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Hunter Exotic Armor

Aeon SwiftGauntletsAeon swift icon1.jpg"We are unique emanations of the same shared Light." —Cult of the Aeons
Assassin's CowlHelmetsAssassin's cowl icon1.jpgNow you see me. Now you don't.
Athrys's EmbraceGauntletsAthrys's embrace icon1.jpg"There is no warrior fiercer than one shielding hatchlings from harm." —Eliksni proverb
Celestial NighthawkHelmetsCelestial nighthawk icon1.jpgStarlight is your guide. No vacuum will contain you.
FoetracerHelmetsFoetracer icon1.jpg"I see you."
Fr0st-EE5Leg ArmorFr0st-EE5.jpg"Hey, if it works for computers..." —Marcus Ren
Gemini JesterLeg ArmorGemini jester icon1.jpg"I love making people laugh. And by 'people,' I mean me. Haha!" "Haha! Me!"
Graviton ForfeitHelmetsGraviton forfeit icon1.jpg"Doesn't matter how good you are; you stay out there too long, you're not coming back. Not the same way you left, anyway." -Tevis
Gwisin VestChest ArmorGwisin vest icon1.jpg"The Traveler called me back. Told me my work on this side isn't done yet." —Seong-Do Whiteclaw
Knucklehead RadarHelmetsKnucklehead radar icon1.jpgYou can see the point, right? Who wants to team up with one?
Lucky PantsLeg ArmorLucky pants icon1.jpg"What? No, I didn't illegally mod the holster. These are just really lucky pants!" —Cayde-6
Lucky RaspberryChest ArmorLucky raspberry icon1.jpg> No one has ever died wearing me. # It's true. She leaves the unworthy before they fall.
Mask of BakrisHelmetsMask of bakris icon1.jpg"I cast off my carapace to be reborn, just like our glorious Riis." —Atraks-1, Fallen Exo
Mechaneer's TricksleevesGauntletsMechaneers tricksleeves icon1.jpg"This won't end well for one of us. And darling, it won't be me." —Self-styled "Lady" Olu Alderdice
OathkeeperGauntletsOathkeeper icon1.jpg"I have not yet met my true death." - Sjur Eido, First Queen's Wrath
OmnioculusChest ArmorOmnioculus icon1.jpgSee the danger, even when it cannot see you.
Ophidia SpatheChest ArmorOphidia Spathe icon1.jpgListen carefully when the serpent speaks, for its tongue is forked, and its words have two meanings.
Orpheus RigLeg ArmorOrpheus rig icon1.jpgNever, ever, look back.
Raiden FluxChest ArmorRaiden flux icon1.jpgInterfaces with synapses (or nearest equivalent) to draw electric power directly from the wearer's body.
Raiju's HarnessChest ArmorRaiju's harness icon1.jpgTo tame that which knows no master, one must bear the storm.
Sealed Ahamkara GraspsGauntletsSealedAhamkaraGrasps.jpgPlating the Ahamkara bones in silver helps to quiet the auditory hallucinations... o bearer mine.
Shards of GalanorGauntletsShards of galanor icon1.jpg"Galanor is beyond my skill to repair." "...I can work with this."
Shinobu's VowGauntletsShinobus vow icon1.jpg"No supplies. Armor in tatters. But the refugees had asked for help. And she had given her word." -Tale of the Six Coyotes
St0mp-EE5Leg ArmorSt0mp-ee5 icon1.jpg"I call them the Stompies! For when your legs need that extra kick." "€”Marcus Ren
The BombardiersLeg ArmorThe bombardiers icon1.jpg"Tallulah Fairwind never turns down a dare." —Tallulah Fairwind
The Dragon's ShadowChest ArmorThe dragons shadow icon1.jpg"It is my honor." -”Chalco Yong to Ikora Rey
The Sixth CoyoteChest ArmorThe sixth coyote icon1.jpg"You wanna use your old name, that's fine by me. Just don't tell anyone." —Micah-10 to Himura Shinobu
Wormhusk CrownHelmetsWormhuskCrown.jpg"Many regard the Hive as mere monsters. But they are so much more. Their minds are sharp, like their blades." —Eris Morn
Young Ahamkara's SpineGauntletsYoung ahamkaras spine icon1.jpgGive me your arm, oh bearer mine. Let me help you fill the world with teeth.

Hunter Armor Sets

See also: Hunter Armor Sets
Armor SetRarityIntrinsic PerkEngramsVendorVendor LocationActivities
Abhorrent Imperative Armor SetLegendaryHeavy Hunter ArmorEscalation Protocol
Ace-Defiant Armor SetLegendaryMobile Hunter ArmorImperial EngramBenedict 99-40The TowerLeviathan
Anti-Extinction Hunter Armor SetLegendaryHeavy Hunter ArmorDead Orbit EngramArach JalaalThe TowerFaction Rally
Bladesmith's Memory SetLegendaryScourge of the Past
Daring Hunter Armor SetCommon
Dead End Cure 2.1 Armor SetLegendaryHeavy Hunter ArmorLegendary Engram
Emperor's Agent Armor SetLegendaryMobile Hunter ArmorBenedict 99-40The TowerLeviathan
Errant Knight 1.0 Armor SetLegendaryMobile Hunter ArmorLegendary Engram
Exodus Down Hunter Armor SetLegendaryHeavy Hunter ArmorNessus EngramFailsafeNessus
Feltroc Armor SetLegendaryHeavy Hunter ArmorLeviathan
Leviathan, Eater of Worlds
Floating Armor SetLegendarySurvivalist Hunter ArmorThe EmissaryThe Third SpireTrials of the Nine
Flowing Armor SetLegendarySurvivalist Hunter ArmorTrials EngramThe EmissaryThe Third SpireTrials of the Nine
Frumious Armor SetLegendaryMobile Hunter ArmorVanguard Research EngramIkora ReyThe Tower
Gensym Knight Hunter Armor SetLegendarySurvivalist Hunter ArmorIo EngramAsher MirIo
Holdfast Hunter SetLegendary
Hunter Exile SetLegendary
Icarus Drifter Armor SetLegendaryHeavy Hunter ArmorLegendary Engram
Iron Truage Hunter Armor SetLegendaryHeavy Hunter ArmorIron EngramLord SaladinThe TowerIron Banner
Kairos Function Hunter Armor SetLegendarySurvivalist Hunter ArmorLighthouse EngramBrother VanceMercury
Kit Fox Armor SetUncommonDecoherent Engrams
Resources and Pickups
Lost Pacific Hunter Armor SetLegendaryMobile Hunter ArmorArcology EngramSloaneTitan (Location)
Makeshift Suit Armor SetUncommon
Mechanik Armor SetUncommonDecoherent Engrams
Resources and Pickups
Mythos Hack 4.1 Armor SetRareSurvivalist Hunter ArmorResources and Pickups
Decoherent Engrams
Omega Mechanos Hunter Armor SetLegendaryMobile Hunter ArmorIlluminated EngramTess EverisThe Tower
Optimacy Hunter Armor SetLegendaryMobile Hunter ArmorBright EngramTess EverisThe Tower
Refugee Hunter Armor SetCommon
Road Complex AA1 Armor SetLegendarySurvivalist Hunter ArmorLegendary Engram
Scavenger Suit Armor SetUncommonDecoherent Engrams
Scorched Hunter Armor SetCommon
Shadow Specter Armor SetRareSurvivalist Hunter ArmorResources and Pickups
Decoherent Engrams
Simulator Hunter Armor SetLegendarySurvivalist Hunter ArmorFuture War Cult EngramLakshmi-2The TowerFaction Rally
Sovereign Hunter Armor SetLegendaryMobile Hunter ArmorNew Monarchy EngramExecutor HideoThe TowerFaction Rally
Swordflight 4.1 Armor SetLegendaryMobile Hunter ArmorCrucible EngramLord ShaxxThe Tower
The Outlander's Armor SetRareSurvivalist Hunter ArmorDecoherent Engrams
The Took Offense Armor SetLegendaryHeavy Hunter ArmorVanguard Tactician EngramCommander ZavalaThe Tower
War Mantis Armor SetRareSurvivalist Hunter ArmorResources and Pickups
Decoherent Engrams
Wastelander Armor SetCommonDecoherent Engrams
Resources and Pickups
Wild Hunt Hunter SetLegendary
Wildwood Hunter Armor SetLegendaryHeavy Hunter ArmorEDZ EngramDevrim KayEDZ, Earth
Winterhart Hunter Armor SetLegendarySurvivalist Hunter ArmorDawning EngramTess EverisThe Tower

Hunter Helmets

Abhorrent Imperative MaskLegendaryAbhorrent Imperative Mask.png10210XUSBECiAVeOlao-srYEPr7bFel]fn>_rN._e>_cE/eiN.L_hi0aE9rLeElo_C>T__1_
Ancient Apocalypse MaskLegendaryAncient apocalypse mask icon1.jpg10210"Maybe you leave your first apocalypse. But your second one never leaves you." —The Drifter
Anti-Extinction MaskLegendaryAnti-extinction mask icon1.jpg110"Let us describe the art of mapping a dream. First, all former dreams must be crushed. This makes the ink with which we draw." -”The Book of Departures, Canto III
Assassin's CowlExoticAssassin's cowl icon1.jpg1662Now you see me. Now you don't.
