Garden of Salvation

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Garden of Salvation
Garden of Salvation Raid banner.png
Location The Moon
Players 6
Recommended Power 940
Enemies Vex
Boss Consecrated Mind, Sol Inherent
Sanctified Mind, Sol Inherent
Expansion Shadowkeep
Description "The Garden calls out to you."

Garden of Salvation is a raid added in Shadowkeep.


Part 1: Embrace

In order to open the door, you will need to learn the new mechanic called Tethering. First, stand in the middle of nearby white circle and place Raid Banner. Next, find the Vex Box on the right side of the area. Only 1 member of your Fireteam should shoot it, and the box will send a beam and tether to that Guardian. The beam will continue connecting with other members, and your goal is to connect it with the nearby energy door. In case you want to disable the tether, a Guardian who isn't attached must shoot the box. You will use this concept throughout the raid, so better get used to it and look for plus signs where you can connect the beam. Continue by breaking you Fireteam into 2 teams (A, B) of 3 people.

Team A

Team A's job is to stay outside and clear the incoming waves of, Goblins Fanatics and Quantum Minotaurs, and keep following the Consecrated Mind. Often, he will be spitting out the white cube which will wipe out your Fireteam if you don't quickly run through it. Keep in mind that your teammates must alternate running through the circle, as it affects you with Voltaic Overflow. This is an effect that prevents you from nullifying the wipe mechanic for the next 2:30 minutes. As soon as the 2nd Guardian goes through the white cube, the first one needs to go through the opened door on the left and join the team B. Second Guardian should then wait until the last teammate runs through the wipe mechanic, before going in to join the team.

Team B

Team B should go through the opened door and clear out all of the Vex enemies in that room. When that happens, an Angelic Hydra will appear. Eliminate her, and look for another floating cube. By now, a Guardian from team A should join you to help with tethering and unlocking the path to room 3. As soon as the doors get unlocked Consecrated Mind will appear, along with a wave of regular Vex enemies. Team B should now hold its position and jump through the white cubes spawned by the boss while also being aware of the cooldown timer.

Team A

Continue to the room 3 where you will need to do the task previously reserved to team B. As you destroy Angelic, it might take some time to find the cube, as it usually spawns in weird places. Now, it's time for team B to leapfrog once again and go to room 4, while you engage Consecrated Mind once again.

Team B

Rinse and repeat the tactic from room 2. After you are done, you will notice that there are 3 locks on the final door. This means that you will need to find 3 separate cubes and connect them to the locks. When this is done, wait for remaining Fireteam members and proceed together.

Last room is packed with Quantum Cyclops, so you will need to be light on your feet. Also, you can't just run through them as the boss will keep spawning those white boxes that can nullify the whole raid. Use nearby pillars as protection and follow the boss as closely as you can. A grenade launcher is ideal in this situation, as it can quickly destroy the Cyclops. Just keep in mind that you don't have unlimited time and need to move fast in order to survive. Once you reach the end of the open field, part 1 is officially over.

Part 2: Undergrowth

Our goal now is to summon the Consecrated Mind. You won't be fighting him in this part, so your Fireteam should use weapons that are best for eliminating Angelics and various Vex enemies. Also, having some anti-barrier rounds will make this whole encounter go much easier. Destroying Angelics will let you use the boxes for tethering, which we will explain in a bit.

The new arena resembles a baseball field, and you will want to have one of your team members covering each bast. The last 2 should keep moving constantly, using portals activated by relays to jump back and forth between the bases. The goal here is simple - defend bases from waves of Vex who will try to sacrifice themselves at the relays.

However, there is a catch. Most of the enemies will have Enlightened shields and you will need to get Enlightened buff to break them. In order to do that, you will need to use tethering mechanic once again, and connect black plus sign with a box near your base. To do this, you will need the help of your 2 teammates who will be jumping around. Every teammate tethered will gain a buff for 45 seconds, so you will need to repeat this process a few times. Note that every time Angelics respawn the box will get disabled, so you want to eliminate them asap.

After a while, the middle part of the room will open. This is the time where the whole Fireteam should get back together and defend against the last waves of Vex enemies. Be aware that Supplicants will join the fight. These are a type of kamikaze Harpies that have the ability to one-shot you if they get to close. At this point, keeping distance becomes essential. When it's all over, a tether box will spawn. Chain it to the middle relay to trigger the boss fight.

Part 3: The Consecrated Mind

For the final fight with the Consecrated Mind, you will again need to break your Fireteam into 2 smaller teams. The goal here is to lure the boss to an overloaded relay. You will need to get 30 of them.

Team A should follow the boss as he travels throughout the map. He will start dropping Voltaic Overflow again, but this time they will imprison you. The imprisoned member will need to focus on the boss's eyes and tell other teammates which ones are lit up. Everyone on Team A needs to hit lit eyes in order to survive. If 4th cube drops, someone from Team B will need to rotate into team A.

Team B will first focus on collecting Motes by defeating Minotaurs. They will drop 5 motes each, and someone will need to carry them to a relay that's lighted up. Each time you dunk a mote into the relay, you will get Enlightened buff and a huge wave of Vex will attack you. As one member defends, other teammates go back to harvesting Minotaurs. You will need to get 30 motes to overload a relay and draw in the Consecrated Mind, who is now vulnerable. The best way to deliver the motes is player 1 (5), player 2 (10), player 3 (10), and player 1 (5).

