Cowl of Righteousness

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Cowl of Righteousness
Cowl of righteousness icon1.jpg
Season 12
Type Helmet
Class Hunter
Rarity Legendary
Description "You say this is for the greater good. Which good have you deemed lesser?" —Lisbon-13, Hunter of the Kentarch 3
Mobility 10
Resilience 2
Recovery 10
Discipline 2
Intellect 2
Strength 22
Garden of Salvation raid.

Cowl of Righteousness is a Legendary Helmet.


How to Obtain

Detailed explanation on how to acquire Cowl of Righteousness



"You say this is for the greater good. Which good have you deemed lesser?" —Lisbon-13, Hunter of the Kentarch 3

Lisbon-13 was already walking away when she spoke.

"You don't trust her. I can see that."

He almost stumbled, but he quickened his pace to cover for it.

Rekkana saw so much. It was the thing that astonished him when they first met. She seemed to see right into him, to see all his flaws and failings, all the guilt and regret, and she didn't look away.

"I don't need to trust her. I trust you."

"And that's enough?"


It was, and would be. The truth of that rested easy within him. It was the razor that cut through the chaos and ambiguity of their wild and dangerous lives. She knew what she wanted, and she wanted him by her side. It was an honor.

She lingered behind him, no doubt thinking about their mission.

"Hey, slowpoke. You coming?"


Lisbon-13 stopped to wait for her. He looked out at a landscape somehow outside space, terrible and yet still beautiful in its own way. Rekkana caught up to him.

"Strange, being through the looking glass."


Her eyes were a luminous blue. It was the first thing he'd noticed, before he understood what she could see. He wondered at the mind behind them.

He wondered what she knew about their mission that she wasn't telling him. He wondered what the ramifications of the Cryptochrons learning the truth about the Black Garden might be.

But then he remembered that none of that mattered. He didn't need to ask questions if she knew the answers.

"We should get back to Yardarm before he starts shooting bugs for fun."


Cowl of Righteousness1.jpg

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