Crown of Sorrow

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Crown of Sorrow
Crown of Sorrow Raid banner.png
Location Nessus Orbit
Players 6
Recommended Power 750
Enemies Hive
Boss Gahlran's Deception
Gahlran, the Sorrow-Bearer
Expansion Forsaken
Description Grow [weak] with [pride].

Crown of Sorrow is a Raid added in Season of Opulence.


This Raid takes place on the Leviathan, where you need to clear out the Hive infestation before tackling Gahlran, the Sorrow-Bearer.



Witch's Ritual/Entrance


Dispell the Hive ward by completing 4 ritual phases.


Right at the beginning of the area, you will notice a green circle of hive energy. You will want 3 of your teammates to stand in it, which will give them a buff called "Witch's Blessing" for the duration of 1 minute. When the first wave of enemies attacks you, you will notice that some of them are immune. Only buffed members will be able to damage them, but they will need the help of other teammates, as normal enemies will become immune to their attacks. You want to split your Fireteam into 3 smaller teams, each having 1 buffed and 1 non-buffed player. 1 team should stand in the middle, while the other 2 should cover the left and right entrance from various enemies.

Players with buff should beware, as after 1 minute Witch's Blessing will turn into "Witch's Curse", which will cause them to die. To avoid that, you will need to get to a purple spherical crystal called "Witch's Vessel", located in the middle of the map. All teammates must enter into the circle surrounding it and shoot the sphere simultaneously. This will negate the curse and translate the blessing to non-buffed players. You will be swapping this buff throughout the encounter.

After some time, 3 crystals will spawn somewhere on the left, right, and middle. They will be immune to damage until buffed and non-buffed players attack simultaneously. You will need to destroy them fast, otherwise, a team wipe will occur, and you will need to start raid from the beginning. When you destroy them, more enemies will spawn, led by powerful Ogres, which can only be damaged by either buffed or non-buffed Fireteam members. Since they deal a ton of damage, you will need to switch up your team composition from time to time to neutralize them asap.

More crystals will spawn after you've eliminated Ogres. Destroy them and you will get a message saying: "Ritual Phase Completed". You will need to repeat the same process 3 more times to complete this encounter.


  • It's important that all of your buffed teammates stay alive. Otherwise, buffed Ogres will easily overwhelm you and you will go back to square one.
  • When a member of your Fireteam does die, he will lose the buff. He might be tempted to follow his teammates to Witch's Vessel and get re-buffed, but this will result in an imbalance (4 buffed 2 non-buffed). Instead, he will want to wait out while his teammates activate the vessel, which will restore the balance.
  • Using nearby statues as a cover will shield you from a ton of damage.
  • Witch's Vessel can be destroyed with a grenade, which results in you starting raid from the beginning.
  • The old Leviathan armor, with its cool perks, will work in this raid and give you an extra edge.

The Bridge/Chasm


Solve a jumping puzzle by using the Witch's Blessing and Witch's Vessel.


Just like in the first encounter, 3 people should enter the circle of Hive energy. Shoot at a nearby vessel to raise the pillars and keep jumping through them, shooting every crystal you see with the help of your teammate. Your fireteam should once again split in 3 teams: left, right and middle. Some of the crystals will be shielded, so you will need to enter their field in order to damage them. Every 4 crystals you destroy will trigger another pillar.

After some time, you will trigger a large platform that carries the Witch's Vessel. You will want to get to it to swap your states and trigger a checkpoint. You will repeat this process 2 more times before reaching the end of this encounter.


  • Sometimes, crystals will spawn below you or high above, so scan the room carefully.
  • For every 3 normal crystals, there will always be one with the shield.
  • You will want to move fast, as pillars will start lowering after some time.

Gahlran's Deception


Bring down the impenetrable walls and fight Gahlran.


The arena will be split up in 3 impenetrable quadrants. You need to split your Fireteam so that there are 2 people in each one. One of these quadrants will have circle that gives you Witch's Blessing buff, while in other 2 there will be boss running around. Only 1 teammate should get the buff.

Each part of the arena will have Gahlran, but 2 of them will be Deceptions. To start a fight, simply come to one of them and use a melee attack.

Throughout the fight, it is important that you stay off the ground. Gahlran can instant-kill you with 1 melee attack, so you need to stay on top of boxes where he can't reach you. Two teams that are without the buffs should focus on eliminating waves of Acolytes, Wizards, and Ogres. Once you defeat all of the enemies in all 3 quadrants, the next game mechanic will be activated. If you don't do this fast enough, you will fail this encounter.

When you clear out enemies, you will want to rotate clockwise and the teammate with the buff should transfer it to other teammates. To do that, he will need to locate a purple sphere in the wall and stand next to it. Then, 2 teammates in another quadrant must enter into its field and shoot at it. This will send the blessing to both teammates and bring down the walls between 2 quadrants. Now, you will have 4 people in this area, 2 buffed and 2 non-buffed. Since this area is big, you want to split into 2 teams (1 buffed and 1 non-buffed). Go ahead and repeat this process until you are able to unlock the last quadrant. Now, the whole Fireteam needs to meet around the sphere and shoot it, which will result in 4 buffed and 2 non-buffed teammates.