When the boss gets drawn to the relay, all members of the Fireteam should reunite. Consecrated Mind will open a lot of red eyes, and you will need to shoot them all in order to make him vulnerable. Then, focus on the white spot in the center of his body and deal as much damage as you can. He will try to channel a one-shot attack, so this is very important. Rinse and repeat the whole process, but switch positions of team A and B.

Part 4: The Sanctified Mind

When the boss engages you, a blue and orange relays will spawn on both sides of the arena. You will want to break your team into 3 groups: A, B, and C. First, destroy the weak point on boss's leg, which will summon a blue portal. Team A should go inside and collect 10 Motes from either Harpies, Goblins, Hobgoblins or Minotaurs. When they are done, Team B should break the weak point again to bring them out go inside. Team A should then deposit motes and join team C to defend the relay. Team B should do the same when they come back, while Team A shoots at the boss' shoulder and goes through the orange portal. The players who deposit the motes will get the enlightened buff, which will be crucial in this encounter. If you are getting hard-pressed, just summon your teammates back sooner to fight off Vex.

While this is happening, Team C should be clearing Angelics, Cyclops, and other Vex enemies. Every time team A or B destroys a weak point, the Sanctified Mind will break another piece of the arena. Team C needs to use tethering and link black stars with boxes, which will start the rebuilding process. When you put 30 Motes in each pylon, you will need to link orange and blue plus symbol with a pylon of the same color. This will make the boss vulnerable, so hit him with everything you've got. To make this phase last longer, team B should link pylon to the plus symbol a little bit after team A.


Each encounter has a specific loot pool. Additionally, there are two hidden chests which drop Garden of Salvation Raid Mods and random rolls of gear the player has already acquired.

  • Inherent Truth is a reward for completing the raid.
  • Dive into Darkness is a reward for completing the raid within the first 24 hours of release. It cannot be obtained anymore.
  • Ancient Believer is a reward for completing all weekly challenges of this raid.
  • Ancient Defender is a Triumph reward for completing the raid without any deaths for entire fireteam.
  • Divinity is obtained as the reward for the Divine Fragmentation quest, its final step requires the fireteam to complete seven puzzles during the raid in one sitting.

Evade the Consecrated Mind

Greaves of ascendancy icon1.jpg Greaves of Ascendancy
Titan Titan Leg Armor
Strides of ascendancy icon1.jpg Strides of Ascendancy
Hunter Hunter Leg Armor
Boots of ascendancy icon1.jpg Boots of Ascendancy
Warlock Warlock Leg Armor

Accrued redemption icon1.jpg Kinetic Accrued Redemption
Primary ammo Combat Bow
Zealot's reward icon1.jpg Void Zealot's Reward
Special ammo Fusion Rifle

Summon the Consecrated Mind

Gauntlets of exaltation icon1.jpg Gauntlets of Exaltation
Titan Titan Gauntlets
Grips of exaltation icon1.jpg Grips of Exaltation
Hunter Hunter Gauntlets
Gloves of exaltation icon1.jpg Gloves of Exaltation
Warlock Warlock Gauntlets

Reckless oracle icon1.jpg Void Reckless Oracle
Primary ammo Auto Rifle
Prophet of doom icon1.jpg Arc Prophet of Doom
Special ammo Shotgun

Defeat the Consecrated Mind

Plate of transcendence icon1.jpg Plate of Transcendence
Titan Titan Chest Armor
Vest of transcendence icon1.jpg Vest of Transcendence
Hunter Hunter Chest Armor
Robes of transcendence icon1.jpg Robes of Transcendence
Warlock Warlock Chest Armor

Sacred provenance icon1.jpg Kinetic Sacred Provenance
Primary ammo Pulse Rifle
Ancient gospel icon1.jpg Solar Ancient Gospel
Primary ammo Hand Cannon

Conquer the Sanctified Mind

Helm of righteousness icon1.jpg Helm of Righteousness
Titan Titan Helmet
Cowl of righteousness icon1.jpg Cowl of Righteousness
Hunter Hunter Helmet
Mask of righteousness icon1.jpg Mask of Righteousness
Warlock Warlock Helmet

Temptation's mark icon1.jpg Temptation's Mark
Titan Titan Mark
Cloak of temptation icon1.jpg Cloak of Temptation
Hunter Hunter Cloak
Temptation's bond icon1.jpg Temptation's Bond
Warlock Warlock Bond

Omniscient eye icon1.jpg Solar Omniscient Eye
Special ammo Sniper Rifle


Inherent truth icon1.jpg Inherent Truth
Dive into darkness icon1.jpg Dive into Darkness
Divinity icon1.jpg Arc Divinity
Special ammo Trace Rifle

Ancient believer icon1.jpg Ancient Believer
Ancient defender icon1.jpg Ancient Defender


Resistant Tether icon.png Resistant Tether
Arc.pngGarden of Salvation Raid Mod
Voltaic Ammo Collector icon.png Voltaic Ammo Collector
Solar.pngGarden of Salvation Raid Mod
Voltaic Mote Collector icon.png Voltaic Mote Collector
Void.pngGarden of Salvation Raid Mod

Enhanced Resistant Tether icon.png Enhanced Resistant Tether
Arc.pngGarden of Salvation Raid Mod
Enhanced Voltaic Ammo Collector icon.png Enhanced Voltaic Ammo Collector
Solar.pngGarden of Salvation Raid Mod
Enhanced Voltaic Mote Collector icon.png Enhanced Voltaic Mote Collector
Void.pngGarden of Salvation Raid Mod

Relay Defender icon.png Relay Defender
Garden of Salvation Raid Mod
Enhanced Relay Defender icon.png Enhanced Relay Defender
Garden of Salvation Raid Mod

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