Bladesmith's Memory MaskLegendaryBladesmiths memory mask icon1.jpg10210"The Black Armory celebrates who we are. Who we all are. We design all of our gear after our traditions. They carry our legacy." -Y. Satou
BrayTech Sn0MaskLegendaryBraytech sn0mask icon1.jpg6610"This is our best work yet." -Project Manager, BrayTech R&D
Calamity Rig MaskLegendaryCalamity rig mask icon1.jpg6610"Always bet on the apocalypse. Best case, you're wrong. Worst case… at least your bag's packed." —The Drifter
Celestial NighthawkExoticCelestial nighthawk icon1.jpg1Starlight is your guide. No vacuum will contain you.
Cinder Pinion CowlLegendaryCinder pinion cowl icon1.jpg6610"It's not enough to react! You must predict your opponent's next move if you hope to counter it." —Lord Shaxx
Cover of the ExileLegendaryCover of the exile icon1.jpg6610"Don't you find it strange that the one called the Speaker rarely has anything useful to say?" —Sayings of the Disciples
Cowl of RighteousnessLegendaryCowl of righteousness icon1.jpg10210"You say this is for the greater good. Which good have you deemed lesser?" —Lisbon-13, Hunter of the Kentarch 3
Crystocrene CowlLegendaryCrystocrene cowl icon1.jpg6610"Your most valuable organ is your brain. Keep it safe with specially carbon-molded headgear." —Excerpt from the Eventide Welcome Guide
Daring Hunter MaskCommonDaring hunter mask icon1.jpg1Go forth, wanderer. Enjoy the journey.
Dead End Cure 2.1 (Helmet)LegendaryDead end cure 2.1 helmet icon1.jpg1"D.E.C. means you don't have to travel alone. Unless you want to." —D.E.C., 1st Brother to Unknown
Dragonfly Regalia MaskLegendaryDragonfly regalia mask icon1.jpgScholars disagree on whether the mythical dragonfly ever really existed.
Dreambane CowlLegendaryDreambane cowl icon1.jpg6610"And lastly, a shroud of dreams, so that you might see these nightmares with open eyes." —Eris Morn
Equitis Shade CowlLegendaryEquitis shade cowl icon1.jpg10210"You have truly grown fat from strength. And you are still as nimble as ever. Magnificent." —Calus, Emperor of the Cabal
Errant Knight 1.0 (Helmet)LegendaryErrant knight 1.0 helmet icon1.jpg2Remember this place when new horizons call.
Exodus Down MaskLegendaryExodus down mask icon1.jpg6610"I used some of my own code to program this armor! But if you die, it's your fault. Not mine." —Failsafe
Floating CowlLegendaryFloating cowl icon1.jpg"For the Light who seeks the freedom to vanish." -Emissary of the Nine
Flowing CowlLegendaryFlowing cowl icon1.jpg"For the Light who moves under cover of dark." -Emissary of the Nine
Flowing Cowl (CODA)LegendaryFlowing cowl (coda) icon1.jpg10210A mercurial skull: for one who seeks answers about the Dark.
FoetracerExoticFoetracer icon1.jpg4616"I see you."
Frostveil MaskLegendaryFrostveil mask icon1.jpg"During the Festival of the Lost, we look back. During the Dawning, we look forward." -Ikora Rey
Frumious MaskLegendaryFrumious mask icon1.jpg2You put the "snicker" in "snicker-snack."
Gensym Knight CasqueLegendaryGensym knight casque icon1.jpg1"I have no use for mawkish sentimentality. What I do need is an assistant who stays alive. As often as possible." -Asher Mir
Graviton ForfeitExoticGraviton forfeit icon1.jpg1727"Doesn't matter how good you are; you stay out there too long, you're not coming back. Not the same way you left, anyway." -Tevis
Helm of the Ace-DefiantLegendaryHelm of the ace-defiant icon1.jpg10210“The Sindu inhabited gas giants in the spinward marches. They refused my invitation at first. As with all things, they came to see things my way.” —Emperor Calus
Holdfast MaskLegendaryHoldfast mask icon1.jpg6610"There's a stone cairn outside the city; been there since Six Fronts. No one visits it, but once a year, I put a fresh lily on top. I hope it brings them peace."—Shiro-4
Icarus Drifter MaskLegendaryIcarus drifter mask icon1.jpg10210"That last flare burned my engines out. Holliday's mad at me." —Ariadne Gris
Insight Rover MaskLegendaryInsight rover mask icon1.jpg10210No living person shall know thy true face.
Intrepid Discovery MaskLegendaryIntrepid discovery mask icon1.jpgLet your cunning lead you to lost relics.
Iron Fellowship CasqueLegendaryIron fellowship casque icon1.jpg10210"Remember why we fight." —Lord Saladin
Iron Remembrance CasqueLegendaryIron remembrance casque icon1.jpg10210To help see our foes when the light has gone dim.
Iron Truage CasqueLegendaryIron truage casque icon1.jpgWhen the Last City was just a patchwork of campfires, the Iron Lords stood guard.
Iron Will MaskLegendaryIron will mask icon1.jpg10210"Thy duty is thy bond. Explore the boundless. Conquer the unknown." —A tenet of the Iron Will
Kairos Function MaskLegendaryKairos function mask icon1.jpg10210"Future War Cult has an artifact they call 'The Device' which may be Vex in origin." —Sister Faora, "Theories on the Vex"
Kit Fox 1.5UncommonKit fox 1.5 icon1.jpg1Who was Kit Ali Ameir? How did she draw images of Cabal a century before first contact?
Knucklehead RadarExoticKnucklehead radar icon1.jpg11310You can see the point, right? Who wants to team up with one?
Legacy's Oath MaskLegendaryLegacy's oath mask icon1.jpg6610"It's not just what I'm capable of. It's how I use it that makes the difference." —Ada-1
Lost Pacific MaskLegendaryLost pacific mask icon1.jpg"I need more data. And... put the lab on yellow alert." -Dr. Shanice Pell
Makeshift Suit (Helmet)UncommonMakeshift suit helmet icon1.jpg1There are some helmets that will change your tactics forever. This is just a helmet.
Mask of BakrisExoticMask of bakris icon1.jpg6610"I cast off my carapace to be reborn, just like our glorious Riis." —Atraks-1, Fallen Exo
Mask of FeltrocLegendaryMask of Emperors agent icon1.jpg10210"I can solve this. Give me a weapon." —Feltroc, the Skull-Piercer at the Battle of Kaga-Clipse
Mask of OptimacyLegendaryMask of optimacy icon1.jpgFrom high atop humanity we watch.
