Attunement of Grace

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The Attunement of Grace is the middle ability tree for the Dawnblade crest.png Dawnblade subclass of Warlock crest2.png Warlock class. It has to be unlocked by purchasing either Forsaken or Shadowkeep expansions.


  • Divine protection icon1.png Divine Protection — Convert your grenade into a Blessing that heals ally targets and drops overshields you and your allies can pick up. Activate Divine Protection while Gliding to hover in midair.
  • Guiding flame icon1.png Guiding Flame — Strike an enemy with this melee ability to inflict burn damage and empower yourself and nearby allies.
  • Benevolent dawn icon1.png Benevolent Dawn — Healing or empowering your allies regenerates your grenade, melee and Rift energy.
  • Well of radiance icon1.png Well of Radiance — Thrusts your Daybreak sword into the ground. The sword continuously projects a powerful aura that heals and empowers nearby allies. Replaces Daybreak as subclass Super.

Exotic Synergy

  • Phoenix protocol icon1.jpg Phoenix Protocol — Kills and assists you make while standing in your Well of Radiance return Super energy.