach a pit that you must drop down through. Then, turn 180 degrees and look for the first door on the left wall. In that room, look for a second pit to drop through to reach the Ventilator area.

Once there, you have to solve a little puzzle. While the large fans are active, they will blow you back with quite a lot of force. This means that when you hit whatever is behind you, you will be instantly killed. To avoid this, you need to use the small waist-high walls between you and the fan. While the fan is inactive, just run up to one of the small walls and move in front of it. This way, you will be between the fence and the fan, so when the latter turns on, it will not blow you back. For this to work, you need to make sure you stick right next to the fence, with your back touching it.

Alternatively, you can equip a sword and continuously swing it to make your way forward. It doesn't matter if you have ammo or not because it will be the animation of your character that moves you forward.

Once you've crossed two of the fans, you will come across a circular platform. To the left of that platform, you will find the Ventilator chest.


To reach the Conduit chest, get to the Ventilation chest and proceed by crossing through the remaining two fans. You will reach a small lift with a console on its right. Use the console to activate the lift and ride it all the way up.

Enter the red-lit corridor on your right, then take an immediate right. Drop down the small pit you will find there and look for the corridor with the purple glow. Go through it and keep going straight. You are now running across the final chamber of the actual raid, but this hardly matters. Just cross it and enter the corridor on the other side.

Once you reach a red-lit dead end, jump up and look to your right. Look for the next corridor to jump to on the upper right end of the opposite wall. Then, jump across a couple of platforms to a red-lit door and follow the corridor.

Another Watcher challenge will await you, similar to the ones in the Engine, Armory, and Transfer areas. However, you will be dropping through a pit, right in the middle of the Watchers, so be ready to eliminate them quickly, before they have summoned any reinforcements.


The Irrigation chest is pretty easy to get once you have made your way to the Conduit chest. Turn your back on the Conduit chest and go straight, then take the last left. You will come across some large gates with a blue light above them. Jump on top of the light and crouch to walk across the pipes you will find there.

Starting from the light, take the pipe on your left. It will reach the wall and make a U-turn. Follow it to the middle of the room, then take a left and keep following it to emerge on the other side. Drop down, take a few steps forward and the Irrigation chest will be on your right.


To get to the Pipeline chest, return to the Ventilation lift that led to the Conduit. However, instead of taking the red-lit corridor towards the Conduit, take the other one. After a short walk, you will reach the Pipeline area and a new Watcher puzzle.

There are two levels in the Pipeline area - the top one that you just reached, and the bottom one where the chest is. However, all the Watchers you need to destroy are actually on the top levels, so eliminate them first before you head down.


From the Pipeline chest, find the nearby glowing fan and jump on it, to be lifted up. Once you arrive at the catwalk on the upper level, turn your back to the nearest wall and take a left. The catwalk will make a right turn, along the wall, and some machinery will block the majority of it afterward. Just behind said machinery, there will be a red pipe. Enter it and just follow the way before you (there aren't any forks that can confuse you) to a small drop.

Drop inside, and on the platform just above the floor, there will be a door that leads to the Drain area and another Watchers challenge. Complete the challenge and loot the Drain chest and you would have gathered all nine chests in the Leviathan raid.

Loot Table / Rewards


WeaponImageSlotTypeImpactRangeStabilityHandlingReload SpeedRounds Per MinuteMagazine
Alone as a godAlone as a god icon1.jpgKineticSniper Rifles55404269651405
ConspiratorConspirator icon1.jpgEnergyScout Rifles604345686020016
Ghost PrimusGhost primus icon1.jpgKineticAuto Rifles215341645560044
Inaugural AddressInaugural address icon1.jpgEnergyPulse Rifles294960514639039
It Stared BackIt stared back icon1.jpgPower WeaponsSwords6246
Midnight CoupMidnight coup icon1.jpgKineticHand Cannons803746646015012
Mob JusticeMob justice icon1.jpgEnergySubmachine Guns204644595590034
Sins of the PastSins of the past icon1.jpgPower WeaponsRocket Launchers637042151


Prestige Armor


Tips and Tricks

  • Every chamber in the Leviathan raid is actually accessible from the bowels of the ship. This means that the raid can be completed by completely ignoring the Castellum and moving from one trial to the other using just the bowels of the Leviathan. However, the bowels are an extremely complicated maze, so make sure you know the way before you head in there.

LeviathanEater of WorldsSpire of StarsLast WishScourge of the PastCrown of SorrowGarden of Salvation

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