Mask of the Emperor's AgentLegendaryMask of the emperor's agent icon1.jpg10210The next time we meet.
Mask of the Great HuntLegendaryMask of the great hunt icon1.jpg10210I wish to be cunning.
Mechanik 1.2UncommonMechanik 1.2 icon1.jpgHunters found the bounty board in London's ruins. They took every target, even without pay.
Moonfang-X7 MaskLegendaryMoonfang-x7 mask icon1.jpg6610CHECKING FOR FIRMWARE UPDATES… // NO CONNECTION // 8592 DAYS SINCE LAST UPDATE
Mythos Hack 4.1 (Helmet)RareMythos hack 4.1 helmet icon1.jpg101KING TYRANUS: Revived by science, tragic king Tyranus Rex eats his father Hamalco.
Nea-Thonis BreatherLegendaryNea-thonis breather icon1.jpg10210Strange treasures wash up on the Shore.
Omega Mechanos MaskLegendaryOmega mechanos mask icon1.jpg2"The Vex don't really want to kill you. It's just that one of the by-products of conversion is death. Shame, huh?" —Sagira
Opulent Stalker MaskLegendaryOpulent stalker mask icon1.jpg10210"I have foreseen the victories that your cunning shall win in my name. Over and over." —Emperor Calus
Phobos Warden MaskLegendaryPhobos warden mask icon1.jpg6610"I'm fine. Begin the transmission." —Commander Zavala
Praefectus MaskLegendaryPraefectus mask icon1.jpg6610"The past is the past; we cannot return to it. All we can do now is fight for the future our people deserve, through blade and blood." —Valus Cau'tor
Prodigal MaskLegendaryProdigal mask icon1.jpg10210"There's a new player over on the Shore. He calls himself 'Crow.' As if trying to rub our prince's death in our faces." -Report from Paladin Hallam Fen
Pyrrhic Ascent MaskLegendaryPyrrhic ascent mask icon1.jpg6610"From the first whisper, I knew it spoke truth."—Aisha, Human Hunter
Qiao's GrinLegendaryQiaos grin icon1.jpg"Let the outside mirror what is found on the inside."
Red Moon Phantom MaskLegendaryRed moon phantom mask icon1.jpg10210"Seemed dead, but then she sat right up. Only symptom is amnesia. Can't even remember her own name." -Annals of the Saharan Contested Zone
Refugee MaskCommonRefugee mask icon1.jpgKeep your wits about you. They're all you have left.
Reverie Dawn CasqueLegendaryReverie dawn casque icon1.jpg1066"I've learned not to be ashamed of the fear. It's to be expected, given what we are." -Pavel Nolg
Righteous MaskLegendaryRighteous mask icon1.jpgUnflinching nobility.
Road Complex AA1 (Helmet)LegendaryRoad complex aa1 helmet icon1.jpg101"Be mindful of the countless miles ahead. They will test even the bravest among us." —The Speaker
Scatterhorn MaskLegendaryScatterhorn mask icon1.jpg12122"Since the Scatter, nowhere in the Reef felt like home. Before I knew it, I found myself on the Shore." -Renegade Corsair Errol Mayz
Scavenger Suit (Helmet)UncommonScavenger suit helmet icon1.jpg1For ages, Guardians have visited new lands, seen the sights, and ransacked them for loot.
Scorched Hunter MaskCommonScorched hunter mask icon1.jpg1The galaxy feels smaller now. It's not a pleasant feeling.
Seventh Seraph CowlLegendarySeventh seraph cowl icon1.jpg6610"How many of these damn things are there?" —First Lieutenant Artur Voronin
Shadow Specter (Helmet)RareShadow specter helmet icon1.jpg101Look now, with sullen eyes, to those long lost worlds no one has ever walked.
Shadow's MaskLegendaryShadow's mask icon1.jpg10210"The athenaeum worlds lie before you. Everything from the Empire of old that was—and has been lost. You and I will rediscover them together. As true Cabal." —Emperor Calus
Simulator MaskLegendarySimulator mask icon1.jpg"It's not inevitable, is it? What I saw? Please say it's not." RECORD 451-CHASM-7037
Skerren Corvus MaskLegendarySkerren corvus mask icon1.jpgGrowth in the field is achieved by outwitting the enemy.
Solstice Mask (Drained)CommonSolstice mask (drained) icon1.jpgComplete runs through the European Aerial Zone, land precision final blows, and defeat Fallen combatants.
Solstice Mask (Magnificent)LegendarySolstice mask (magnificent) icon1.jpg6610Complete a Nightfall: The Ordeal strike on Master difficulty.
Solstice Mask (Majestic)LegendarySolstice mask (majestic) icon1.jpg10210Complete a Prestige Nightfall with a score of 200,000 or better.
Solstice Mask (Renewed)RareSolstice mask (renewed) icon1.jpgComplete bounties, loot chests in the European Aerial Zone, and defeat enemies with Arc weapons.
Solstice Mask (Resplendent)LegendarySolstice mask (resplendent) icon1.jpg10210Complete the Nightfall Prestige at or above the bonus threshold.
Sovereign MaskLegendarySovereign mask icon1.jpg"Above all, Executors must cultivate perceptiveness, for without this, kings and queens might walk before our faces and we would not see." -Laws of the Executors, Vol. 3
Substitutional Alloy MaskLegendarySubstitutional alloy mask icon1.jpg10210Time is an ocean, vast without shore.
Swordflight 4.1 (Helmet)LegendarySwordflight 4.1 helmet icon1.jpg"I will forge you into a weapon stronger than any blade." —Lord Shaxx
Tangled Web MaskLegendaryTangled web mask icon1.jpg10210"I was at the Final Attempt. I saw a Guardian wield a gun that left molten gold in her wake. I ran and never looked back." -Avrok, trans. from Eliksni
The Outlander's CoverRareThe outlanders cover icon1.jpg11...laughs at the horizon-ever changing, ever new.
The Took Offense (Helmet)LegendaryThe took offense helmet icon1.jpg1Hunters are big on the "outrageous fortune." Emphasis on outrage. And fortune.
Vanguard Dare CasqueLegendaryVanguard dare casque icon1.jpg"Cayde was the smooth-talker. Shiro was the behind-the-scenes. Andal was the mastermind." -Ghost of Shiro-4
War MantisRareWar mantis icon1.jpg10210"Today, young Guardians, you will learn how to run a Cabal naval blockade. Both ways." —Unknown
War Mantis (Helmet)RareWar mantis helmet icon1.jpg101"Today, young Guardians, you will learn how to run a Cabal naval blockade. Both ways."—Unknown
Wastelander MaskCommonWastelander mask icon1.jpgThe wilds are your home. Let your instincts guide you.
Wild Hunt MaskLegendaryWild hunt mask icon1.jpg6610Be ever vigilant.