You have now entered the damage phase of the fight. Begin by taking down the Gahlran's shield. To do that, 1 buffed and non-buffed person should melee him simultaneously. Other buffed teammates shouldn't stand close, as the blast from the shield could nullify their buff, which would be catastrophic. At one point, Gahlran will stand still and start glowing. This is a cue that he is trying to use a wipe mechanic, so you should immediately try to bring down his shield. A person without a buff should stand close to Gahlran at all times, while buffed teammates should go in 1 by 1. If you broke his shield 4 times and he is still alive, Gahlran will retreat, along with his 2 Deceptions. This is a good time to go around, collect some ammo and orbs, and get back to your quadrant. Once you are ready, trigger the fight by meleeing him and repeat the whole process.


  • Combine rockets with cluster bombs to unleash massive damage and clear out the adds fast.
  • The non-buffed person who breaks the bosses shield can use a Well of Radiance to inflict massive damage while Gahlran is recuperating.
  • Gahlran will only receive damage from teammates without the buff, so save your devastating combos for the end of the fight.
  • Hunters will benefit greatly from using the Golden Gun buffed with Celestial Nighthawk, as they can one-shot Ogres.
  • Because of Witch's Curse, you will want to kill Ogres and Wizards fast, so use that Super if you have to.
  • You don't have to pick up Witch's Blessing right away. Help your teammate clean up the room first, and you will have more time to deal with the Ogres.

Gahlran, The Sorrow-Bearer


Defeat Gahlran, the Sorrow Bearer.


The final boss fight will happen in the same location as the last encounter, except all the walls will be gone. Team composition should be the same as in previous encounter. Just like before, 3 members should go to Witch's Vessel and buff themselves. Gahlran will once again spawn his Deceptions and keep blasting you from all sides with his Fireballs. If you have a Warlock in a team, he should immediately put the Well of Radiance somewhere in the middle of the arena. Then, focus on eliminating enemies. Teammates with the buff will have to focus Knights, while other teammates should clear Acolytes.

As soon as the shielded crystal spawns, you will want to send one team of two to deal with it. Crystals will be spawning in a clockwise direction, about every 30 seconds. When you destroy it, the whole Fireteam should go to the Witch's Vessel, transfer the buff, and get back inside the Well. Destroy the next 2 crystals and transfer the buff.

After clearing 3 crystals Cursed Thralls will start spawning. They are incredibly powerful, so your buffed teammates should clear them asap. Non-buffed members should focus on Ogres. Once they are all dead, you can deal with Gahlran's Deception. 2 players should bait him closer to one of the bigger bosses and hit with melee. This will drop his shield and also stun him. Go back to the Well and you'll notice that real Gahlran's hand will start glowing with a green light. Shoot it and he will unleash a powerful ax attack that will obliterate the Deception. You will need to repeat this 2 more times on different copies of Gahlran while also transferring buffs and destroying crystals. Once you do this, the damage phase will begin.

Now it's time to kill 2 Decoys and find out who is the real Gahlran. To do this, every member should focus on shooting one of Gahlran's hands. This will make their faces vulnerable, so blast them aswell. This process will make Decoys disappear, but you will still need to look for and destroy crystals. Quickly transfer the buff once more before dealing with the real Gahlran.

First, shoot his hands, then aim at his head. At this point, using Swarm of the Raven in combination with Tractor Cannon will make it possible to defeat Gahlran in one phase. Otherwise, just repeat the process of eliminating Decoys once again to inflict more damage. Adds will continue to attack while you are fighting the boss, so you will need 2 teammates to focus on them.


  • Warlocks should equip Phoenix Protocol armor to quickly recharge their super.
  • To kill of Cursed Thralls quickly, you can use Loaded Question and Outbreak Perfected.
  • If crystal spawns while you are baiting Gahlran's Deception, focus it first. Otherwise, Deception will blow out your buff and you will be in serious problems.
  • Gahlran might try to enter your Well of Radiance. To prevent him from doing that, it's good to have Titan with a Ward of Dawn and Helm of Saint-14.



Slot Hunter Titan Warlock
Helmet Shadow's Mask Shadow's Helm Shadow's Mind
Chest Armor Shadow's Vest Shadow's Plate Shadow's Robes
Gauntlets Shadow's Grips Shadow's Gauntlets Shadow's Gloves
Leg Armor Shadow's Strides Shadow's Greaves Shadow's Boots
Class Item Penumbral Cloak Penumbral Mark Penumbral Bond


WeaponImageSlotTypeImpactRangeStabilityHandlingReload SpeedRounds Per MinuteMagazine
Bane of SorrowBane of sorrow icon1.jpgPower WeaponsMachine Guns707130454336048
Calusea NoblesseCalusea noblesse icon1.jpgEnergyScout Rifles677530363815014
Emperor's CourtesyEmperor's courtesy icon1.jpgEnergyShotguns1053487364806
Gahlran's Right HandGahlran's right hand icon1.jpgKineticAuto Rifles338325453936032
TarrabahTarrabah icon1.jpgEnergySubmachine Guns234928554175031

Other Loot

Crown of sorrow icon1.jpg
Crown of Sorrow (Emblem)
Awarded on raid completion.
Heavy is the crown icon1.jpg
Heavy Is the Crown
Awarded on raid completion within 24 hours of launch.
  • The Chronicon — Lore book

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