Well of Radiance

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Well of Radiance
Well of radiance icon1.png
Class Warlock
Subclass Dawnblade
Tree Attunement of Grace
Type Super
Element Solar
Radius 3.5m
Duration 29s
Description TThrust your Sword into the ground, damaging and scorching nearby targets. The Sword projects a continuous aura, granting restoration and radiant effects to nearby allies, protecting them from the effects of Stasis.

Well of Radiance is the Super ability for Attunement of Grace in Warlock's Dawnblade subclass.

Plant a rift that grants healing, 49% Damage Resistance (20% against Guardians), and 25% weapon damage empowerment to the user and all allies. Generates 3 Orbs of Light.

Patch History

  • v2.7.0
    • Standing in the well grants 20% damage reduction against damage from other players
    • Sword object no longer takes precision damage
  • v2.6.1
    • Updated HUD icon.
  • v2.6.0.1
    • NEW EFFECT: Now grants 3 Orbs of Light.
      • Auto-generated orbs now grant the same amount of super energy as regular orbs of light (previously the orbs gave less super energy on par with masterwork orbs)
    • Weapon damage empowerment no longer stacks with similar overall bonus damage effects.
    • Weapon damage empowerment reduced to 25% from 35%.
    • Damage resistance reduced to 49% from 54%
  • v2.0.4
    • BUG FIX: Fixed an issue where Well of Radiance could prevent weapon perks such as White Nail and Magnificent Howl from working properly.