Wildwood MaskLegendaryWildwood mask icon1.jpg"I love the City. But I don't want to go back. I want to bring the City to the EDZ." -Devrim Kay
Winterhart MaskLegendaryWinterhart mask icon1.jpg10210"We are the last city of Humans. We greet each new year with joy and thanksgiving." --Tyra Karn
Wormhusk CrownExoticWormhuskCrown.jpg7217"Many regard the Hive as mere monsters. But they are so much more. Their minds are sharp, like their blades." —Eris Morn
Woven Firesmith MaskLegendaryWoven firesmith mask icon1.jpg10210"We do not trust what you call the Light, but certain times call for unlikely allies." -Ada-1

Hunter Chest Armor

Chest ArmorRarityImageMobilityResilienceRecoveryDescription
Abhorrent Imperative VestLegendaryAbhorrent Imperative Vest.png102109LO/AN>TRnNl.dNPtEALm_l:p_[dihtyZHeaet/Oirio/sMk_._o_mN>A_3NdeEGSV0
Ancient Apocalypse VestLegendaryAncient apocalypse vest icon1.jpg10210"Sometimes it's a cosmic event. Sometimes it's a beast from hell. Sometimes it's one man." —The Drifter
Anti-Extinction VestLegendaryAnti-extinction vest icon1.jpg120"Our fundamental principle, to which all the Arachs must swear, is emigration." -”The Book of Departures, Canto I
Calamity Rig VestLegendaryCalamity rig vest icon1.jpg6610"When the ship goes down, you can't save it. You just gotta choose: go under, or swim." —The Drifter
Cinder Pinion VestLegendaryCinder pinion vest icon1.jpg6610"Your Light is a flame, Guardian. Kindle it, and hear it roar." —Lord Shaxx
Crystocrene VestLegendaryCrystocrene vest icon1.jpg6610"Conserving body heat is key to staving off hypothermia; a serious risk on Europa." —Excerpt from the Eventide Welcome Guide
Daring Hunter VestCommonDaring hunter vest icon1.jpg11"Rules are for Titans and Warlocks. Hunters? Not so much." -Cayde-6, Hunter Vanguard
Dead End Cure 2.1 (Chest Armor)LegendaryDead end cure 2.1 chest armor icon1.jpg"There's no dead ends, fella." —D.E.C., 1st Sister to Unknown
Dreambane VestLegendaryDreambane vest icon1.jpg6610"The mind might quail, so your heart must prevail." —Eris Morn
Equitis Shade RigLegendaryEquitis shade rig icon1.jpg10210"A little faster. A little more lethal. You are almost ready… to cast a Shadow." —Calus, Emperor of the Cabal
Errant Knight 1.0 (Chest Armor)LegendaryErrant knight 1.0 chest armor icon1.jpg210The quickening beat is in step with your wanderer's stride.
Exodus Down VestLegendaryExodus down vest icon1.jpg6610"Adjust course two degrees. It's a long way to Kepler-186, folks. We don't have time to tour Nessus." —Capt. Masoud Jacobson
Floating VestLegendaryFloating vest icon1.jpg"For one who does not challenge the blow, but avoids it altogether." -”Emissary of the Nine
Flowing VestLegendaryFlowing vest icon1.jpg"For those to whom the agency to move is both attack and defense." -”Emissary of the Nine
Flowing Vest (CODA)LegendaryFlowing vest (coda) icon1.jpg10210A mercurial bust: for one who seeks answers about the Dark.
Frumious VestLegendaryFrumious vest icon1.jpg2When have you ever known Hunters to do as they were told?
Gensym Knight CuirassLegendaryGensym knight cuirass icon1.jpg1"Have you ever considered that the Traveler might be just as chaotic and arbitrary as everything else?" -Asher Mir
Gwisin VestExoticGwisin vest icon1.jpg1276"The Traveler called me back. Told me my work on this side isn't done yet." —Seong-Do Whiteclaw
Holdfast VestLegendaryHoldfast vest icon1.jpg6610"I hit a wall on the third night. It felt like the sun would never rise over the Gap again. But it did. It always does, if you can make it just a little longer."—Ana Bray
Icarus Drifter VestLegendaryIcarus drifter vest icon1.jpg10210"You wouldn't believe the solar flare I caught the other day. Rode it halfway to Venus." —Blue Boaz
Insight Rover VestLegendaryInsight rover vest icon1.jpg10210Within this chest beats the heart of a phantom—an apparition, a wraith, a ghost.
Intrepid Discovery VestLegendaryIntrepid discovery vest icon1.jpgThere is freedom in the chase.
Iron Fellowship VestLegendaryIron fellowship vest icon1.jpg10210"So long as the Iron Banner flies, the Iron Lords will never die." —Lord Saladin
Iron Remembrance VestLegendaryIron remembrance vest icon1.jpg10210To warm our bodies in the chill of the night.
Iron Truage VestLegendaryIron truage vest icon1.jpgThe Iron Lords were the first to declare themselves Guardians of the Traveler and the people.
Iron Will VestLegendaryIron will vest icon1.jpg10210"Thy duty is thy bond. Explore the boundless. Conquer the unknown." —A tenet of the Iron Will
Kit Fox 1.4UncommonKit fox 1.4 icon1.jpg11Finders, keepers.
Legacy's Oath VestLegendaryLegacy's oath vest icon1.jpg6610"Every day is a recommitment to my path." —Elsie Bray
Lost Pacific VestLegendaryLost pacific vest icon1.jpg"The probe's initial data makes no sense. And then the signal died. What have we found?" -Dr. Shanice Pell
Lucky RaspberryExoticLucky raspberry icon1.jpg1476> No one has ever died wearing me. # It's true. She leaves the unworthy before they fall.
Makeshift Suit (Chest Armor)UncommonMakeshift suit icon1.jpg11Hunters pooled their scavenged gear to build new field suits.
Mechanik 2.1UncommonMechanik 2.1 icon1.jpgAlone or in packs, Hunters scour worlds for the most dangerous and prestigious game.
Moonfang-X7 RigLegendaryMoonfang-x7 rig icon1.jpg6610"Like old Drifter's gonna let this collect dust on a shelf just cause of some failed safety tests… Don't they know what we're dealing with?"
—The Drifter
Mythos Hack 4.1 (Chest Armor)RareMythos hack 4.1 icon1.jpg121LUSIADS: A sea captain journeys to India to avenge his brother Vali, but finds peace.
OmnioculusExoticOmnioculus icon1.jpg6610See the danger, even when it cannot see you.
Ophidia SpatheExoticOphidia Spathe icon1.jpg1267Listen carefully when the serpent speaks, for its tongue is forked, and its words have two meanings.
Opulent Stalker VestLegendaryOpulent stalker vest icon1.jpg10210"I have foreseen what must fall so the Empire may rise. Your mastery of silent slaughter shall make true Cabal of us all." —Emperor Calus
Phobos Warden VestLegendaryPhobos warden vest icon1.jpg6610"The Traveler protects us, and we will protect you." —Commander Zavala
Praefectus CuirassLegendaryPraefectus cuirass icon1.jpg6610"Many victories seem out of reach. But you march onward, step by step, wound after wound, until they are in your grasp." —Empress Caiatl
Pyrrhic Ascent VestLegendaryPyrrhic ascent vest icon1.jpg6610"When you lose your faith, you lose a part of yourself."—Aisha, Human Hunter
Raiden FluxExoticRaiden flux icon1.jpg8116Interfaces with synapses (or nearest equivalent) to draw electric power directly from the wearer's body.
Raiju's HarnessExoticRaiju's harness icon1.jpg6610To tame that which knows no master, one must bear the storm.
Refugee Vest (Hunter Chest Armor)CommonRefugee vest hunter chest armor icon1.jpg11Well, you've looked better. But hey, you've looked worse.
Righteous VestLegendaryRighteous vest icon1.jpgHonor from glory. Pride from worth.
Road Complex AA1 (Chest Armor)LegendaryRoad complex aa1 chest armor icon1.jpg111"Travel far and travel wide, and know that you are always welcome home." —The Speaker
Scavenger Suit (Chest Armor)UncommonScavenger suit icon1.jpg11Some Hunters will offer you hope. Others just know how to track fresh water.
Scorched Hunter VestCommonScorched hunter vest icon1.jpg11Every journey has its ups and downs. That's what you keep telling yourself, at least.
Seventh Seraph VestLegendarySeventh seraph vest icon1.jpg6610Bereft of guidance and sanctuary.
Shadow Specter (Chest Armor)RareShadow specter icon1.jpg111Haunt the paths yet tread, that your wake may guide those brave enough to follow.
Shadow's VestLegendaryShadow's vest icon1.jpg10210"Nothing. Nothing can stop us. You and I shall take back the pillars of existence from the lost athenaeum worlds." —Emperor Calus
Shieldbreaker VestRareShieldbreaker vest icon1.jpg"Another successful mission accomplished, Captain!" -Failsafe
Simulator VestLegendarySimulator vest icon1.jpg"Flames. Ice. Floods. Whirlwinds. Earthquakes. Eruptions. Destruction and despair." RECORD 458-CHASM-7121
Solstice Vest (Drained)CommonSolstice vest (drained) icon1.jpgLoot chests in the European Aerial Zone, collect Elemental Orbs of any type in any activity, and defeat enemies in the European Aerial Zone while equipped with a Solar subclass.
Solstice Vest (Magnificent)LegendarySolstice vest (magnificent) icon1.jpg6610Complete the "Pit of Heresy" on the Moon.
Solstice Vest (Majestic)LegendarySolstice vest (majestic) icon1.jpg10210Complete the dungeon "Shattered Throne" in the Dreaming City with a fireteam of two players or fewer.
Solstice Vest (Renewed)RareSolstice vest (renewed) icon1.jpg1Complete Gambit matches, collect Elemental Orbs using a matching [Arc Kill] / [Solar Kill] / [Void Kill] subclass, and defeat enemy combatants with Void grenades.
Sovereign VestLegendarySovereign vest icon1.jpg"In seeking a true leader, the Executor must test the heart of each candidate, sifting through the weak, foolish, and evil for the good." Laws of the Executors, Vol. 13
Substitutional Alloy VestLegendarySubstitutional alloy vest icon1.jpg10210For our salvation, the universe shall be remade.
Swordflight 4.1 (Chest Armor)LegendarySwordflight 4.1 chest armor icon1.jpg210The hotter you burn, the stronger you become.
The Dragon's ShadowExoticThe dragons shadow icon1.jpg1"It is my honor." -”Chalco Yong to Ikora Rey
The Outlander's HeartRareThe outlanders heart with each new step into the beyond.
The Sixth CoyoteExoticThe sixth coyote icon1.jpg1177"You wanna use your old name, that's fine by me. Just don't tell anyone." —Micah-10 to Himura Shinobu
The Took Offense (Chest Armor)LegendaryThe took offense chest armor icon1.jpg1It's all good fun... until it's not.
Vest of Emperor's AgentLegendaryVest of Emperors agent icon1.jpg"The Loyalists won't be ready until every world in this system casts a Shadow. Calus will get us there." "Emperor's Agent, the Skull-Piercer
Vest of FeltrocLegendaryVest of Emperors agent icon1.jpg10210"The Loyalists won't be ready until every world in this system casts a Shadow. Calus will get us there." —Feltroc, the Skull-Piercer
Vest of OptimacyLegendaryVest of optimacy icon1.jpgYour true worth has at last manifested.
Vest of TranscendenceLegendaryVest of transcendence icon1.jpg10210"If you do this, it can't be undone. Some choices change you. This is one of them." —Lisbon-13, Hunter of the Kentarch 3
Vest of the Ace-DefiantLegendaryVest of the ace-defiant icon1.jpg10210“The Ace-Defiant burned his mind to fly my golden ship. Being a Loyalist costs you. Being a Shadow costs dearly.” —Emperor Calus
Vest of the Emperor's AgentLegendaryVest of the emperor's agent icon1.jpg10210You don't realize that I'm all around you.
Vest of the ExileLegendaryVest of the exile icon1.jpg6610"Let the heat melt your body so your soul might flow with the river of time." —Parables of the Allspring
Vest of the Great HuntLegendaryVest of the great hunt icon1.jpg10210I wish to be daring.
War Mantis (Chest Armor)RareWar mantis icon1.jpg121Wartime necessity simplifies most hardware. But Hunter armor becomes more…personal.
Wastelander VestCommonWastelander vest icon1.jpgHunters are born survivors.
Wild Hunt VestLegendaryWild hunt vest icon1.jpg6610"We tracked the thing all the way to the ruins of Old Chicago, down into the tombs. We weren't hunting it. It was luring us." —Aisha, Human Hunter
Wildwood VestLegendaryWildwood vest icon1.jpg"Perhaps we can take it back. You know? Perhaps the Farm can be another City." -Devrim Kay
Winterhart VestLegendaryWinterhart vest icon1.jpg10210"The nights are long and cold. We must take care of each other." --Tyra Karn

Hunter Gauntlets

Abhorrent Imperative GraspsLegendaryAbhorrent Imperative Grasps.png10210TN-TEGEUPzIAgrPRt_WUrlinttnefiniNsn_id>Einr_LeZls_efLr_OWcsPeeAe>PX
Aeon SwiftExoticAeon swift icon1.jpg11311"We are unique emanations of the same shared Light." —Cult of the Aeons
Ancient Apocalypse GripsLegendaryAncient apocalypse grips icon1.jpg10210"Sometimes the difference between survival and eradication is just pure, simple stubbornness." —The Drifter
Anti-Extinction GraspsLegendaryAnti-extinction grasps icon1.jpg110"As birds are touched by a sudden and invisible instinct to fly to safer ground, so are we." -”The Book of Departures, Canto VII
Athrys's EmbraceExoticAthrys's embrace icon1.jpg6610"There is no warrior fiercer than one shielding hatchlings from harm." —Eliksni proverb
Bladesmith's Memory GripsLegendaryBladesmiths memory grips icon1.jpg10210"Tradition binds us. It keeps us in line. It is the foundation of family, and the Black Armory is a family." -Y. Satou
BrayTech Survival MittsLegendaryBraytech survival mitts icon1.jpg6610"Stand over here. Stick your arm out. Yes, perfect. OK, just hold still..." -Production Lead, BrayTech R&D
Calamity Rig SleevesLegendaryCalamity rig sleeves icon1.jpg6610"The signs are always there, if you know what to look for. Most folks don't." —The Drifter
Cinder Pinion GraspsLegendaryCinder pinion grasps icon1.jpg6610Ikora Rey still holds the record for most consecutive victories in the Crucible. No one else has come close.
Crystocrene GripsLegendaryCrystocrene grips icon1.jpg6610"Busy hands are warm hands! Do your part for the colony in these extra-insulated work gloves." —Excerpt from the Eventide Welcome Guide
Daring Hunter GripsCommonDaring hunter grips icon1.jpg1All you need is a good gun and a fast ride.
Dead End Cure 2.1 (Gauntlets)LegendaryDead end cure 2.1 gauntlets icon1.jpg0"The path don't end. You do." —D.E.C. slogan
Dragonfly Regalia GraspsLegendaryDragonfly regalia grasps icon1.jpgIn the City, dragonflies are a symbol of hope and beauty.
Dreambane GripsLegendaryDreambane grips icon1.jpg6610"Their curses are now your charms. Hold such hatreds close, for they reveal their fears." —Eris Morn
Equitis Shade GripsLegendaryEquitis shade grips icon1.jpg10210"Ace pilots. Assassination squads. Swift thieves in the night. Your tribe would make stunning Shadows." —Calus, Emperor of the Cabal
Errant Knight 1.0 (Gauntlets)LegendaryErrant knight 1.0 gauntlets icon1.jpgTake the lost by the hand and lead them ever here, ever home.
Exodus Down GripsLegendaryExodus down grips icon1.jpg6610"Captain, the orbit of 7066 Nessus is different from what the Cosmodrome calculated." —Flight Officer Samantha Blaise
Floating GripsLegendaryFloating grips icon1.jpg"For the Light who seeks complete movement in their strike." -”Emissary of the Nine
Flowing GripsLegendaryFlowing grips icon1.jpg"For those to whom precision is a necessity." -”Emissary of the Nine
Flowing Grips (CODA)LegendaryFlowing grips (coda) icon1.jpg10210A mercurial limb: for one who seeks answers about the Dark.
Frostveil GraspsLegendaryFrostveil grasps icon1.jpg"We welcome the Dawning of a new year with hearts open and arms outstretched." -Eva Levante
Frumious GripsLegendaryFrumious grips icon1.jpg0It makes perfect sense to you. And that's all that matters.
Gearhead GripsRareGearhead grips icon1.jpg"I dunno what's more fun: Stealing enemy vehicles, or blowing them up." -Hawthorne
Gensym Knight GripsLegendaryGensym knight grips icon1.jpg1"Gensym Armor. Let's hope it does you more good than it did me." -”Asher Mir
Gloves of the Emperor's AgentLegendaryGloves of the emperor's agent icon1.jpg10210You left me with nothing, but now I have everything.
Grips of ExaltationLegendaryGrips of exaltation icon1.jpg10210"You have the hands of an artist. Fortunately for us, one of those arts is war." —Lisbon-13, Hunter of the Kentarch 3
Grips of FeltrocLegendaryGrips of Emperors agent icon1.jpg10210"There's something very settling about sleeping atop a pile of my own spent rounds." —Feltroc, the Skull-Piercer
Grips of the Ace-DefiantLegendaryGrips of the ace-defiant icon1.jpg10210“The Sindu fly like surgeons operate. And the Ace-Defiants are the best among them. Only one Shadowed me.” —Emperor Calus
Grips of the Emperor's AgentLegendaryGrips of Emperors agent icon1.jpgYou left me with nothing, but now I have everything.
Grips of the ExileLegendaryGrips of the exile icon1.jpg6610"Strengthen the body, empower the mind." —Parables of the Allspring
Grips of the Great HuntLegendaryGrips of the great hunt icon1.jpg10210I wish to be precise.
Holdfast GripsLegendaryHoldfast grips icon1.jpg6610Brace for the coming shadow.
Icarus Drifter GripsLegendaryIcarus drifter grips icon1.jpg10210"Bet I can get to 15-6-6 Icarus before you can!" —Tallu Fairwind
Insight Rover GripsLegendaryInsight rover grips icon1.jpg10210These hands have caused so much pain.
Intrepid Discovery GripsLegendaryIntrepid discovery grips icon1.jpgCut your way through the darkest forests.
Iron Fellowship GripsLegendaryIron fellowship grips icon1.jpg10210"Some friendships, even death itself cannot sunder." —Lord Saladin
Iron Remembrance GripsLegendaryIron remembrance grips icon1.jpg10210To keep our hands warm when the fires burn low.
Iron Truage GripsLegendaryIron truage grips icon1.jpgThe Iron Banner tournament keeps alive the heroes of humanity's dark past.
Iron Will SleevesLegendaryIron will sleeves icon1.jpg10210"Thy duty is thy bond. Explore the boundless. Conquer the unknown." —A tenet of the Iron Will
Kairos Function GripsLegendaryKairos function grips icon1.jpg10210"Vex structures on Venus and Mercury predate the Golden Age, and possibly Humanity itself." —Sister Faora, "Theories on the Vex"
Kit Fox 2.1UncommonKit fox 2.1 icon1.jpg1Before the fight, prepare. In the fight, improvise. After the fight? Exaggerate.
Legacy's Oath GripsLegendaryLegacy's oath grips icon1.jpg6610"Certainty is our greatest asset. Without it, we're nothing but shots in the dark." —Lakshmi-2
Lost Pacific GripsLegendaryLost pacific grips icon1.jpg"Send a deep-space probe toward the anomaly. I want to know what it is." -Dr. Shanice Pell
Makeshift Suit (Gauntlets)UncommonMakeshift suit gauntlets icon1.jpg1When you pick up strange new firearms every day, sturdy gloves are a must.
Mechaneer's TricksleevesExoticMechaneers tricksleeves icon1.jpg4616"This won't end well for one of us. And darling, it won't be me." —Self-styled "Lady" Olu Alderdice
Mechanik 1.1 (Gauntlets)UncommonMechanik 1.1 gauntlets icon1.jpg"The old debts don’t matter anymore. We’ve got a bigger score to settle." - Shiro-4
Moonfang-X7 GripsLegendaryMoonfang-x7 grips icon1.jpg6610Be fleet as a fox with Daito's new Vulpina Actuators, the perfect combination of weight efficiency and grip strength.
—Daito product manual
Mythos Hack 4.1 (Gauntlets)RareMythos hack 4.1 gauntlets icon1.jpg101PARADISE LOST: A group of castaways seek to overthrow the devine order.
OathkeeperExoticOathkeeper icon1.jpg7107"I have not yet met my true death." - Sjur Eido, First Queen's Wrath
Omega Mechanos GraspsLegendaryOmega mechanos grasps icon1.jpg0"They want to turn you into data sets. Strip away everything about you that doesn't 'compute' for them." —Sagira
Opulent Stalker GripsLegendaryOpulent stalker grips icon1.jpg10210"I have foreseen the work that will bring this system together. I'll need your cunning." —Emperor Calus
Phobos Warden GraspsLegendaryPhobos warden grasps icon1.jpg6610"Stay strong. Be brave." —Commander Zavala
Praefectus GripsLegendaryPraefectus grips icon1.jpg6610"You want a ship? Surely your friends in the fleet would be happy to retrieve another lost Legionary. That is, unless, you'd rather not be found…" —The Spider
Prodigal GraspsLegendaryProdigal grasps icon1.jpg10210"The Reef grieves for Uldren Sov, lost in the Taken War. He will be remembered as a voice for peace." -Paladin Devi Cassl
Pyrrhic Ascent GraspsLegendaryPyrrhic ascent grasps icon1.jpg6610"I could have done more. Should have done more."—Aisha, Human Hunter
Qiao's CareLegendaryQiaos care icon1.jpg"Always reach for understanding and compassion."
Red Moon Phantom GripsLegendaryRed moon phantom grips icon1.jpg10210"Lord Kandak is 'considering' our appeal for more protection. Sidenote: When the Warlord took out his Ghost, Enitan fled the assembly. Why? She still claims amnesia." -Annals of the Saharan Contested Zone
Refugee Gloves (Hunter Gauntlets)CommonRefugee gloves icon1.jpg1The Hunter has become the hunted.
Reverie Dawn GraspsLegendaryReverie dawn grasps icon1.jpg1066"For starlight was my mother, and my father was the dark." -Queen Mara Sov
Righteous GripsLegendaryRighteous grips icon1.jpgBlessed with the strength of your convictions.
Road Complex AA1 (Gauntlets)LegendaryRoad complex aa1 gauntlets icon1.jpg"An adventurer's spirit is a tool so few possess. Own it. Enjoy it." —The Speaker
Scatterhorn GraspsLegendaryScatterhorn grasps icon1.jpg12122"That's no ordinary dust. You're standing on the pulverized remnants of 1 Ceres." -Corsair Anzani Lyle
Scavenger Suit (Gauntlets)UncommonScavenger suit gauntlets icon1.jpg1"No, no, Guardians don't steal. We just... clean up after ourselves." ---Kit Ali Ameir
Scorched Hunter GripsCommonScorched hunter grips icon1.jpg1These grips were much more useful with the Traveler's Light.
Sealed Ahamkara GraspsExoticSealedAhamkaraGrasps.jpg7116Plating the Ahamkara bones in silver helps to quiet the auditory hallucinations... o bearer mine.
Seventh Seraph GripsLegendarySeventh seraph grips icon1.jpg6610Not far now.
Shadow Specter (Gauntlets)RareShadow specter gauntlets icon1.jpg101Cling to this world, oh departed friend, that its wonders will never slip your grasp.
Shadow's GripsLegendaryShadow's grips icon1.jpg10210"With my knowledge of the future and all that you've seen and done… The silence borne of it… What can stop us at the end of all things?" —Emperor Calus
Shards of GalanorExoticShards of galanor icon1.jpg7116"Galanor is beyond my skill to repair." "...I can work with this."
Shinobu's VowExoticShinobus vow icon1.jpg1176"No supplies. Armor in tatters. But the refugees had asked for help. And she had given her word." -Tale of the Six Coyotes
Simulator GripsLegendarySimulator grips icon1.jpg"Visualization was unexpectedly drawn toward images suggestive of the past. Experiment terminated at lead investigator's frantic demand." -RECORD 457-CHASM-7002
Skerren Corvus GraspsLegendarySkerren corvus grasps icon1.jpgThe defender holds you up to distract.
Solstice Grasps (Drained)CommonSolstice grasps (drained) icon1.jpgComplete playlist strikes, collect Solar orbs in Gambit, and unlock Solstice Packages.
Solstice Grasps (Magnificent)LegendarySolstice grasps (magnificent) icon1.jpg6610Complete a Nightmare Hunt on the Moon.
Solstice Grasps (Majestic)LegendarySolstice grasps (majestic) icon1.jpg1066Complete playlist strikes with clanmates.
Solstice Grasps (Renewed)RareSolstice grasps (renewed) icon1.jpgComplete Heroic public events, collect Arc orbs in any strike, and defeat Cabal combatants using a subclass that matches the [Arc Kill] / [Solar Kill] / [Void Kill] Day.
Solstice Grasps (Resplendent)LegendarySolstice grasps (resplendent) icon1.jpg10210Complete strikes with at least one clanmate.
Songbreaker GripsRareSongbreaker grips icon1.jpg"They're powered by that Hive rock you got me! Sloane gave me permission once I explained the voltmeter readings." -Amanda Holliday
Sovereign GripsLegendarySovereign grips icon1.jpg"With stout and unfailing arm, Executors shall defend the principles of monarchy to all who challenge them." Laws of the Executors, Vol.
Substitutional Alloy GripsLegendarySubstitutional alloy grips icon1.jpg10210We shall rise before we die, and die before we have risen.
Swordflight 4.1 (Gauntlets)LegendarySwordflight 4.1 gauntlets icon1.jpg0Fly faster. Cut deeper. Burn harder.
Tangled Web GripsLegendaryTangled web grips icon1.jpg10210"The Kells are dead or mad. The era of Houses is over. So I came to the Shore." -Arrha, trans. from Eliksni
The Outlander's GripRareThe outlanders grip icon1.jpg11...gathers the treasures others can't reach.
The Took Offense (Gauntlets)LegendaryThe took offense gauntlets icon1.jpg0The best defense is offense, because then your enemy's dead. The second-best defense is good armor.
Vanguard Dare GripsLegendaryVanguard dare grips icon1.jpg"I'm glad you all had him. But he was ours first." -Ghost of Shiro-4
War Mantis (Gauntlets)RareWar mantis gauntlets icon1.jpg101The metamaterial that coats the gauntlet repels Cabal pressure gel. Keep it clean.
Wastelander WrapsCommonWastelander wraps icon1.jpgLet the thrill of the hunt drive you. That, and fear of extinction.
Wild Hunt GraspsLegendaryWild hunt grasps icon1.jpg6610Strike like a serpent.
Wildwood GripsLegendaryWildwood grips icon1.jpg"I don't know about you, but the EDZ has grown on me. Literally. The moss gets everywhere." -Devrim Kay
Winterhart GripsLegendaryWinterhart grips icon1.jpg10210"No light ever truly goes out." --Lady Jolder
Woven Firesmith GripsLegendaryWoven firesmith grips icon1.jpg10210"Think what you will, I am merely a seamstress of demise." -Ada-1
Young Ahamkara's SpineExoticYoung ahamkaras spine icon1.jpg10311Give me your arm, oh bearer mine. Let me help you fill the world with teeth.

Hunter Leg Armor

Leg ArmorRarityImageMobilityResilienceRecoveryDescription
Abhorrent Imperative StridesLegendaryAbhorrent Imperative Strides.png102101G_SITOa_oAM_tOUi_UU_t>tenttgp_bDacAamwda/asNnTwf_>nE_oZUocOetEiLS0
Ancient Apocalypse StridesLegendaryAncient apocalypse strides icon1.jpg10210"I stopped counting the Armageddons." —The Drifter
Anti-Extinction LegsLegendaryAnti-extinction legs icon1.jpg10210"Some Arachs turn from their path and embrace the Earth as home. One and all, they are bitterly disappointed." —The Book of Departures, Canto XII
Boots of FeltrocLegendaryBoots of Emperors agent icon1.jpg10210"The Clipse worship guns. That's why Rull and I have an understanding. Even if he's not bright." —Feltroc, the Skull-Piercer
Boots of the Ace-DefiantLegendaryBoots of the ace-defiant icon1.jpg10210“We armed the Sindu with a fleet of golden ships. Their interceptors are a shield for the Leviathan, as the Shadows are my sword.” —Emperor Calus
Boots of the Emperor's AgentLegendaryBoots of the emperor's agent icon1.jpg10210You're a difficult one to find.
Boots of the ExileLegendaryBoots of the exile icon1.jpg6610"Many followed him when he left—if not with their feet, then with their hearts." —Fractal Scrolls
Calamity Rig StridesLegendaryCalamity rig strides icon1.jpg6610"They say you can't run from what's coming. They obviously haven't seen old Drifter turn on the jets." —The Drifter
Cinder Pinion StridesLegendaryCinder pinion strides icon1.jpg6610"They can't kill what they can't catch. Take flight." —Lord Shaxx
Crystocrene StridesLegendaryCrystocrene strides icon1.jpg6610"Ultra-light ion shielding keeps you protected AND mobile in a radiated, rapidly changing climate." —Excerpt from the Eventide Welcome Guide
Daring Hunter StridesCommonDaring hunter strides icon1.jpg1A Hunter's bootprints mark the outer edges of the known galaxy.
Dead End Cure 2.1 (Leg Armor)LegendaryDead end cure 2.1 leg armor icon1.jpg"We kill miles." —D.E.C. slogan
Dreambane StridesLegendaryDreambane strides icon1.jpg6610"You will go where none have gone before. Tread carefully." —Eris Morn
Equitis Shade BootsLegendaryEquitis shade boots icon1.jpg10210"There has only been a single Shadow from each people I've encountered. Yet there are so many Lights, and I have so little time…" —Calus, Emperor of the Cabal.
Errant Knight 1.0 (Leg Armor)LegendaryErrant knight 1.0 leg armor icon1.jpgWalk on, noble hero... all roads lead home.
Exodus Down StridesLegendaryExodus down strides icon1.jpg6610"We might be stopping at Nessus after all. We just lost the starboard engine." —Chief Eng. Kaoru Zuykova
Floating BootsLegendaryFloating boots icon1.jpg"For those who seek not swiftness, but the idea of it." -”Emissary of the Nine
Flowing BootsLegendaryFlowing boots icon1.jpg"For one who covets silent steps." -Emissary of the Nine
Flowing Boots (CODA)LegendaryFlowing boots (coda) icon1.jpg10210A mercurial brace: for one who seeks answers about the Dark.
Fr0st-EE5ExoticFr0st-EE5.jpg1826"Hey, if it works for computers..." —Marcus Ren
Frumious StridesLegendaryFrumious strides icon1.jpg310Mostly the hero-but with a healthy dash of the monster, too. That's what it means to be a Hunter.
Gensym Knight StridesLegendaryGensym knight strides icon1.jpg1"Congratulations on finding your true calling in life. You have been an... adequate assistant." -”Asher Mir
Holdfast StridesLegendaryHoldfast strides icon1.jpg6610Some storms can't be outrun.
Icarus Drifter LegsLegendaryIcarus drifter legs icon1.jpg10210"Just remember, post-crash Ghost rez in a vacuum can be, ah… complicated. So try not to die." —Shun Endo
Insight Rover BootsLegendaryInsight rover boots icon1.jpg10210Move swiftly—time is not on our side.
Intrepid Discovery StridesLegendaryIntrepid discovery strides icon1.jpgDiscover the unimaginable.
Iron Fellowship StridesLegendaryIron fellowship strides icon1.jpg10210"One day we too will meet our final deaths. How do you want to be remembered?" —Lord Saladin
Iron Remembrance StridesLegendaryIron remembrance strides icon1.jpg10210To keep our feet moving when the ground runs dark.
Iron Truage BootsLegendaryIron truage boots icon1.jpgLord Saladin keeps his fallen compatriots' memories alive.
Iron Will BootsLegendaryIron will boots icon1.jpg10210"Thy duty is thy bond. Explore the boundless. Conquer the unknown." —A tenet of the Iron Will
Kit Fox 1.1UncommonKit fox 1.1 icon1.jpg1"It's not prophecy. Prophecy is for warlocks and windbiters. I call it... seeing at a distance." -Kit Ali Ameir
Legacy's Oath StridesLegendaryLegacy's oath strides icon1.jpg6610"I'm more interested in where I'm going." —Banshee-44
Lost Pacific StridesLegendaryLost pacific strides icon1.jpg"This research has to get out. Even if I don't. People have to know what this 'anomaly' is." -Last Recording of Dr. Shanice Pell
Lucky PantsExoticLucky pants icon1.jpg7710"What? No, I didn't illegally mod the holster. These are just really lucky pants!" —Cayde-6
Makeshift Suit (Leg Armor)UncommonMakeshift suit leg armor icon1.jpg1The Makeshift Suit design is simple, flexible, and easy to encrypt into an engram for easy storage.
Mechanik 1.1UncommonMechanik 1.1 icon1.jpg"Get out of here, stalker." - Traditional farewell in the Appalachian Dead Zone
Mindbreaker Boots (Hunter Leg Armor)RareMindbreaker boots icon1.jpg"Your work today was more than acceptable. It was adequate." -Asher Mir
Moonfang-X7 StridesLegendaryMoonfang-x7 strides icon1.jpg6610"I almost kept these. Fit my tired feet real nice. Who am I kiddin' though? Drifter always takes care of his friends."
—The Drifter
Mythos Hack 4.1 (Leg Armor)RareMythos hack 4.1 leg armor icon1.jpg011ENUMA ELIS: The god Marduk seeks a musician to compose for his beloved, Elise.
Opulent Stalker StridesLegendaryOpulent stalker strides icon1.jpg10210"I have foreseen the apex of your slaying potential. Should you wish it, this system shall die—from the inside—and make way for what's coming. O champion mine." —Emperor Calus
Orpheus RigExoticOrpheus rig icon1.jpg1266Never, ever, look back.
Phobos Warden StridesLegendaryPhobos warden strides icon1.jpg6610"We are deploying Guardians to all corners of the system." —Commander Zavala
Praefectus StridesLegendaryPraefectus strides icon1.jpg6610"Ghaul commanded you to die for his vanity. I ask only that you fight at my side for the empire. The choice is yours." —Empress Caiatl
Pyrrhic Ascent StridesLegendaryPyrrhic ascent strides icon1.jpg6610"There is nowhere to run."—Aisha, Human Hunter
Refugee Boots (Hunter Leg Armor)CommonRefugee boots hunter leg armor icon1.jpg1Keep it moving. Swift of foot and long of stride.
Righteous StridesLegendaryRighteous strides icon1.jpgStand steadfast in the face of opposition.
Road Complex AA1 (Leg Armor)LegendaryRoad complex aa1 leg armor icon1.jpg"The many roads traveled have led to here... to now. Do not stop." —The Speaker
Scavenger Suit (Leg Armor)UncommonScavenger suit leg armor icon1.jpg1When the City fell, humanity went into exile. Except the Hunters. They went home.
Scorched Hunter StridesCommonScorched hunter strides icon1.jpg1Survival now depends on your ability to outrun the enemy.
Seventh Seraph StridesLegendarySeventh seraph strides icon1.jpg6610Salvation, at last.
Shadow Specter (Leg Armor)RareShadow specter leg armor icon1.jpg011The other side of death is simply a new frontier. Tame it.
Shadow's StridesLegendaryShadow's strides icon1.jpg10210"All that we've left in the athenaeum catalogs are suitable proxies for all the powers of this system. I've simply forgotten how to reach them. I'm not who I was. I need you." —Emperor Calus
Simulator BootsLegendarySimulator boots icon1.jpg"I saw her! I saw her! No, send me back, I saw her!" -RECORD 453-CHASM-7377
Solstice Strides (Drained)CommonSolstice strides (drained) icon1.jpgComplete public events on Nessus, complete Solstice of Heroes bounties, and defeat opposing Guardians in the Crucible or Gambit.
Solstice Strides (Magnificent)LegendarySolstice strides (magnificent) icon1.jpg6610Win matches in Trials of Osiris.
Solstice Strides (Majestic)LegendarySolstice strides (majestic) icon1.jpg10210Reset your Season 7 Valor ranking in the Crucible.
Solstice Strides (Renewed)RareSolstice strides (renewed) icon1.jpgComplete daily or weekly challenges, defeat enemies in strike playlists using a subclass that matches the [Arc Kill] / [Solar Kill] / [Void Kill] Day, and, as a team, defeat opposing Guardians in the Crucible or Gambit using Void weapons.
Sovereign BootsLegendarySovereign boots icon1.jpg"With steadfast pace and upright bearing, we and those who follow us shall prevail." -Laws of the Executors, Vol. 9
St0mp-EE5ExoticSt0mp-ee5 icon1.jpg0"I call them the Stompies! For when your legs need that extra kick." "€”Marcus Ren
Strides of AscendancyLegendaryStrides of ascendancy icon1.jpg10210"You said we'd dance through time—reel through realities—together. You can't stop now." —Lisbon-13, Hunter of the Kentarch 3
Strides of the Great HuntLegendaryStrides of the great hunt icon1.jpg10210I wish to be swift.
Substitutional Alloy StridesLegendarySubstitutional alloy strides icon1.jpg10210Remade until the disease has been cleansed.
Swordflight 4.1LegendarySwordflight 4.1 icon1.jpg10210"It's not a game. …Well, it is a game. But it's more than that. Ah, Shaxx says it better. Go ask him." —Cayde-6
Swordflight 4.1 (Leg Armor)LegendarySwordflight 4.1 leg armor icon1.jpg"It's not a game. ...Well, it is a game. But it's more than that. Ah, Shaxx says it better. Go ask him." —Cayde-6
The BombardiersExoticThe bombardiers icon1.jpg6610"Tallulah Fairwind never turns down a dare." —Tallulah Fairwind
The Outlander's StepsRareThe outlanders steps icon1.jpg11...always lead to new places.
The Took Offense (Leg Armor)LegendaryThe took offense leg armor icon1.jpg0"Ten paces, sidearms or Hand Cannons only. Usually to the third rez. Do NOT target Ghosts." —"Duels for the Road" by Cayde-6
War Mantis (Leg Armor)RareWar mantis leg armor icon1.jpg011"The more we danced, the more the Cabal battlenet lit up with requests for intelligence..."—Unknown
Wastelander BootsCommonWastelander boots icon1.jpgStrong legs are a Hunter's best asset. That, and high-velocity ammo.
Wild Hunt StridesLegendaryWild hunt strides icon1.jpg6610Move in silence.
Wildwood StridesLegendaryWildwood strides icon1.jpg"Be careful out there. If a rescue happens, I'd rather be the rescuee than the one doing the rescuing." -Devrim Kay
Winterhart StridesLegendaryWinterhart strides icon1.jpg10210"We don't have much, but what we have we share. If we don't, we will die." --Tyra Karn

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